Aftershave, Lotion, and Cologne: How to Layer – Men’s Fragrance & Grooming Tips

Aftershave, Lotion, and Cologne: How to Layer – Men’s Fragrance & Grooming Tips

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we’ll be discussing how to best layer aftershave, lotion, and
cologne. Have you ever wondered, does it even matter how much cologne I put on,
how much lotion I use, and is aftershave even necessary? Well, you’re
not alone! Like many of you, I used to think these same questions among a host
of other questions while I was either getting ready or out shopping for a new
fragrance or new lotion. Now, the first thing we’re going to talk about today is
aftershave. What does it even do? Now, when you shave, your enlarged pores are
now being exposed to bacteria. Aftershave helps clear out that bacteria from your
pores. Now, you might be wondering how does this even happen?
While aftershave usually contains a lot of different ingredients, one of the
main ingredients is called an astringent and this ingredient helps close your
open pores. Now, instead of using after shave, there are actually other options
you might be able to use. One of those options is called a Witch Hazel. If
you’re anything like me, you probably just thought that it is a creepy name but I
promise you, it’s got some great benefits. Now, witch hazel, unlike its other
alcohol-based aftershave counterparts, does not contain ingredients that are
going to help irritate the skin but it still helps to tighten the skin and
close the pores. If you’ve ever experienced razor bumps,
using witch hazel helps to alleviate some of that skin irritation. Now, the
next topic we’re going to be discussing is the lotion. What is lotion? Well, by
definition, it is a thick liquid preparation designed to be used for
medicinal or cosmetic purposes onto the skin. Now, one of the most popular
ingredients you’ll find in many different lotions is called shea butter.
Shea butter is a great moisturizing agent. Now, when should you use lotion? If
you grew up in a household like mine, you’re probably almost told to bathe in
lotion. Now, it’s best to use lotion right after you’re finished bathing but it’s
also nice to reapply it to rough areas throughout the day when needed, like your
hands, elbows, knees, or your heels. Having to only apply a light layer of lotion is
actually the goal, like you can reapply to rough areas when needed. Please be
aware that when using a facial lotion, for example, you can
overuse it and this can cause clogged pores. Now, the next thing we’re going to
be discussing is cologne. What is it? Well, by definition, cologne is actually
called toilet water, however, don’t let that phrase scare you away from finding
a great smelling fragrance. Liquid based cologne is a very popular option that
you’ll see in a lot of different stores when you’re shopping for fragrances.
However, liquid is not the only form in which you can actually buy cologne. A
solid wax based cologne is also a very strong option to use. Solid cologne is
actually quite portable and some may argue that the added benefits of
moisturization and the longevity of the fragrance make it actually a stronger
option to use. Now, if you are choosing to use a liquid cologne, remember, when
spraying, less is more. Remember, you don’t want to be considered
that guy who always has to bathe in a bottle and a half of cologne every time
they leave the house. Use a small amount of cologne
once you’ve bathed. Do your best to not spray on your clothing as the fragrance
will not last throughout the day. It’s best to spray cologne on heated areas of
the body, also called pulse points. Certain areas like this would be your
throat or your chest and you might be wondering, can cologne expire? Well, the
answer is actually no but the scent, over time, will change from what the original
scent was. To avoid having a cologne scent shift too quickly, it’s best to
keep your bottle of cologne away from direct sunlight and your bottle cap
securely fastened. Also, try to keep your cologne within a consistent temperature.
There are also differences between cologne and perfume. Growing up, I always
viewed perfume and cologne differently. I thought that perfume was for women and
cologne was for men. Now, I don’t know where I came to these conclusions. I have
since learned the differences. Really, it comes down to the amount of oil each
contains. At the highest amount of oil is usually found in perfume which contains
around 25%. Cologne, by oil concentration is further down the list
at around 3%. Now that we’ve discussed aftershave, lotion, and cologne
differences, let’s look at how to best layer them. Now, while in the shower, use
a facial cleanser. Proceed to shave your face, apply your aftershave,
then apply a toner, your SPF, and then your moisturizer or
facial lotion then apply a body lotion. After completely moisturizing your body,
then you can apply your Cologne to your pulse points. Just remember, with
fragranc,e less is more. If you’re aiming for a longer lasting and stronger scent,
go ahead and buy a perfume which contains around 25% oil concentration
versus cologne at around 3 percent concentration. Remember, aftershave is
your friend. Go ahead and apply your aftershave. If you have sensitive skin,
try witch hazel, instead, as opposed to other alcohol-based alternatives.
Use lotion, especially in rough areas like hands, knees, elbows, and heels. Try
out this layering plan and please let us know how you like it. Also, if you’d like
to know more about grooming, take a look at our series on hair care and skin care
here. today I’m wearing a warm burgundy cotton crewneck sweater a white
collar dress shirt medium wash denim with a brown belt from Anton and some
faux gray tassel loafers

47 thoughts on “Aftershave, Lotion, and Cologne: How to Layer – Men’s Fragrance & Grooming Tips

  1. I just spray perfume directly onto clothes in my wardrobe. That way a faint scent permeates the clothes and makes them smell nice without it being obnoxiously potent. I hate strong scents on men.

