Airplane Carry-On Essentials and What’s in My Travel Bag

Airplane Carry-On Essentials and What’s in My Travel Bag

Hey guys, it’s Riann and today I’m going to
be sharing with you what I carry in my carry on bag when I go on a long haul flight so
this is definitely what I do international flights or flights where I’m flying from LA
to like Boston or New York or LA to Hawaii any flights kind of like five hours plus these
things that I keep in this bag are just so crucial to me having a comfortable flight
so my bag is from Briggs and Riley and its from the Kinzie Street collection which is
what my luggage is from as well and all of my luggage is from Briggs and Riley and that’s
because they really make the best luggage on the market and they’re the only luggage
company that I could find that had a lifetime warranty so what I was doing before I found
Briggs and Riley is I was buying a piece of luggage on sale every year and then by the
end of the year it was on its last leg and it would be breaking and I would have to buy
a new one the next year and I was like this is so wasteful I would rather just buy a really
well built piece of luggage that has a lifetime warranty and that’s what Briggs and Riley
does and you know the fact that they offer the lifetime warranty really means they back
up their work by the way if you guys want to see a luggage collection I would be really
happy to do that video for you because I have a special piece of luggage that I love for
taking to Europe especially so if you want to see that I definitely could do that video
um but yeah let’s go ahead and I’ll show you guys what’s inside my backpack antoher element
I love about Briggs and Riley is just the design the people who design this luggage
are people who travel a lot because they have all of these great ideas that they kind of
build into the bag so as I’m kind of taking you through the bag I’m going to point them
out I’ll have this linked below it’s called the small wide mouth backpack and as you can
see it has this really awesome wide mouth top piece and I love that so much because
it makes it really easy to get in there and get what you need and especially when I’m
like travelling, I hate to have to be kind of like digging through my backpack to get
to what I need to get to so to start let’s go ahead and go into the biggest part of the
bag so right in the inside you can see right here I have my headphones kind of around this
little button and that is so helpful because I’m always losing my headphones they’re always
getting super tangled and so I can kind of wrap them up and button them in to the backpack
which is really awesome so when you pull the button you can free your headphones which
is always great so in the middle here we have a pocket with an RFID sheild which makes it
so that people who have scanning software who try to scan your ID or passport and get
your information so there is an RFID sheild built into that pocket which makes it so they
won’t be able to steal your information which always gives me peace of mind so this is a
really great pocket to keep your ID or passport I personally have my phone in here right now
and I have a bunch of other travel videos up but I absolutely need my phone if I’m going
traveling because I’m always checking the Trip Advisor app I always am using maps I’m
always checking my emails Instagram and before I get on the flight I always like to download
movies from either Amazon or Netflix in order to watch on the plane so this is really really
important over here on the left they have like some little things that you could like
stick a pen in if you wanted to and then also if you have an iPad you could slip the iPad
in here and there’s like a built in iPad case so that way it’ll be all protected so that
is in the back right here so I don’t really have an order in mind I’m just going to pull
what’s on top out and show it to you guys in that order so the first thing that is in
here is my sleep mask it says Sweet Dreams I picked this up on one of my trips to Boston
I definately need a new one because the elastic is a little bit worn out on this one it’s
so hard for me to sleep without an eye mask so I need one where ever I go especially on
the plane because it’s even harder to sleep on the plane so one of these is crucial for
me the next thing I have in here is a pair of socks and I actually got this idea because
I was flying Turkish and they gave us all a little zipper case of Chopard ammenities
so fancy and one of the things they had in there was a pair of socks for everyone and
a pair of slippers for everyone so that was when I got the idea I was like why am I wearing
my shoes the entire time on this flight it’s 14 hours so I like to bring a nice pair of
fluffy socks especially because flights are always cold for me in order to be more comfortable
the next thing in here is also crucial for travelling and this is the Anker power bank
I love this so much I think it can charge your phone like 4 times or something crazy
and in this little thing it has the charger and the charge cord but this is so important
for me when I’m travelling because like I said I use my phone like crazy in order to
like know where I am and pick restaurants that are nearby and check Trip Advisor so
I always need to have extra power for my phone because it dies so quickly because I’m using
it a lot more than I usually would the last thing I have in here is a little beauty pouch
and this has all of the beauty products that I use on the plane this is just a little canvas
pouch from Breakups to Makeup it says I Would Cry but My Mascara is Designer it’s really
sassy like that and in here I have all of the necessities I don’t know if you guys are
aware but this is like one of the worst flu seasons that we’ve had in 10 years in the
United States and air travel always makes me nervous when it comes to contracting some
sort of virus so in here it is no surprise that I have first of all hand sanitizer and
then second of all two packs of Wet Ones because I just wipe everything down and I’ve read
articles about the germiest parts of planes so if you want to kind of protect yourself
from getting sick on the plane its always a good idea to have some Wet Ones and to wipe
