Amazing Lake of the Falls – Overnight backpack with fellow YouTubers

Amazing Lake of the Falls – Overnight backpack with fellow YouTubers

Gonna camp next to it and watch it all
night long we’re gonna have this this is our view all night long and we’re gonna
have fire all right so it’s 5:30 in the morning
Justin’s on his way over thirty four point four pounds so pretty heavy for an
overnight trip but it’s kind of a celebration so there’s some heavy
goodies in there and then teeka’s got her pack the boots and that’s for Tcat
to sit on is a blanket in the car still be fine right so
let the adventure begin its 8:20 just to pick me up at what 6 a.m. this morning
what time do you get up at 4:45 4:45 so 4:45 my house 5:45 and two and a half
hours later we’re almost at Saskatchewan crossing man buddy thanks for organizing
things becoming oh if you Wanda like there’s seven of us here and it’ll be
two three more at the trailhead so there are guys up there already right
collecting firewood and making beds I’m not videotaping a lot of this hike
I’ve been here like four or five times there’s nothing if you guys want to see
how to get into landslide Lake just go look at that video I’ll tape more at
when I get to make of the falls that’s where I’ll do more taping 115 and
landfall or Lance Lake of the Falls is that way landslide is up there so ray
and I a couple years ago went to landslides had quite the adventure so
this is my first time at Lake of the fall so I didn’t take the video like I
said the hike up but I’ll take some moments to tape up ahead killing it man I said we’re killing it
like we’re two-thirds of the way there who’s missing yeah all right what is it five more kay
to the lake and then walk along shores of the lake
easy-peasy 2:30 this section of the trail is fairly new
normally we used to follow the creeks but guys are cutting a new trail higher
up because the trail along the river gets washed out every year this will be
a more permanent trail I should have paused in the parking lot
and when I gave you that carving from Eric yeah but we can we can do it again
but Eric you don’t have to worry I gave them the carving and pretty sure Matt
appreciates it Eric I’m absolutely blown away man I’m speechless it like I said I
absolutely 100% I’m going to make it up to do it I promise you that yeah yeah so
you can post in a video later on what you end up doing with it I imagine that
you’ll hang it on the wall and where you tape a lot of your videos at home and
every time every time you do a video we’ll be able to see it in the
background this one doesn’t disappoint so far this
trail the first part is what I would call fairly worn but now now we’re
getting some nice rewards what’s the name of this Creek Matt and tree Creek
we’re following this Creek and the scenery is gorgeous just common very
common courtesy when you’re in a large group like this not everybody hikes at
the same pace and in very very easy rule when you’re hiking in the group is that
you just look over your shoulder and if you look over your shoulder and then
about you know 10 minutes or 10 seconds 15 seconds you can’t see the guy behind
you or the gal just stop then stop two three minutes
they’ve been two three minutes the guy behind us Craig doesn’t show up well
then we’ll we’ll walk back see if we can see him
but you never know when something can happen it can be very innocent guide
twist to lay a twisted ankle on the trail and he’s hurt and he’s just
stopped waiting for us to come back so and then with that rule I don’t worry
about the guys in front what they should be doing now is they should be stopping
and looking over their shoulder and they don’t see us coming so then eventually
they’ll come so now this one’s been been a minute now so maybe we’ll go and take
a quick in there he is right over there no worry it’s all good
but then our companions ahead are disobeying the rules actually they know
that there’s three of us behind so they don’t have to worry about it too much
the reason we stopped in this case is because there’s only one person behind
there’s some really that’s the thing this is an unregulated part this is the
public land use zone so people set up camps all over the place oh man if that doesn’t lift your spirits
I don’t know with us this can be tricky never ever ever get a view of the lake
soon I think why do I feel like we’re gonna be
rewarded by the lake soon Ok Go awesome oh wow wow wow fairway to travel we got to be close now what well I don’t say Wow very often but
Wow Matt had an expression he called the last kilometer a five-hour kilometer it
does feel like that it was surprising because we had a good switchback about
two kilometers back where the switchback seemed to take it out of a whole bunch
of people and we went over the switchbacks and then it flattens out but
this flat part just goes on and on forever I think we’re going to get a
view of the lake in about 30 seconds so I better get the camera ready yeah man like I just finished telling
Justin that some places do not have unfair reputations I mean the rock walls
gorgeous I get it but you have to work your ass off to get
to the rock wall and then you see it part of on the afternoon of day three
and then you climb down we have something comparable to the rock wall
here but we’re going to camp next to it and watch it all night long we’re gonna
have this this is our view all night long and we’re gonna have fire anything
bow sweet you’re an old veteran then look at
that there’s even a green throne right there
whoo a view from that one that’s spectacular look like suckers just how they trust no
they’re like whitefish lake whitefish mountain whitefish yeah they’re suckers
away where the hell you want column but I’ll check it out in a second that’s the
sitting areas and look yeah we’re all set up we got tents everywhere you this is a whole new level of rain now
now we’re there’s others it’s uh it’s about 5:00 in the morning
actually let me check Wow it’s 5:40 in the morning so all
night was perfectly dry and warm and now it is pouring pouring rain but hopefully
there’s a blast of lightning and thunder the chill here in the second I live here not money tikka not fun at all no I’m
not fun at all okay yeah I’ve just let it record for a while
some of the blasts of thunder that we’re hearing right now are absolutely
credible they’re muffled by the fact that it’s raining but when
was pretty impressive to hear the Thunder oh stop chicken he’ll stop he’s gonna
make it wet when we go out on the trail not gonna be fun at all oh we had such a fantastic night to be
spoiled like this with this rain a great height in now we’re gonna have to hike
out in this rain nothing’s dry inside the fence a little
good news is I’m just Pat while I’m in here right now it’s 657 so barb to hold
up stuff and because do you know I’m not moving
