100 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper on Rod Blagojevich claim: Just nuts

  1. Maybe he was guilty, but I also think it was a politically motivated prosecution. Anderson Cooper is acting so sanctimonious. Hey, newsflash, Cooper, if a rough DA wants to go after you, he will find something to hang on you and most juries assume anyone on trial must be guilty of something.

  2. Oh…….I just love it. It warms my heart whenever I see him put people in their place.
    The World According to (Garp's 'twin) Anderson. No one can roast them like he can!!
    RD — come on….you're killing me. You just got out of the slammer partly for running his mouth.

    He gets out, he's been back only a short period of time, and already he's back to doing the same thing. I can only imagine how he must have given jail staff a real head-banging.
    This guy is a classic example of a covert narcissist who engaged in financial abuse with the State of Illinois, not to mention gaslighting and manipulation of Anderson on national TV.

    To quote one of the First Daughters I think good ole' Rod got high "on his own PR" while he was away. Obviously not the one to be fooled AC, calls out RB each and every time. One thing about narcissists they NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for ANYTHING THEY'VE EVER DONE.

    My favorite part was when Anderson roasted him (essentially) for dereliction of duty in ignoring clemency cases while serving in the capacity of governor. Good one Anderson. Good one.

  3. Hey Anderson Cooper, why don't you go fuck another guy and mind your own business about this guy! You support tons of corrupt politicians that did far worse than this guy! Your just mad because he sold your precious Bacock Obummer's senate seat! Shut your fuckin mouth! It shouldn't be opened for anything but a dick!

  4. Hahahahaha hahahahahahaha omg haha what a train wreck that's what I love about all of Trump's friends and so called Trump peaple there all just so fuckin stupid and in Trump's words LOSERSSSS

  5. Why he really thinks he was a "political prisoner", that right there is nuts and it's disrespectful to real political prisoners across the world. This former IL Governor still cannot and will not take responsibility for his own actions. That's part of being a narcissist and he has that in bags…

  6. shame on you mr blago your an as*hol* you should be lock up and hope one day you return the $ you stole from the children hospital

  7. I'm not the biggest fan of CNN or Anderson Cooper but I gotta give him big time props for calling this guy out and standing firm. Trump complains about the "Deep State' but his ACTIONS show he is part and parcel of that which he complains about. Giving this cheap convicted crook a pardon. Fighting California over private prisons. A+ for Anderson Cooper! Blogo should crawl back into his hole.

  8. They're both nuts! But at least one doesn't like the nuts. Oh and just for the record he never technically broke the law. Started to expose Obama and that is why he went to prison

  9. Anderson, you are so transparent. You obviously hold the double standard that is so prevalent in the mainstream media. Exonerate the left and condemn the right at all times, no matter what the truth or proof really is. You are in for a surprise as the left higher-ups begin to wear stripes. "Coming soon to a non-fake news station near you." And the lame followers that believe this stuff are also going to enjoy what's coming up soon, very soon.

  10. Anderson Cooper get real you are a homosexual you screw people in the butt you have no right to judge anybody in most countries you would be put to death which is which is justified

  11. Look at twoo face Anderson, in this case with this guy who is a Democrat is like he is taking it all *personal* an all the fucking guys in the left are in the same line, lest take a trip to memory line no to far donw the road, *BILL CLINTON THE MOST CURRUPT PRESIDENT EVER* and a sexual predetor perdon to no other than *JEFFREY EPSTEIN* a convicted sex ofender, I REST MY CASE* Take your medication Anderson Cooper

  12. there's verifiable proof that this guy is a crook, walking free now because the orange man think he's a good guy, that's just so trump!!!!!..

  13. Blagojevich is full of shite. He's a crook and was caught out. If he had a brain he would take is get out of jail free card and disappear. I wonder if he tried to sell off his jail cell? Well done, Cooper for calling out this guy's BS!! Btw, Blagojevich YOU WERE the criminal justice system in Chicago.

  14. Nice to see Anderson. I’m from JOLIET Illinois. And he deserves everything he got . Should of never been pardoned. Great interview and great to see you tell him the truth before he could lie again. Great job Anderson

  15. and to think that anybody gets a fair trial is a joke, they stack these juries in a way that's without a doubt to get a conviction. They could get a ham sandwich convicted!

  16. $1 trillion dollars, most of which has went straight into the pocket of the richest billionaires. Working class Trump supporters are so dumb*


    What is the criminal description of being in receipt of illegal political funds. Oh yea… Money Laundering!

