Alpaka 7ven Mini – Camera Backpack EVERYDAY!

Alpaka 7ven Mini – Camera Backpack EVERYDAY!

Alpaka seven mini messenger will be
on the market in 2019 is it possible that this backpack will be a camera
backpack for everyday use so if you want to know everything stay tuned after the
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like to thank you Jin CEO of Alpaka thank you very much to send me this
brother to review this bag will be the new generation of the 7 messenger
because many person was complaining about the size and it becomes very heavy
to put just in one shoulder so they are going to release in January this product
and if you want to check it it will be on IndieGoGo in November 2018 so if it’s
alright in November I recommend you to check it there because obviously the
price will be more friendly that you’ll find after January 2019 when we talk
about dimensions you’ll find 40 centimeters by 25 by 15 the volume of
this bag depending on the amount of things and the size of the things that
you have inside it will be between 15 to 20 liters when we talk about materials I
have to tell you guys that you will find only premium materials so on the black
part you can find 1000d ballistic nylon on the grey parts they are in 750 d fool wool
there is water resistance on the interior you’ll find 210 d ripstop nylon
and also everything that you find like the logos the corners the handle they
are all in leather in real leather and here you have the shoulder pad very very
comfortable because it’s really really thick and you have cushions everywhere
the logo of alpaka all in leather this small zipper also with water
resistance and inside once again you’ll find the 210 d ripstop nylon so once
again is resistant to water and inside you can put your card or some money to
you have easy access to it another thing that you have on the bag
is these feet here so they will avoid that your bag will get dirty and also
will avoid that it gets damaged quicker so this is the first part that will be
in touch with the floor so that is a plus that you’ll find also in this
backpack another thing that I like on this backpack is the security Locker so
basically if you want to close you just have to come closer and it all close
and if you want to open you will not go anywhere in this way so you have to pull
for the side so nobody is thinking to do that so it’s quite different you see so
when we talk about the main compartment you have plenty of space and the first
thing that you will find is a laptop sleeve that you can put a computer
without any problems up to 14 inches if you want to put something bigger I have
to tell you guys that I have already tried to put my macbook pro of 15 inches
and you have space to put it the only problem is this locking mechanism is a
bit short but anyway you can lock your computer here the only problem is that
you will stay with a gap on the corner so if it’s raining it will not be the
best solution after you have obviously this big part
here that you have like I said before plenty of space and all the tops you’ll
find these three holes that for example I have here a bottle of 750ml and you
can put easily on the smaller ones even if it’s you in one side or the other so
you have plenty of space and that is a good thing like I said because of the
material it’s waterproof so your computer is safe and it’s far even if
you have all the stuff here the water will be safe and will not be in contact
with the other devices that we’ll have here after the big compartment you have
the electronic compartment I have to tell you guys that once again you have
plenty of space to put all your stuff and if you are concerned about the rain
forget it so inside once again you have the 210d ripstop nylon and the zippers they are water-resistant also they are all
covered with these rubbers and here you will find one two three four five six
seven compartments and they are elastic so they will adjust for the things that
you will put inside besides that what you have here is a keychain so for
example here is the keys of my locker at work and when I finish to work I just
have to put it back here and will stays in place and I always know where it is
so that is something that I really like another thing that I found useful on
this bag is the strap here so basically if you are not using the shoulder pad
but you don’t want to tight it up so you can put it in here and it will not go
anywhere or also if you are traveling and you have your trolley you can put
this on your trolley and in that way you don’t have to carry around this bag so
all the way it will be away from the back is it possible to transform this
bag in a camera bag and I have to tell you guys that is possible like you can
see here I have my Canon 450 D that you have space to put it I have another
lens here okay and I have on this side an external flash so definitely you can
use if it’s not a lot of gear you can go around with this bag and transform your
everyday bag in a camera backpack so definitely you have this place the
downside is obviously you don’t have the format of your camera so your camera
will be shaking around here so that is something that I don’t like but you
can’t have everything but you have plenty of space to do that another thing
that I want to show you guys is that you have space to put for example a gimbal
so I have here the New gimbal from DJI the one that you can use with your
smartphone and even using the case of DJI I have space to put my gimbal inside
so there is a plus and is exactly the size of the case so I really really like
this place that I have Gregg is not to be is not too small is
the right size so when we talk about pros and cons I have to tell you guys
that I was not expecting that it was so comfortable and why because I put all
the weight in just one shoulder but because the design of this bag is so
compact the weight is really well distribute and the bag stays really
really close to my body so that is a plus that I have to tell you that you
have with this backpack another thing that I like in this backpack is the
flexibility in liters so basically if you don’t have a lot of things it stays
really compact really small if you have more things it will get a little bit more
bulky so there is something that I really really like on this backpack
besides that obviously the leather on the logos on the handle on the corners that
is a plus that you’ll find also with this backpack what a plus that you have
with this backpack is obviously the zippers they are water-resistant not all
like I said before the velcros are really really strong even the velcros here on
the shoulder pad you can open to change the position so the logo of Alpaka
will stay in the right position if you use in one shoulder or the other
obviously this magnetic Locker is really really cool because this stays in place
really really really well and you don’t go anywhere is really really strong and
after you just have to slide to the side and you open again and you put it back
so that is definitely a plus once again that you’ll find on this backpack
another thing that I like in this backpack is obviously if you live in a
hot country or in a hot days this one you have more ventilation on your back
the interior have that water-resistant material that is quite good also if you
want to put some water inside or if you are concerned that the water can goes on
your documents or in your devices so definitely that is also a plus another
thing that I like is obviously the flexibility that this bag will give to
me every single day so if I’m working I can put my lunch inside I can put my
wallet my keys but if I’m going to shoot something somewhere I can put my gear
inside okay use my gimbal when I’m just shooting
with my phone so I can put everything in just one small bag that I put on my back
another thing that I like also is that I don’t have to think twice when I’m
putting because whatever I put it stands up so that is good it will not gets
dirty so easy the other thing is obviously I can put on my shoulder I can
grab here so imagine that you use this and you are going to have an interview
like I said before you don’t want to go with your bag on your shoulder it don’t
look so professional so that is things that I like and I see a lot of potential
on this backpack but let’s talk a little bit more about the cons that I found
which we tell guys is not a lot but you find few of them here and when we talk
about cons obviously the most relevant is this one just have a strap just one
shoulder pad so obviously all the weight of your bag will go just in one of your
shoulders so if you have a lot of things or if you like to use the strap much
looser than me maybe it will be a bit uncomfortable for you so that will be
the first con that I have to tell you guys another subjective con is the strap
so I prefer the strap of the old version because he was taller and thicker and in
that case for example when you was putting on a trolley it will stay in
place much better than this one but like I said it’s just a subject it’s gone and
this one is not a subjective cone and I think that is the biggest con that I
found on this backpack for me it’s not a problem because my right hand is the
most predominant on my body so if I want to reach this area here is quite easy
but if your left hand is the more important to you it will be more
difficult for you to access this area so that’s why I really don’t like this
design for someone there is a left hand side another subjective con is obvious
I prefer the old version in one thing you have reflective parts because if you
use during the night you want to be visible and definitely the old version
was giving you that but the other con that you have to live with this backpack
I don’t mind but remember that we’ll be in this position is this opening here so
if it’s raining maybe the water can go inside but it’s just to let you know
that you have to think about it if you want to buy this backpack question of
the day do you think that this backpack is good to use every single day even
when you are going to work or if you want to use as a camera backpack let me
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    what the web site for this brand name?

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