ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay IX: Shiver (whisper, personal attention, crush) (for all genders)

ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay IX: Shiver (whisper, personal attention, crush) (for all genders)

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100 thoughts on “ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay IX: Shiver (whisper, personal attention, crush) (for all genders)

  1. As she woos you to sleep,
    it never even enters your mind that,
    it's too late now anyway,
    Pepper IS a serial killer.
    There are worse ways.
    I don't need a double anyway.

  2. Have seen the two decisions; I don’t quite understand something. In both, my character ends being Pepper’s boyfriend? If that’s the case, then I’m totally happy with both the results.

  3. Great video but I fell asleep and my mother and my tution teacher walked in on me sleeping x'D but she's cool so everything is alroght xd

  4. "Let's go to sleep and see how we feel in the morning"? The fuck? Okay so if that was me in that situation, and I had just found out that the girl I liked all along was into me too, there's no way I would just leave it at that. I'd be all "Uhhh, what? See how we feel in the morning? Nope. I'm not wasting this. We've both established that we like each other, so rather than see how we feel in the morning, let's grab a coffee and breakfast in the morning. And then hang out all day. And go watch a movie later. And you know, start something." I don't think that's an unreasonable course of action given the circumstances.

  5. God I wish girls were still cool like this like high-school in the 2000s.
    Girls now (be it highschool or college) all seem so uptight and entitled and cant just enjoy real human interaction.

  6. The beginning kinda digs into me a bit. There was this girl who moved from a tougher neighborhood to my street the summer before 8th grade. Her name was Chase. She then went to the same school as me and I found we had some things in common, and we would walk home from school together. We became okay friends, and she introduced me to things like memes. I started to get a crush on her. I felt like I was getting to creepy, and on top of that I was the weird kid. I ended up stop talking to her, and am now a sophmore. She is dating a friend of a friend and when ever I see them walking in the hallways it hurts a bit.

  7. The immersion is ablsolutely top notch! I actually felt hella nervous throughout this whole experience.

  8. Omg shtop im going on a overnight stay at a camping adventure centre with my foroige ( Irish local youth club ) and my crush is going 😬😬😬

  9. I really wish this happens to me it would be such an experience. a unforgettable night for me i would love the girl forever it would be unrealistic. If this ever happens to me i would appreciate and love my girl until the day i die

  10. In all of these videos, there is this really weird sound. An instance of it starts at around 3:28 or so, it's low pitched and sounds like it could either be like a plane or a horn or… Something. Anyone have any clue what it is?

  11. This. Is acting.

    I'm a film student. We don't get this level of acting a lot, so we NEED to cut, use music and camera movement. It's not needed here.

    Great job, Bekah.

  12. Reminds me the past from several months. Literally, I thought I was 100% sure about her but, she has someone else in her heart and they hangout each other so often. I feel down hearted, my mind is telling me "there's always a second chance only if you know how to use it wisely". And I was "yeah it might be right, I shouldn't given up so easily just for her, I can do this".

  13. If you picked to bring the single sleeping bag & not twin size….Congratulations, you’ve friend-zoned yourself

  14. Let’s just Appreciate that this video is almost a hour long and she put no adds in it 👏👏👏👏👏

  15. 53:07 “even if someone else asked I’d say no… I only want you…” bOi If SoMeOnE sAiD tHaT tO mE iN rEaL LiFe I wOuLd StArT cRyInG. FRFR

  16. Imagine having your crush first
    wanting to go camping, just you and her then sharing a sleeping bag with her🥴

  17. I can't believe this is where I go to feel any kind of affection from a girl. Literally the saddest day of my life. Alexa, play Mr. Lonely

  18. Why does this feel like every high school summer fling I ever had .. currently 22 with a girlfriend of 3 years, but this reminds me of those love lust summer nights of obscure kisses and my first emotional bloomings

  19. HER "Do what your heart desires"
    ME "are you sure about that"
    HER "absolutly"
    ME "ok well here it goes" asks her out on the spot

  20. I could live 7 lifetimes and not achieve this in my personal life. Oh well, I am glad this is on YouTube.

  21. I really love your videos, I can tell you put effort into making them a decent length and try to fill them with real and effective content. Thank you for what you do!!

  22. I just pampered my phone when you told your story and got closer to the camera. It felt so real because I was holding my phone close to my heart. It felt so real.

  23. Amazing video 👏🤟👍I’m not very social. I have a condition called asperger syndrome and that causes to have trouble speaking to other people and express myself to people. i’m afraid to show people my interest and hobbies because I don’t want to be made fun of liking what I like. But you doing this make me feel better and it show me that you Like someone no matter who they are

  24. Talijah (My girlfriend): I'm gonna die of hypothermia.
    Me: Fuck me! I knew I should've brought a heavier sleeping bag!

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