American Girl and Our Generation Vet Care Clinic

American Girl and Our Generation Vet Care Clinic

today is all about pets! who doesn’t love
pets? I know! and since we love those pets, we need to take care of them. and so
today we’re going to unbox the our generation vet care clinic. yeah! and to
help us do it, we’ve got our American girl Freya…..
hi! …. who’s our aspiring veterinarian technician. so what are we waiting for?
let’s get to unboxing. okay so we’ve got everything unpackaged. so now let’s take
a tour through what we have and get it all set up for business. so first up
let’s take a look at our pet cages. so we can open the door… one and two. and this
one’s just a little bit taller than this one, so we have room for a slightly
bigger animal. and this is where they can go while they’re waiting, or while
they’re recovering. very cool! and then over here, look on this wall. we have
three hooks that we can hang either our lab coats, our leashes, or even maybe our
stethoscope. Oh, and their hooks are tails. then on the back wall, we have
three file holders, and three files. so we can put those in just like that. and that
way the veterinarian can keep track of each pet that she’s working on. and
what’s next… super exciting! yeah. we have the light box that you can turn it on
and off with a switch over here or you can just press the button like that. and
to go on the light box, we have x-rays for the cat or the dog. so we can slide
them in there like that.. or like that, and then press the button and take a look at
what’s going on on the inside. on this wall we have our cabinet.
we have our paper towel dispenser. and they even put what looks like a roll of
paper towels coming out, but it doesn’t pull out. it’s just for looks and pretend.
we have our sink with knobs that turn. and down below, we have storage. we have
our drawer and another cabinet here. so let’s see what supplies we have to go in
here. first up, we have our hand soap, that we can put right here by the sink to
keep our hands clean. then we have our jar of treats. We can put up there so
after our patient has received their treatment they can get a little treat
for being good. look at this super cute little dropper bottle! so we could use
this for ear drops or we could use it for little medicine dropper. so we’ll put
that up here. we have this other medicine bottle that can go right in here… just
like that. and we’ll close that up. oh Wow look at this!
it’s a syringe. and look how real that looks with even the tip that can remove.
now I can’t seem to get mine to pull out. it could just be stuck and need to be
loosened up, but for now we’ll go ahead and we’ll put it right there in our
drawer. we got a little thermometer in there. and then take a look. we got a real
working clipboard with a pad of paper to keep track of who… what the name of the
pet is. we can mark what type of animal. is it a bird, a reptile, a cat, a dog, a
bunny, or even a goldfish? we can make our notes here…. and
what are they here for…. do they have to be bandaged up? did they need their shots?
do they need medicine? or did they need just a healthy pet checkup or grooming?
and to go with this, we got this cute little pretend pen that we can check….
check….. and then send them home. all right, let’s put those in our drawer, as well,
and close it up. and then below, let’s open up our cupboards and see what they
provided for us to put in there. we have a wrap bandage, that has a little bit of
velcro so we can wrap up if they have a sprain or an owie, of some sort.
we put that in there. we have a little kidney dish. Put that like that. and then they
provided us a sponge, so we can use the sponge if we need to clean up a wound or
we can also use this if they just come in for a grooming. so we put that right
down there, and close those up. and then look here. it’s our own little
wastebasket for all of the waste that we have. so we can put that right in there.
wow! this is really starting to look like a working vet clinic! but with all vet
clinics, we’re gonna need an exam table, of course. and with every doctor, they
need to know how much their patient weighs, so they know exactly what to
prescribe for their good health. so we can put our scale right under there. we
have the cone that goes around their neck to keep them from licking a wound
so it gives it proper time to heal. and that we can place right there.
and finally for this room, we have a stethoscope. I’m super excited about this
now. because this not only will work in our vet clinic but it’ll also work in
our toy hospital. so let’s hang that right up there. wow!
this is really coming together. our exam room is just about ready to go. so what
else does a vet clinic need? well that’s what’s so great about the our generation
set if they made it multi-sided, so if we turn it to the side,
they’ve given us what appears to be like a hallway, when you go from the waiting
room into the exam room, with a cork board. and so on the cork board, they
provided us with some flyers… one for the special days and hours for grooming, or
Adoption Day…. one of the best days in a pets life… ever! and to put up the posters…
four red thumbtacks. so let’s put up Adoption Day like that. let’s put up our
grooming poster. and then we still have two more thumb tacks for other notices
that might come in. so there’s our hallway. now let’s go to the waiting room.
oh you guys! how super cool is this with our two chairs and a table? we have our
picture on the wall.. which you can always change out and add whatever you
want in there. and then we have our display shelves. so let’s get this room
all set up. so first up we have two bags of pet food…. one for the dogs…. one for the
cats. so let’s get those put right down here….
and right there. and speaking of pet food, we have the soft food that comes in a
can, so let’s get those put on our shelves, as well. and then we have two
bottles of pet shampoo. and finally we have the cutest little
magazine for our customers to read while they wait. isn’t that the cutest little
cover? now the inside of it does have pages. those are blank for us to decorate
ourselves. so we can put that right here for a little reading material. so now all
we need is Dr. Freya and some customers with their pets. there you go. you’re gonna be all better. (cat purring) that’s right you’re already feeling
better, aren’t you? ( cat meowing) well there you have it! thanks for joining us for setting up the
our generation vet clinic. do you have a favorite part?
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well that’s our collection for now. until next time….. (cat purring)

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  1. The Our Generation Vet Care Clinic is awesome! Loved watching! Have a happy evening! Take care! Best wishes, Mary and Harry 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

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