Aegis Max Sleeping Bag Review

hey y’all Ramdino here coming up from
in between storms in North Carolina well had a subscriber taking up on my offer
to do any type of gear review that they wanted me to and they asked me do a gear
review on my Aegis max sleeping bag so as you know that’s part of the main part
of my sleep system so I got to think about it and I said wait a minute
I’ve already done that review and I got to looking on my videos on YouTube and
it’s gone YouTube didn’t tell me why they just took it down with nothing to
tell me why they took it down or anything else so I didn’t save a copy so
a couple of things to take away from that one save a copy – you never know
when YouTube is going to take something down and they don’t have to tell you
anything so anyway hopefully in this skier review there’ll be a few more
tidbits and information that weren’t in the last gear review in case you saw
both of them and if you didn’t well you got no way to go back and compare it to
see if you did or didn’t because it’s gone in any case to see that review
stick around came across the aegis max I was looking
for some low-cost ultralight gear in general and a
particularly a sleeping bag I was trying to get my cut my weight down looking at
my big 3 and so I saw it on a another well-respected thru-hikers youtube
channel and so he gave it a good review although he didn’t use it on a regular
basis so I thought I would give it a try and so I was actually looking for a
quilt and not a bag the aegis max is a sleeping bag it’s not
a mummy bag and it’s not a quilt although it does have a half zip so it’s
a lot like a quilt and you could utilize it for it it’s a I bought the large I’m
five foot nine so I’ve got plenty of room in it it’s got a large sized toe
box I don’t like mummy bags because they’re
toe boxes are so small and I feel cramped and constricted down there with
my legs so so that’s not a problem with this it’s it’s also very room in the
shrub in the shoulders and so it does not have a hood like a mummy bag but it
is long enough to where if I get really cold at night I can kind of scrunch down
in it and pull the end of it up over my head and kind of seal it off and get
good and warm inside so I’ve got plenty of room in it not only down at the
bottom for my feet even if I’ve got all my clothes on inside of it but just in
general does have a drawstring that you can draw up around your shoulders if you
just want to sleep with say a some type of hat on or a toe bag or something like
that or you can just draw it up around your shoulders around your neck and it
does stay fairly tight like that the aegis max comes with a stuff sack and a
slash compression sack and a storage sack so the storage sack I use when I’m
not on trail to keep it fluffed up the compression sack will really compress it
down very small here is just a little larger than a half half
SmartWater bottle I don’t use compression sacks or stuff sacks because
uh they kind of consolidate whatever you’re stuffing them in one place and to
me they take up more room in the pack or they create voids in the pack so I don’t
use this it takes a while for it for you to stuff it in this sack and get
it down small because the sack is just large enough to carry it and to get it
in there so it’s kind of a pain I don’t use it I just stuff everything in the
corners never nuking cranny in my pack and that’s kind of the way that I that I
packed my pack the it is very light it’s lighter than in my original liner that I
had with it it comes in right at one point one six pounds so that’s a
extremely light and and that’s one of the reasons why I purchased it okay so
we’ll talk about a few other features that it has or description it’s made out
of a 20 D sealed nylon the compression sack in particular is may also made out
of the same material which is probably not stout enough to use as a compression
sack and it has 800 feel of a white goose down in it so white goose down is
not really a premium goose down but it does provide some r-value the biggest
thing about a sleeping bag is it’s supposed to keep you warm and so this
one bills itself as a three season sleeping bag and it indicates that it
has a temperature rating of comfort level of 50 52 degrees Fahrenheit the
lower limit is 43 and the extreme limit is 15 so I’m assuming extreme limit
means you won’t die in it if you’re at 15 degrees and the lower limit means
you’re at the lower limit of the comfort spectrum and that you’re most
comfortable to degrees so to me this is a bag that’s probably
somewhere in the 40 degrees and I would not agree with that I’ve had this
temperature in the fourth low 40s around 44 and I was not at all comfortable in
it matter of fact I had to put on all the clothing that I had in order to get
any sleep and then keep from shivering in it so haven’t had it at 52 degrees
yet at night it may be comfortable without having all your clothes on
or it could be that that’s the way they rate it with all your your long
underwear like your capilene and your puffy and socks and a wool toboggan and
all that so but for me it was not a 40-degree bag so I wasn’t wasn’t real
happy with a comfort level and at being in the the mid the mid 40s the
subscriber that asked me to do this video wanted to see particularly about
