ATMOS VS ROOK – Osprey Backpack Comparison

ATMOS VS ROOK – Osprey Backpack Comparison

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m Josh and I’m Alisha and this is Terradrift
you’re vegan travel and adventure experts so if you’re interested in outdoor adventure,
world travel, or veganism this is the place to get that. So be sure to subscribe for all of our future
updates and adventures. So today we’re taking a look at two backpacks
by Osprey: the Rook and the Atmos. Technically speaking they’re different size
packs the Rook is a 65 liter and this Atlas is a 50 liter but they both come in both sizes
and they both come in men’s and women’s. The Atmos comes in a women’s specific pack
called the Aura. It’s basically the same and the women’s version
of the Rook is actually called the Ren and it is essentially the same pack. Just because there is a women’s specific pack
don’t feel like you have to buy it. I personally use the Atmos which is the unisex
pack and it works perfectly fine for me. So the reason we’re comparing these two is
that the Rook just came out recently and it’s approximately $90 cheaper than the Atmos so
we wanted to see what are the differences, is the Atmos worth springing for and are the
features of the Rook enough to keep you from missing what the Atmos has to offer. So let’s talk about the similarities. First let’s look at the harness both the Atmos
and the Rook have a mesh back panel that allows for breathability when you are backpacking. However, the material on the Rook does feel
a little bit cheaper and the adjustability is a little bit different. The Rook features loops at preset intervals
so that you can adjust your harness by about an inch and a half to two inches whereas the
Osprey Atmos has a sliding bar that allows a more custom fit. So let’s take a look at the side pockets. So the side water bottle pockets are actually
laid out the same on both packs but they’re a little bit different. There’s a finer mesh, stretchy material on
the Atmos. Both allow you to slide in a water bottle
from the top or behind which makes sticking in a water bottle in and out of the pockets
much easier when you’re hiking. There are bottom zippered compartments on
both packs that also feature an inside divider so both facts allow you to stash like clothes
or a sleeping bag or whatever in the bottom of the bag kept separate from everything else
if that’s what you’re into. Now on to the differences. There are plenty. The layout of the compression straps on both
bags is a little bit different. So on the Atmos there are two compression
straps that loop through the back of the bag like so and on the rook there is a single
compression strap on the side and on the back there are two compression straps whereas the
Atmos does not have any. Now material-wise the rook is made out of
polyester. You can tell the difference right off the
bat as soon as you look at the bag and especially when you feel it. The Atmos is made with a nylon that’s a lot
softer and feels a lot higher quality than the material of the rook. So the rook comes out ahead on weight. The weight is actually three point five two
pounds. The Atmos starts at four point four eight
pounds and goes up to four point six four depending on the size that you choose: small,
medium, or large. It’s important to note that the rook is a
one size fits all pack. So the rook has these padded straps and offers
a fair amount of adjustability but not quite as much as the Atmos which allows you to slide
the harness all the way up or down to provide the most custom fit and the mesh itself is
definitely more comfortable and a higher quality material than the rook and because the back
is all integrated into one piece from the hip belt all the way up to the straps it really
does feel like it’s just wrapping around your whole body which makes carrying heavy loads
that much more comfortable. It may not look that much different but trust
me when say you can definitely feel the comfort difference between the packs when you put
them on even with nothing in them that brings us down to the hip belt. Now on this particular hip belt as with all
other packs you do have an adjustable strap. What it doesn’t have is an adjustable hip
pad which is what the Atmos has which just means it’s more adjustable to fit more sizes
of people. As you can see I have it pushed in all the
way because I’m a tiny person but if a larger person were to wear this pack they can undo
this nice velcro and pull it out several inches in order to wrap around a slightly wider waist
which is a nice feature to have. So on the rook they’ve included a rain cover
which is really cool because the Atmos does not have a rain cover built into the bottom
of the bag. You have to actually buy it separately. I’m still trying to figure out why the more
expensive the bag the less likely it is to have a rain cover. Maybe for these reasons but basically all
that means is that you’re going to have to buy it separately and it runs you about twenty
