Annie LeBlanc Tells A Lie… AGAIN! 😲 Camp Nick ft. The Loud House & All That | Nick

– Obama… catching fireflies.
– Yes! [music playing] You are wrong, I just tricked ya! Hey guys, welcome back to Camp Nick. Hope you’re hungry,
’cause we’re making sandwiches. We’re gonna be playing Made To Order. Lobster Chef, hand me the order. Bread, cheese, bacon! – Cheese, cheese, bacon.
– Bacon, turkey! – Turks…
– Tomato, onion! – Onion!
– Bread! – Bread…
– Onion! – Onion…
– Lettuce! Bacon! We can’t eat turkey club
sandwiches anymore, but we could eat
the turkey off the ground? Let’s do it! [music playing] What’s up, campers? Let’s see what
Camp Nick’s got in store for us today. Ring-ring, campers. It’s time
for a game of dance telephone. Wait, what’s that? Dance telephone? You don’t know? Oh well, basically you have to
make up a dance on the spot and you have to pass it around to us, and hopefully we don’t
mess it up at the end. I can do that.
Are you guys ready? – No.
– Always! You’re gonna go one, two,
three, four, five… Good luck, buddy! I completely forgot it.
No, I forgot it all. – I forgot it all.
– Can I help him? Annie, it was something like… And then I forgot how she ended it,
so I’m gonna end it my own way. – Close your eyes.
– Hi, Annie. Hi, ready, OK. – Here’s what Isaac did.
– OK. – Oh, OK.
– That’s exactly what he did. – OK, everybody open your eyes.
– I’m so sorry I forgot it. Matt, let’s see it. I think it was something like this…
I think it was one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight? Not even close. Not even in the same ball park. One, two, crunch, back, out, in. Oh, that’s what it was. What is this? I forgot it so I just
came up with my own thing. This is the only part I remember. Four, out, in. One, two, three… [music playing] – It’s Isaac.
– And it’s Annie. – Today we are playing two truths…
– And a lie. I’ve eaten frog legs,
durian, and crickets. The second one.
You’ve never eaten durian. You are wrong, I just tricked ya! I’ve actually never eaten frog legs. I’ve fallen off a horse,
I’ve swam with sharks, and I’ve gone bridge jumping. – All those seem so fun.
– Yeah. I think that you did not swim with sharks. – She got it right.
– I got it right? Good job! You guys up for a game of
Who Am I and What Am I Doing? – Yeah!
– Alright. We all will be doing
celebrity impressions, while doing a classic camp activity. Arg matey! – Pirates!
– Yep. – Rowing a canoe.
– Yeah. I got it? Uh, I am running through the fields… Oh, are you… Obama catching fireflies. – Yes!
– I got it! Me? Annie? – It’s Jayden.
– Yes! – Doing something…
– Hammering! Doing something…
I’m gonna go with… Building a bird house.
Pitching a tent! There you go! There you go! That was–
That was good! Good impression, you did good. I did my best. – Wait, so who won?
– We tied, no we tied. We tied! [music playing] What’s up, you guys?
Welcome back to Camp Nick. I’m here with Tex Hammon
and Andre Robinson from The Loud House
and we’re about to play Who’s Most Likely To. Who is most likely to get
a brain freeze while eating ice cream? Oh, that’s Clyde, definitely. That has to be me. Lincoln’s always drinking the flippies,
so I mean, Clyde couldn’t handle it. Who’s most likely to make
an awkward joke at a bad time? – I feel like that’s Clyde though.
– What? I feel like he is. We got a little interference though. Clyde doesn’t even joke though. Who’s most likely to get scared
while watching a horror movie? – I think that has to be both of them.
– That has to be both. Lincoln went to a horror movie
without his parents, and he got scared. What’s up, guys?
It’s me and Jayden, and we’re about to play
the Head shot Hats challenge. OK… – Come on, Jayden!
– You are a girl. – OK, I’m a girl.
– You’re edgy. – Edgy…
– You have a lot of siblings. Oh, um, um… – Luna.
– Yes! Am I Luna? Oh, thank you! So you live in the ocean. – You’re chilling.
– SpongeBob? – No, no.
– Patrick? – Uh, she has a fish bowl–
– Sandy! Yes, I love Sandy! What’s up, guys? I’m here with
Tex Hammon and Andre Robinson from The Loud House and we’re
playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slime! Rock, paper, scissors, slime! Rock, paper, scissors, slime! Rock, paper, scissors, slime! [screaming] [screaming] Let’s go! I finally did it! Congratulations, Tex!
Guess what? – What?
– Here at Camp Nick, even the winners get slimed. [screaming] [music playing] Thank you so much for watching the video. We’ll be here all summer,
so make sure you like, comment and subscribe to Nick’s channel
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