All 100 Switch Games on Sale for Black Friday 2019! | BEST Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

All 100 Switch Games on Sale for Black Friday 2019! | BEST Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

There are 100 physical Switch games on sale
at retail this year for Black Friday, that’s 50 more than last year so let’s get started! Hello everyone, my name is Adam and welcome
to TimeLag gaming! In this Nintendo Switch Black Friday Buying
guide I’ll be listing off all 100 games on sale at their best prices by store. That includes GameStop, Target, Best Buy and
Walmart. In addition, I’m going to break down who
has the best sales and list off all the Switch Console and Accessory deals! First off is GameStop. For $20 they have
Wolfenstein Youngblood Crystal Crisis
Umihara Kawase Fresh Ghostbusters
Bendy and the Ink Machine L.A. Noire
Cities Skyline Forager
Into the Dead 2 Nickelodeon Kart Racers
Trine 4 LEGO Worlds
LEGO Ninjago And then the following are the same price
as Best Buy LEGO The Incredible
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Civilization 6
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Terraria
Contra Rouge Corps Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Enter the Gungeon Dead by Daylight
And Valkyrie Chronicles 4 And then there is
Team Sonic Racing and Friday the 13th, which are $20 at Best Buy and Walmart. For $25 they have
Guacamelee 1 & 2 Pack Let’s Sing Country
Opus Collection WILL
and then the following are the same price at Target, Best Buy and Walmart
The Spyro Trilogy Just Dance 2020
And Super Dragon Ball Heroes. For $30 they have
AI: The Somnium Files Steins;Gate Elite
Planescape & Icewind Dale Bladur’s Gate 1 & 2
Trine 1-4 Call of Cthulhu
Everspace And Zumba Burt it up! Moving on to Target! For $15 they have
Crash Team Racing which is $25 elsewhere Crash Bandicoot Trilogy which is $20 elsewhere
Then they have Overcooked 2 which is $20 at Best Buy
Killer Queen Black which is $20 at GameStop, and Best Buy
Then Disney’s Aladdin + Lion King which is $20 at GameStop and Best Buy as well. For $25 they have
Super Monkey Ball which is $30 at GameStop And Race with Ryan . For $30 they have
FIFA20 And the following are $30 at Walmart as well
but $40 at GameStop and Best Buy Breath of the Wild
Super Mario Odyssey And Mario Tennis Aces. Now moving on to Best Buy. For $10 they have
Starlink: Battle for Atlas. For $15 they have
Scribblenaughts Mega Pack Rayman Legends
Wheel of Fortune + Jeopardy Hasbro Game Night
Sports Party Monopoly
Legendary Fishing And then they have
Mario + Rabbids which is $15 at Target, and $20 at GameStop and Walmart
Assassins Creed 3 which is $15 at GameStop and Walmart
And NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 which is 15 at GameStop. For $17 they have
Mega Man 11 And Street Fighter 30th Anniversary. For $20 they have
Rocket League Ultimate Yooka-Laylee Impossible Layer
Raiden V Mutant Year Zero
Saints Row: the Third Collection of Mana which is $25 at GameStop
StarWars PinBall which is also $25 at GameStop PAW Patrol: On a Roll! which is $20 at Walmart. For $25 they have
Undertale Shining Resonance Refrain
Diablo 3 which is $25 at Walmart Ni no Kuni which is $30 at GameStop and Walmart
Mortal Kombat 11 which is $25 at Walmart and $28 at GameStop
Final Fantasy X & X2 which is $25 at GameStop and Walmart
Final Fantasy XIII which is also $25 at GameStop and Walmart
And then they have Overwatch which is the same at Target and Walmart. Next up, for $30 they have
Dragon Mark for Death Hollow Knight
Sniper Elite 3. For $40 they have
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze And Octopath Traveler. For $45 they have
Power Rangers And Witcher 3 which is $50 at GameStop. And lastly we have Walmart For $15 they have
Trials Rising and Carnival Games which is $15 atGameStop. And then the following are $20 at GameStop
and Best Buy LEGO Movie 2
LEGO DC Super Villains LEGO Harry Potter Collection
And LEGO Jurassic World. For $20 they have
American Ninja Warrior. For $25 they have
Zombieland Double Tap — $30 GameStop, Best Buy
And then they have Street Outlaws the List which is $30 at GameStop . For $27 they have
NBA 2K20 which is $28 GameStop and $30 at Target. For $30 they have
Resident Evil Origins Collection Super Mario Party which is $40 at Best Buy
And Splatoon 2 which is $40 at Best Buy as well So there you have it, all 100 physical Switch