tricky okay so cooking under the awning and the
lots of people say shouldn’t do that but I’ve been doing this a long time in
realistically speaking it’s pouring rain so all I’m doing is boiling water I made
a lot of condensation so I’m gonna unzip the top here there you go go breakfast this morning includes
everything easy so I’m gonna boil water and do like I usually do got my coffee
and hot chocolate I got my mocha going and then while I’m and while I’m
enjoying now I’m gonna do this Yvonne gene from Drayton Valley I’m
gonna try her another bite backpacker freeze-dried meal and this one’s called
a breakfast in the bag so according to the instruction at approximately 1 cup
of boiling water bag sealing shake plate leave it sit for 15 minutes to rehydrate
so who can’t wait to try this one that’s gonna be awesome
movement over there all right lighting conditions aren’t
ideal but let’s see what this looks like packaging is good my hands are cool look at that Wow Sika
I know that looks good let me take out the little dehydrating factor let me let
me put a little bit in my hand go wait tea cup please go so no okay yeah so it
looks see gasps De Sica stay it’s just Wanda
stay wait oh yeah it’s definitely just scrambled eggs that were dehydrated
fantastic a cup of water a cup of hot water just put a little bit less rehydrate this looks like it might
require a wee bit more ah you know what rehydrating rehydrating quickly but I’m
gonna put just leave it more not too much all right so it’s in the bag
and mix it up a bit taste it and then you seal the bag and let sit for ten
minutes 7:33 well just coincidentally it stopped
raining so I can have a coffee we’ll walk around and see how everybody else
is doing let me pour my coffee coffee in there I have a batch of hot
chocolate for my hot water and I am set surprisingly I think we might get some
Sun every Habs game in every flame Leafs game those tickets are always sort of
mine first I do go but I always say I’m lucky
because I work in Montreal Quebec so much that I go see them play there too
so yeah well we talked about that last night
yeah see what this feels like works for me man yeah I’m trying a
Yvonne breakfast and tell you what I’m shaking right now because I’m cool but
when you wake up in the morning and it’s pouring rain sure I got a series with a
chef I butter you know what I was traveling with a chef dehydrated meals
we all have them here everybody in camp has them some nights
some days some mornings are just lazy and so finding good ones is always
important Yvonne good job like this is work this
is only five bucks five dollars you’re gonna have to increase your prices
because and there’s enough in here for there’s definitely two rations they’re awesome so the breakfast was fantastic I think
it takes it a little bit more than a cup of water but I think situations
adjustable in the field no matter what because temperatures and altitudes and
things like that but maybe also label the bag as for me personally that was
two rations so um maybe that that it’s an easy ration to share and the other
thing is that it can be split in half nicely which I like so I know that next
time so if I rip it open I don’t have to rehydrate the whole thing I can separate
it nicely because the way you made it the components separate nicely it’s not
like you got a powder in the bottom that doesn’t separate so great job so to my
viewers if you get a chance go to Yvonne jeans
Facebook page I think at some point you’ll probably have a an internet site
but good job on the breakfast in a bag so far and then later on today hopefully
I’ll try your taco soup let’s go up there lots of places to camp at this lake I
mean apparently there was a group of 25 you could accommodate a ton of people
there’s firewood all through the trees beautiful spots wake up the muscles in the morning before we start okay so you can go quite
a ways that way and explore hey you could camp up here look at the
views whoo where’s the trail there trail here not
really we’ll make one think of the Falls and that’s where they
drop off hikers who come by helicopter they drop them off there and they can
explore this area hikers tourists get dropped off not hikers because if you’re
a hiker you make it up here on your own but tourists get dropped off here by
helicopter and then some of them will walk and I guess you can walk up that
Ridge and just go over there looking down so it’s a pretty easy walk and then
you look down at the lake that’d be gorgeous we’ll have to come
back and base camp and do that not today but yeah from from the camp it looked
like that was one big wall but it’s actually a wall a plateau and then
another wall so I imagine that top plateaus board all right I know why they call it Lake
of the Falls now look at this that’s Lake of the Falls and we’re just camped
in those trees right there Wow man those Falls are pretty cool what’s
the matter my girl you wagging your tail you have your puppy one of the she don’t want to play he’s
ready to work Wanda she’s not in play mode yeah 20 minutes ago he was all sunny we
could see the lake now we’re walking out and the fog rolls out oh well I hate
willows but boy this sure makes a pretty picture this morning Wow tractions gonna be whoa when you look
straight across and you only see fog and no trees you know you’re steep if you
look sideways what is that 30 degrees 35 shit holy cow I distinctively do not remember
this that’s what happens when you have six
foot spans one of these two spiders or to this creek crossing those rocks
I’m gonna be super slippery shit teeka whoa the rain has eased at windy the trail is
drying up we did great time we’ve already done 12 kilometers out maybe
even a slight bit more 13 14 kilometers out and it took us four hours so we’re
doing this and almost half the pace that we were doing yesterday or twice the
pace I mean so it’s very fast I didn’t tape this area coming in or I’m
not gonna tape a lot of it going out it’s to get to this first for the first
four kilometer there’s it’s completely uneventful trailers just through the
trees and then you get to this once you get to this hump and then after that it
takes off again so this is the most interesting piece on the first 6k this
is about four kilometer in but I’m not gonna tape a lot of the trail what the
first four kilometers or in our case today last four kilometers of the trail
look like it’s just very well-defined trail through the pine mature pine for
its Bruceton pine forest this trail is used by a lot of people
horsemen trappers so very very well defined okay into the trail last couple hundred
meters – OH – that’s like five hours to go 21 kilometers ready darn good that’s
your four kilometer an average that’s possible but we were scorching we were
going five all right man awesome yeah good meeting you thanks for organizing
big day you