down your seatbelt and your tray table as well as like the back of the seat and everything
just so that way you can kind of protect yourself against viruses and things like that so I
always have some of these air travel always makes me breakout and its because its so dry
in the cabin that your skin starts to produce excess oil in order to kind of keep your skin
from drying out too much and that can cause acne so in order to combat that I love to
bring these face masks by Garnier with me these are so convient to just pick up about
every five hours I like to do one of these masks and these are 15 minute masks I’ll ususally
leave them on for more than like half an hour and then when I take them off they leave behind
all of their nice essance so that way your skin doesn’t get dried out so I definately
need to have these when I’m traveling on a long flight these are a skincare lifesaver
because the last thing you want to do is get to your destination and have a bunch of breakouts
so these have really really helped me with that the next thing I have in here are the
Eyes by ToGoSpa and these are amazing for red eyes when I’m flying back east I take
red eyes a lot but these are also so perfect especaially when you’re flying internationally
because usually I’ll land and it’ll be morning time but it wasn’t really a red eye because
I’ve been on the plane for so long these are so important bascially what I do is about
an hour and a half before we’re about to land I put on these refreshing ice water eyes and
basically you’re supposed to leave these on for 15-20 minutes again I leave them on for
30-35 just because I like to get the hydration going but this helps so much if you’re hopping
off the plane and then you’re going to go and experience the city that your destination
is you don’t want to have tired eyes in all of your pictures so these are a lifesaver
for that and just to give you guys an idea of how dry it is in the cabin I was taking
a red eye from LA to New York and about like two hours in to the five and half hour flight
I decided to put these on and I fell asleep when them on so I fell asleep for like two
hours and I woke up and these were completely dry and these are like probably the most hydrating
things in the world so the fact that these had like completely dried out I was like oh
my gosh it should never be this dry in the cabin so anyway that’s just a testiment to
how dry it is and how much your undereyes need that hydration and these are amazing
for it and right before the plane is about to touch down I do the last step of my skincare
routine and that is to take a micellar makeup removing towelette by Garnier and I just kind
of like you know take it over my skin just to kind of give a little bit of a cleanse
kind of refresh my skin and get my self ready for my destination of course in the dry cabin
my hands get super dry too so I love to have one of these this is by Avene and this is
the XeraCalm and this is a lipid replacing lotion so I love this for my hands because
it is so incredibly hydrating and then this is just like a little travel size so I always
have one of these with me and then of course my lips are going to get chapped so I have
my trusty Burt’s Bees which I always love and need and then the other things that I
have in here are an extra hair tie in case the hair tie that that I took on the plane
breaks or anything I always need a hair tie and then I also have a mortar board in case
I break a nail and the last things I have are some oil blotting papers these are more
for when I’m actually on my trip but I always find it nice to have them just in case so
like I said that’s everything that’s in the main portion of the backpack so on the top
of the backpack theres another really convient pocket right here and so I’ll ususally put
a couple dollars in here so I can buy some food or water in the airport and its really
easy for me to get and speaking of money I keep my wallet in the front part of the backpack
right here so if you look in here I keep my wallet and then inside here there is like
a couple little pockets that you could put pens or any little kind of like notebook or
something that you wanted to put in there in there but I just keep my wallet in there
and I usually have my credit cards and everything like that in there so it’s easily accessible
I keep it in the front when I’m on my way to the airport and in the airport just because
you’re not going to get robbed in an airport most likely I mean there’s security everywhere
but when I arrive at my destination as far as going from the airport to my hotel or to
my AirBnB I always stick it back here so that way if I’m walking around nobody would be
able to go in and get it without me kind of like feeling it because it would be pressed
up against my back so I like this little feature for that especially and depending on where
I am I’ll usually leave this in the hotel safe once I get to my hotel or somewhere safe
in my AirBnB usually what I’ll take out of here is my ID and my cards and then I put
them in this really awesome secret pocket back here so as you can see there is like
this little thing and you would never know it was a zipper unless you knew about it so
in here I already have my passport and this also has an RFID sheild on it so that way
people would not be able to scan and that’s where I keep my passport and my boarding pass
just so I A. don’t lose it and B. because again I won’t get pick pocketed having it
in there the sides of the backpack each have these other little pockets and these are great
if you want to stick like a snack in here or a water bottle especially when you’re in
the airport basically this backpack is just amazing for travel I love how well made it
is its super comfortable on the body and again I just love that these pockets are against
the back because people would not be able to pickpocket you nearly as easily behind
your back because you’ll feel somebody like behind you so I thought that was so genius
and I just love everything about this bag I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got
some ideas on what to put in your own carry on bag I hope you guys are having a really
great day and I will talk to you soon bye guys

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