games on sale for Black Friday 2019! Now last year you guys requested this in a spreadsheet format so I have provided a link in the description to a spreadsheet that I made. Looking over all the deals it seems like Best
Buy and GameStop have the most Switch games on sale but other stores have many of their
games cheaper. Target has some of the best prices on select
games but very few. And Walmart has good amount of Switch games
with some of the best pricing. Keep in mind there may be more games than
this on sale, these sales were found on the official Black Friday ads but there are usually
some games not shown. So be sure to search these stores online when
their sales start. Also Amazon will likely be matching these
prices or beating them. And I know a lot of you might be looking for
sales on games like Mario Maker 2, Yoshi, Kirby etc. and those will likely be on sale
on Amazon because they are usually about $10 off or more. If there are sales like these on Amazon that
aren’t found in stores… Best Buy, Walmart and Target should match
their prices upon request. Looking back, there are many games missing
this year that had really good deals last year. However there are twice as many games on sale
this year, many with better prices… so overall this Black Friday is better. However when it comes to console deals, Black
Friday 2019 is far worse. Last year GameStop offered a $50 gift card
with all Switch consoles. This included the Pokemon Bundle, the Diablo
Bundle, and the Mario Kart Bundle as well as the standalone Switch. This Year the console deals aren’t that
great. GameStop is offering the Switch V2 or Mario
Kart Bundle with a $25 gift card. They are also offering the Switch Lite with
a $25 Gift Card as well. Walmart, Target, and BestBuy are selling the
Mario Kart Bundle as well. But if you get it from Best Buy it comes with
a free Screen Protector Now do keep in mind, these Mario Kart Bundles
are the same ones as last year so they have the Switch with the worse battery life in
it. The Switch V2 with the Red Box has a way better
Battery Life! Now Kohl’s has a Switch Bundle with with
Accessories for $320 that includes $90 Kohl’s Cash, which is the same as last year. I’d say GameStop is the best place to buy
the Switch this holiday season! Now moving on to Accessories! Amazon is going to be the best place to get
accessories and I have many videos covering dozens of the best Nintendo Switch Accessories,
but here are all the deals on accessories at retail. At GameStop they have
the Switch Lite Play Case for $10. They have the PDP accessory bundle for $25. They have the Astro Gaming Headset $35. Then they have the Switch Starter Kit for
$12.50 They also have the Switch Racing wheel for
$5. Then they have $15 off 64 and 128gb Micro
SD cards GameStop also has the Pokeball plus controller
for $30 off. They have the PDP wired fight pads for $10
off, the fade wired pro controllers half off, and wireless GameCube controllers for $15
off. At Walmart the only deal they have is $16
off the PDP Wireless Pro Controllers. At BestBuy they have… $10 off Wired PDP Controllers
They have $20 off Grey and Neon Joycon And they have $30 off the Pokeball Plus Controller
They have the officially licensed 128gb Micro SD Card for $35
They have Half off Insignia Switch Power Pack Half off Insignia Go Case, which comes in
Multiple Styles $20 off Insignia Switch Dock
$10 off Elite Switch Starter Kit And $5 off the Insignia Joycon Charger. Then they have $5 off the RDS Deluxe Travel
Case which also comes in Multiple Styles. And lastly, they have $8 off the Nyko Screen
Protector and $10 off the Insignia Pro Controller Charge Dock. At Target they have
$20 off Grey and Neon Joycon And $10 off the Switch Travel Case Action
Pack. Again Amazon will have way better prices and
options on accessories, especially Micro SD cards. But if your shopping retail Best Buy definitely
has the best and most accessories deals. Also you can always try to have these stores
price match each other. And with that I have covered just about every
retail Black Friday sale for Nintendo Switch games, accessories and systems. The things I am looking at possibly getting
are the Grey Joy-con, an SD Card, along with Rayman Legends, Yooka-Laylee, Mario Tennis
Aces, Super Monkey Ball, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th, and maybe
Lego Harry Potter. But now I want to hear from you! What games, accessories or systems are you
picking up this black Friday? Did I miss anything? Let me know your take in the comments down
below Thanks again, for watching!