18 thoughts on “Amazing Lake of the Falls – Overnight backpack with fellow YouTubers

  1. Holy Moses…you'll never need to solo again!! And so much YouTube influence in one place at one time you can taste it! Fun trip and fun watching from your perspective. And Matt…yw for the millionth time.😋 So happy you like it bud! Thanks for the shout out there too. A couple guys on that trip are thinking, "Hey, when am I getting an EC original sign?" I'm going to be busy…

  2. This really was a fantastic weekend! That early morning storm was pretty fun. I do agree, a basecamp trip to Lake of the Falls would be awesome! There's tons to explore at the back end of the lake.

    I love all the clips of Wanda following Tikka around. Learning from the best!

  3. Hello Marty, a big thank you for the tagalong. I really enjoyed this outing. It's certainly a wonderful thing to share such an epic trek with good friends. Two thumbs up on this adventure. All the best to you, family and Teeka. 🤗

  4. Great video Marty. Entry Creek is always nice to hike, and Lake of the Falls was even better than I expected, what a gorgeous site to camp!! I had a blast out there, meeting everyone and celebrating Matt's birthday. It was an awesome weekend, thanks, take care.

  5. Another great one buddy ! If I ever have to come back to Alberta for work, I'll be sure to join you guys on a trip !

  6. Easy peasy! 😀 I have no clue where I picked this up in my young ages. Couldn't believe to hear you saying it. Cheers Marty!

  7. I have followed your hiking journal for the last couple of years and have sincerely enjoyed them. The last couple of hikes however, to Carnarvon and Lake of Falls are disappointing for someone has been to these jewels. Carnarvon at least a dozen times, and Lake of Falls more so. At Carnarvon after showing the slow growth of trees at that site – I took exception to your comment – 'you don't feel too bad about using that as a source of fuel to cook your meal since it's in your in your backyard. Lake of the Falls, you indicated that there's plenty of firewood. There is if you cut down living trees. I have seen hikers do exactly that ignoring the sign at that site stating please not to do that. If you do the gourmet food thing, it would be more challenging to do it over a small high efficiency hiking stove or two. My opinion as an Albertan who enjoys the outdoors as much as you do.

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