    Recently Indicted Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman face several felonies over their roles in various conspiracies and efforts to defraud the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) by allegedly misrepresenting the source of funds and for unlawfully soliciting foreign campaign contributions.

    Parnas made 20 identical contributions of $661.90 to the:

    North Carolina Republican Party
    New Jersey Republican State Committee
    South Carolina Republican Party
    Tennessee Republican Party
    Connecticut Republican Party
    Wyoming Republican Party
    Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania
    California Republican Party
    Republican Party of Wisconsin
    New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee
    Republican Party of Virginia
    North Dakota Republican Party
    Mississippi Republican Party
    West Republican Party of Louisiana
    Illinois Republican Party
    Kansas Republican Party

    Parnas made a donation of $2,700 to:

    Candidate Trump
    House GOP Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif)
    Pete Sessions (R-Texas)

    Parnas also showered cash on various electoral organizations.
    Vice President Mike Pence‘s Great America Committee received $5,000
    The GOP’s “Protect the House” joint fundraising committee received $11,000 The National Republican Congressional Committee received $3,800
    The Republican National Committee received $33,400
    The Trump Victory PAC received $50,000

    Fruman has been slightly less active in his exploits as a donor for the GOP but doubly maxed-out to then-governor and eventual Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) in May 2018. On the same day, Fruman donated $15,000 to the Rick Scott Victory Fund PAC. He later made two separate $2,700 contributions to Rep. Joseph Wilson (R-S.C.) in June 2018–one for the primary election; one for the general election.

  18. This scumfuck should be in jail still, obviously the time he served hasn't taught him a lesson….it's funny to hear him cry the prosecutors were corrupt….lol

  19. I didn't think that I could love Anderson Cooper more than I already do…but I stand corrected after this interview. Well done, AC!!!!

  20. Hey cooper or should I say Vanderbilt. Did the ex-gov. know your C.I.A.???? Did you get any Journalist training there??? Or are you reading from a Script??? Your loss of composure is telling.

  21. Cooper Anderson stop putting words on are ex governor of illinois because he did not do nothing wrong …. You are a phony and ignoring person ever !!!!!! !!!!

  22. Anderson is right. This guy is nuts. He was justly convicted and removed! They didnt listen to all the tapes?? Are you serious??

  23. He’s free to extort for trump!
    Ask him if he will accept a job from Hitler eye mean Donny Christ eye mean Jesus.
    The president.

  24. Anderson hates Trump and anyone that is associated with him. He was given a lot of information to prosecute the xGov. again. It is not up to the FBI to only get evidence to convict someone but to have all the evidence in the crime so both sides can look at it.

  25. Anderson Coopr is Sean Hannity's alter ego. Is there anyone that can just 'say the news' instead of hurling adjectives at the news story?

  26. Agree or disagree with former Governor Blagojevich… it would have been nice if Anderson Cooper had given him a chance to talk. He continually interrupted him and we the viewers only have the benefit of what Cooper had to say. Next time Anderson…. give your interviewee a change to talk— I thought that was the point of an interview.

  27. Trump is a boss now watch him free more ppl. Trump is gonna win come 2020 elections with ease. # Trump is the first black president 👌🏾

  28. When this convict speaks I hear politicians are all corrupt . Corruption is so deeply rooted it is the job not "BY THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE ".

  29. CNN – Did you forget that PEOPLE have access to resources & video of TRUTH & UNCUT RAW FOOTAGE?? We can simply watch the President himself and those assisting him On Other "REAL" Platforms daily to witness whats REALLY happening!! And we can educate ourselves WITHOUT smearing laughing dancing little clowns like yourselves? LAZY MINDED PEOPLE ACCEPT THIS GARBAGE!

  30. Yes Anderson, you just said it… Mandella was prosecuted by a "Racist Corrupt Government" 😂
    H E L L O!!! ANYBODY IN THERE….? GAWD What a friggen Morron

    Drain The Swamp
    Drain the Swamp
    Drain the Swamp
    Donald J Trump 2020

  31. Waw this is the best journalist I ever seen Andersen copper i gave you A PLUS PLUS . This scummbug no good x governor trying to make excuse for his crime and blame others for his crime should be in jail for his betrayal of public trust people like him and so call President Trump are not honest.

  32. Cooper is a fraud and a political hack. Nelson Mandela murdered three people in a bombing. Hardly a "political prisoner". FFS CNN just gets worse and worse every day.

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