86 thoughts on “All 100 Switch Games on Sale for Black Friday 2019! | BEST Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

  1. I don't even have a Switch and I don't plan on buying one at the moment but I'm watching all the Switch Black Friday videos

  2. Hello everyone, thanks for watching!
    What games, accessories or systems are you looking at picking up this Black Friday?
    โฎ• For eShop sales you can find all the deals here:

  3. Oof I highly expected better or the same deals with the switch bundles. Not like I need a switch but still ๐Ÿ˜‚ and I'd definitely get Dead by Daylight, I'd play with you and carry you to a win ๐Ÿช

  4. When I get my money together hopefully soon, I'll be glad to donate to support an indie developer as yourself. Great list here. I love my Nintendo Switch (original model) from last year at Best buy. I'm all maxed out and I'm mad for being disabled not able to enjoy a good black Friday for myself. Congratulations to your hard work, TLG

  5. This is probably the best video I've seen on the Switch Black Friday deals. I've already looked at a lot of the ads, but this saves people time if they didn't already look. Thanks for this video. Personally, I'm probably going to pick up Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and maybe some others if there are any good deals that pop up on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I'm wondering if the eshop will have some deals. They already have some games on sale like normal, but I would like some digital deals for indie games. Some indie games I want are on sale in physical form, but it just drops them down to the digital price, or sometimes still higher than the digital price. I would like to get Smash Ultimate if it goes on sale, but I doubt it. There hasn't been any ads for it and it came out a little less than a year ago. If it were any other console, the price would probably be half by now, but Nintendo games don't go down very quickly. Nintendo isn't the most budget friendly, but I still love their games.

  6. great now U SHOULD GET RYANS RACING AT TARGET also WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HARDER FOR ME TO GET BREATHE OF THE WILD lol ps. thanks for the starlink at best buy news im definitly getting it now thanks adam

    also btw do you rember me

  7. Iโ€™m not a huge fan of physical games but there are a ton of good deals! I just hate going out on Black Friday lol

    Amazon would be my go to if I want to order something. I am also going to check the eshop

  8. The best switch game lists on black friday to be honest!๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    Click here: ๐Ÿ™‚
    (You don't have to listen to the whole thing. This is just basically what I think every Black Friday is all about whenever I go to a store.)

  10. Very nice, ABSOLUTELY the most to the point and most easily brokedown review of BF sales 2019 for Nintendo Switch THANK YOU!

  11. Im hoping that Dragon quest 11 and possibly pokemon, go on sale. As for the games im hoping to get it would be zelda breath of the wild, dragon quest 11, pokemon shield, and mario kart 8. Great video by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Honestly im only really into digital games carrying all these physical copies even at a cheap price just isnโ€™t worth it for me

  13. Iโ€™d definitely recommend the LEGO HP games. I beat it and thereโ€™s tons of replay ability afterwards. Lots of achievements to go back through and get while playing as deatheaters and such.

  14. Yeah these are better deal's this year last year wasn't that great althou i did pick up skyrim digital but these deals are pretty decent๐Ÿ‘

  15. I live in the uk so some of this might not apply to me and also I'm looking forward to black Friday and I've been saving up a bit hopefully I don't waste my money on alcohol.

    I'm 13 btw

  16. so for the gamestop nintendo switch bundle, does it come with the nintendo switch v2 (w/ more battery) or is it just the v1 like all the others because you say at 6:19 that itโ€™s the v2

  17. I bought Final Fantasy XII for the Switch for $20 at Target. I had to go to Best Buy to get Final Fantasy X-X2 remake also for the Switch for $25. Normally Switch games barely go on sale because the physical cartridge cost so much to manufacturers. PS4 and Xbox One games always drop their prices.

  18. OMG this was amazing haha, now when are you doing your Australian version? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I've been waiting for Black Friday for getting some Christmas presents, not long to wait now! I'm not sure if the deals over here are as good but recently, since Black Friday is starting to take off, it seems to be getting better.

    Props on the atheistic of the video. The Shop music, the colour bubbles that suit the stores, high quality box art; this wouldn't have been a simple task to put together. Nice work man!

  19. Great video thanks for covering all those games but im trying to look for a deal for deamon x machina and the split pro controller of that edition if anyone knows or sees a deal plzzz let me know

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