how the loft was and so I have it here fluffed out as much as you can fluff it
out and you can see the loft is not remarkable and the subscriber also
wanted to see the loft with me standing on it and so here is me standing on the
loft and of course it compresses right down to the floor as if all there was
there was just between me and the floor was the sealed nylon couldn’t even feel
any of the down feathers between myself and the floor subscriber also had
specific questions about the zipper so I wanted to feature that the zipper does
tend to get caught it can be difficult to operate it detaches from itself at
the bottom so that you can actually open up the bag larger and get some better
ventilation in it and then when you put it back together to try to keep it on
the track a lot of times you know you’ll get this unevenness here that you have
to start over so that can be kind of a pain particularly at night or if you’re
in your bag or you know trying to get it it’s really cold you’re trying to get it
zipped up the once you get it going it can be kind of hard to get all that
together but what you get it going the zipper does operate
fairly smoothly the because the material of the bag itself is so sheer you could
have a tendency to rip the zipper out of the material if you put a lot of
pressure on it from inside the bag or something like that if you bought it too
small but once you get it zipped up it is does is if it fairly tight
there’s no baffles or anything like that at the top so but you can like I said
put that over your your head to scrunch down in there if you’re on the inside it
can be hard particularly to get the zipper open particularly if it gets
caught on material that tends to happen quite often with me and so you just have
to take your time if you’re the type of person it’s cost or phobic that may be
an issue for you trying to get out of the bag in the hurry as I said I had a
problem with the temperature rating and and what I was comfortable in and
certainly in the low 40s I wasn’t comfortable even in the mid 40s I wasn’t
comfortable and so first trip I tried to augment it with a seat of stomach
extreme liner that did not bring me a great deal of comfort I didn’t really
think he did a whole lot I think that’s probably a failure of the liner as
opposed to a failure of the bag and so my last trip at nil gap at mountain
crossings I’ve picked up a flannel liner that had more loft to it in the material
than the sea2summit extreme liner and was much happier with that it was pretty
much the same weight which cost me an additional pound but I think that was
worth it that helped out quite a bit in the bag I wouldn’t say it would add 25
degrees to it either but it did add a layer of comfort for me oh that was
better than the seat of Summit so I would recommend that that is a Equinox
liner and it’s made in the USA I will try to find a link to that and post it
down in the description section so two comma
summarize this and put a bowl around it a couple things about the sleeping bag
that I didn’t like didn’t like that I didn’t feel like it kept me adequately
warm for a three-season back so I think the true test of a bag is would you give
it as a gift so I would say maybe to the Salvation Army or a goodwill but
probably not and I will probably looking for a quilt something from more of a
name-brand or something like that that’s going to give me a better experience in
the field zippers kind of a pain can be a couple
times I felt like I was getting stuck on the inside of it so that was a – there
are no pad straps for it so you know a lot of quilts and bags come with straps
were or a buck or something to where you could engage a pad strap to keep it on
your pad so it wouldn’t come off in this case it did not have any and I did have
particularly if I’m on an incline have a problem with it’s staying on my pad and
me sliding off the pad so that would have been nice to have that the
compression sack is again to me if you used it a lot I think it would probably
tear I just don’t think it’s substantial enough so all that being said the bag is
an eighty eighty dollar bag so I’m going to spend several hundred probably
upwards of three hundred fifty if I’m going to get a decent bag so for the
money this is a good bag I’ve taken it on two trips and I’ll be taking on my
next trip as well so you know it has served its purpose I just long term I
don’t think it would be good for a thru-hike or probably not even good for
a week-long height certainly wouldn’t be good for anything in the winter where
you’re going to experience below freezing temperatures I hate that my old
review got taken down for whatever reason I had some good footage night
footage of me actually being in the bag and being cold in the bag so but it is
what it is so hopefully this has been of help for
you if has been of help give me a thumbs up hit that big old red subscribe button
down there and subscribe to my channel leave a comment if you got any more
questions as I didn’t answer about this bag then I’ll be glad to answer those
leave a comment of some other items you’d like to see me in the future give
a review on particularly those items that I have as part of my kit and as
always appreciate you and we’ll see out there

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