  2. I just use Nivea aftershave balm. It is cheap and good (and Sven reccomended it in the "Cheap but awesome" video). Tell me in the comments what products you use for shaving. I would love to hear from you gentlemen.

  3. This channel always has good information but if I am to tell the truth, I really watch it because I live hearing his German accent.

  4. The thumbnail shows a bottle of Trumper's "Spanish Leather" (presumably in it's weakest "splash" concentration), which I liked for many reasons. I would highly recommend Trumper's whole lineup of classic men's fragrances; some of them like "Marlborough" have been around since the 19th century and haven't been suffering from grave reformulations like so many other old fragrances did over the course of the decades.

    Apart from that, their scent profile is SO old, that it actually resembles no associations with "grandpa" colognes for our modern noses. Colognes like "Eucris" or "Astor" simply smell timeless, yet surprisingly unique and very, very different from pretty much everything you find on the shelves today.

  5. You should NOT rub the perfume like he did in 4:39. It changes the smell since the friction leads to a lot of heat. The top notes will easily dissipate and you'll have a worse experience.

  6. I love witch hazel, my dad used to use it and it brings back such great memories when I get a whiff of it these days.

  7. My post shave routine witchazel then aftershave/cologne then out the door.Might through a balm in there every once in a while.

  8. So many people worry about over applying cologne. One spray, unless you are using a powerhouse fragrance, is a waste of time. One spray will likely dissipate in an hour or two. No need to bathe in a bottle, but depending on the concentration 3-4 sprays is usually fine. Also, I do not spray cologne on my throat where my beard hairs are as there is a potential to irritate the skin. And, as others have pointed out, do not rub your wrists together after applying fragrance.

  9. Who else here loves the smell of after-shave and cologne? 😍

    By the way, you should use SPF after lotion and not before, and you should not rub the cologne on your wrist. The friction can cause heat that will affect the scent.

  10. Could you guys make a video on casual gentlemans fashion? As a student I don't want to wear a suit everyday but I'd still like to dress classic and fashionable

  11. After shaving, I dab a little bit of alcohol on irritated, redish areas of my neck to numb the itchiness, although I am now going to look for witch hazel (hamamelis). After that, I apply a balm that I made myself with several natural oils and wax to keep the skin from becoming too dry and tight. Finally, if I feel like it, I'll apply some fragrance, but not on my throat, just on the chest. I think that is all one needs, really. Applying too many products (especially synthetic ones) might be "gentlemanly" but not manly, imo.

  12. I commend your ability to present the subject. It's actually like you're talking to me (the audience) one on one or face to face. Wonderful work!

  13. Never rub. Its a basic no no. It changes the modules. Dabbing is ok, but not ideal. On clothing actually lasts longer, even weeks but can stain

  14. Found an old half empty cologne bottle the other day that must have been lying around for years. Didn't smell nice any more.

  15. Spraying on clothes is totally a valid option if you're not getting enough longevity! Also, you can't go by perfume concentration. There are eau de toilettes that clobber the parfum version of the same line in performance.

  16. Technically perfume is still used to refer to women's fragrance. Parfum refers to the oil concentration of a men's or women's fragrance. Cologne is still used to refer to men's fragrance as well as its oil concentration.

  17. I would like an addendum to this video about layering with beard balm/oil. Its a small thing but I'm sure there is enough of us who watch this video with a well trimmed beard.

  18. Cologne and aftershave typically contains toxic fragrance, often obtained from unrenewable or endangered plants and animals, and accomplish nothing because you didn't master the skill of being confident and interesting to girls. And if you were confident, you wouldn't need it. Say yes to the plants and animals of this planet, say yes to your wallet, and say no to toxic fragrance which has long-term effects on the body.

  19. First I was wondering if I was living with wrong information, but scrolling through the comments, I realised I'm not the only one who will advise against rubbing perfume or cologne when applying it.

  20. Love the video very informative. It's great to see these videos cause this is the information I never got growing up than again I never had my father around or good father figures during my early years

    Love the videos all the way from the sf bay area

  21. I believe in taking care of myself. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on a face pack while doing my crunches. After removing the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion and in the shower I use a water activated honey almond gel scrub. Then I apply an herb mint facial mask and leave it on for ten minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol because…… oops sorry, I had Patrick Bateman moment….

  22. It might be interesting making a similar video including when best to apply make-up during such a facial care routine, that might be interesting for any men who choose to use make-up or are interested in doing so.

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