A Bag With Unusual Features…

What’s up guys?
Lou here back with another video. And today… …we’re gonna be checking out something… …that’s little bit larger than usual. It’s right over here. From a company called “bluesmart®”… You probably haven’t heard of them before… cause they are pretty new. They added some functionality, some tech. If you will… To a regular… …everyday item. This of course… …is luggage. You probably thinking to yourself, “Lou, luggage is BORING!” This is not boring luggage. This is the next level… This is for the tech heads, this is for you guys. The bluesmart® luggage. Oh my – Ever since I saw this, I really wanted it. But I never pulled the trigger. I wasn’t in on the KickStarter and then now, finally went for sale on Amazon. I was like,
“All right, now is the moment.” So there is an app to go with it. Look at this, this is wow. OK, so it’s got a battery built-in. Fast charging up to 2.1 AMPs Built-in Bluetooth, right? So, it’s gonna be connected to your smartphone. Here is the front side. It’s for anti-theft. It’s to keep an eye on location of your suitcase. If you walk out of range from it, Your phone, will buzz you and say… “Dude, you forgot your suitcase.” Also, it has a lock. If the phone goes out of range, you can set it up to lock instantly. Zipper here… Little pocket, this is kind of – Oh, what is in there? OK, so still traditional keys. On the top here, you have the TSA lock. So that’s what this is for. If you wanna use that. Once opened up, a kind of… What? Oh- I feel magnets in there I don’t know maybe this is the better spot
for your passport and stuff. A spot for a laptop? Very soft! The USB port in there. I believe that’s gonna be – to charge the device! That’s so cool. You can have your devices charging… of the suitcase’s internal battery. So that is a USB, to like “quickly charge” something. That isn’t in that pocket. There is a “USB-in” in that location as well. Now, it is a regular suitcase as well. Look at that. Oh, right. It also has a digital scale. Simply lift it by this and based on the amount… of weight it’s holding up. It’ll tell you, you know whether or not, you’re in the range… …for a weight restriction. What do we have in here- Alright, so… …pouch on this side. That looks like your main -kinda- compartment for clothing and whatnot. You can lock and unlock your bluesmart
in two ways: From the app by touching the Lock-Unlock button… Or by proximity… You can set up your own distance when you wanna get notified, if you’ve been separated from the bag. If you’ve got some high tech stuff in here chances are you are gonna wanna have that on. What is this? Oh, sweet. So they are even gonna give you a USB cable. (blue) Power brick, USB power brick. We have a slimmer pocket, to work with some more close stuff you need to key. Nice and flat. Whatever you’re into. A book, some books, I don’t know. Ahh, that hides the cable. Now, as a luggage, it actually feels pretty robust. It’s kinda like a hard shell. Four wheels on it. Look at that. (Captioning: Emircan Mercan) The connected, carry-on. Pretty smooth, actually. Allright, so the app here, just type bluesmart, you’ll find it. “Turn on your carry-on.”
Alright. Connecting… Boom! It can tell you how much battery have, 41% Lock… Oh, did you hear that?
*locked itself* Alright Jack, i’m gonna put the lights on. “Lift and hold.” 9.4 pounds. So “autolock when separated” That’s probably my favourite feature. You walk away from it, BOO YEA.
*snaps his fingers* So if you wanna ask me about… how much I like it. If it’s cool and all that stuff, hit me up on Twitter, I’m easy to find. (Captioning: Emircan Mercan)

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