a back to school clothing haul

a back to school clothing haul

100 thoughts on “a back to school clothing haul

  1. This video is displaying what I bought for my "new style". So it's basically a whole new closet for me to start the new season. I'm not promoting overconsumption or fast fashion. Please check the description for more information and product links. Thank you all for the support:)

  2. I like your hauls because when you talk about each clothing you're short and to the point, while also very entertaining!

  3. Hey kianna. Nice video. I have a video suggestion for you. What about your workout video, I'll love to see that ☺

  4. thank you so much for the whole sustainable not sustainable bit in the description ' I´ve wanted to start finding better brands sustainability wise and this is so helpful

  5. first video i’ve ever seen of yours and, girl, omg, your skin is flawless, your body is gorgeous and you’re just so fun and sweet, carry onnnn

  6. This makes me sad for the environment! Try shopping at locally owned boutiques or thrift store (I know you probably already do both) but so much waste is being created and promoted by this video! We need to be net zero emmisons
    in the next 10 years! You could influence so many people in a positive way!!

  7. where does kianna live? bc I want to go to the consignment store she donates her clothes to, I'll take her leftovers 😂

  8. how does she look so freaking cute in everything she wears? like if i tried on her clothes, i would look like cardboard box

  9. you KNOW if got money from being a youtuber during high school i'd have been wearing the dopest stuff. kianna you living the school best life we all wish we had and i wish you godspeed <3

  10. "I'm trying my best not to buy to just buy, i really wanna be intentional with what I'm buying."
    GIRL SAME. But I still buy with intention and places in mind to wear it…..but i know damn well i won't ever go to the places i intend to go🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. You have a simple style but not really u buy mostly black and white stuffs but they are stylish at the same gime some of them

  12. My band teacher said working out is against his religion and I agree 110% so…I will not be needing workout clothes. 😊

  13. Hi😻 I would like to ask U, what are U doing with clothes, which are old or U dont wanna it more, cause I have full wardrobe and I dont have idea what to do with clothes which I dont like already? 😖😜

  14. Look don't take this the wrong way, I love this video and I love your style, but I feel like youtubers need to stop naming just any haul a "back to school haul". Like the clothes are great, I love them, but like you'll get dress codes for wearing almost any of these things.

  15. Hey Kianna, could you possibly share what your opinions are regarding the Olivia Jade issue. Since you liked her post on ig with her flipping off the news outlets that reported her family that committed the crime of paying her way into an elite school, maybe just clear up some confusion as to where you stand on the “should privileged white people be able to illegally pay their way into college” because since you have a decent following, it’s better to be sure of what you believe to be morally correct. Thanks and no hate it’s just to clear up confusion!

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