five dollars give or take a few bucks. Unlike the Atmos, the lid on the Rook is not
removable. The Atmos is removable. It’s called a ‘floating lid’ which means this
top part you can take completely off. There is a permanent flap underneath which
means if you want to decrease your weight by just a little bit or so, you’re going on
a day hike and you want to leave some stuff behind at the campground you can take off
the top lid put some stuff in it – leave it at camp and go out for the day. I don’t usually use that for anything so whether
or not that is a beneficial feature is your call to make one of the things the rook does
not have is a front pocket. Now for me I don’t use the front pocket that
often but I know people who like me couldn’t live with not having a front stash pocket. I throw everything in here from maps to sunscreen
– hats, bandanas, snacks, vegan protein bars, you name it. I’m shoving it in the front stash pocket and
because it’s stretchy. You can fit a ton of stuff in there and if
I didn’t have that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. But again that’s totally personal preference. So let’s talk how much you can comfortably
carry in each of these packs. Now with the rook you’re able to carry up
to 40 pounds which in its price class is actually excellent. Some of the other packs by REI that are on
the lower end they can only carry about 30 pounds. The Atmos on the other hand has a weight rating
for up to 50 pounds so if you’re not an ultralight hiker or you’re going on those long treks
and you want to be able to carry a little extra weight and still be comfortable the
Atmos is your boy. Now attachment points: so on the rook you
have several loops. You have three loops on each side of the back
of the bag. So these daisy chain loops allow you to lash
things to the bag but unfortunately the bag does not have specific loops for an ice axe
or for trekking poles. The Atmos does. There are no daisy chain attachment points
but it does have these D loops down at the bottom on each side as well as bungees at
the top to secure trekking poles or other various tools that you might be taking backpacking
with you on which I find very helpful. Now Osprey does have something called their
daylight day pack that you can easily strap to this using the daisy chain system it doesn’t
fit as well on the Osprey so if you like to have that extra little day pack just strapped
on the back of your bag for, you know, little day hikes if you’re going on longer treks
then the rope makes that a little bit easier. So wrapping up if you are looking for a budget
pack or you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend a lot of money on backpacking
gear the rook is a great place to start on the other hand if it’s fit and features and
comfort you want you may want to go with the Atmos and the Aura it is just more comfortable,
it costs a little more money depending on what size you want but for many it’s gonna
be worth it. One thing we will say is that Osprey is just
a great brand and they do have something called their ‘almighty guarantee’ and all that means
is that if there is a tear in your pack, if a buckle breaks they’re gonna fix it for free
for life and that goes for any Osprey pack that you get. So rest assured that no matter what pack you
get you can expect to carry it for years to come. We all like different features on our packs
so what it comes down to then if you’re trying to decide between one or the other is the
fit so be sure to go out to your local outdoor store and try a couple on before you buy that
way you’ll know for sure if it fits, if it’s comfortable and if it’s gonna work for you. For a budget pack that won’t break the bank
the Rook is your guy. For something that’s a little bit more comfortable
try the Atmos. Thanks for watching guys! If you didn’t like this video that’s okay
but if you did please like it, share it, and consider subscribing and for a lot more great
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8 thoughts on “ATMOS VS ROOK – Osprey Backpack Comparison

  1. Great comparison guys! I have been bouncing between the Rook 65, Atmos 65, and the Aether 60 for some time now. It's nice to have my two top contenders side by side. I also appreciate the stretch front pocket for easily stowing layers, and the added comfort, quality, and adjustability has pushed me more towards the Atmos. I just love the front access J-zipper, removable day pack, and orange colour of the Aether! Decisions decisions…

  2. Classic me, I bought the Rook before watching your video. I love mine though. And on offer at $62 I really couldn’t complain.

    I’m pleased I found your channel. I’m currently working on a whole series of vegan trail recipes that I’m so excited to share.
    Keep them coming, your new sub, Thom (off the Beaten Pot)

  3. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! This is the VDO I was looking for, a head-to-head comparison between a (relatively) newly released Rook&Renn and the all time fans' favourite Atmos&Aura. Thank you for a useful and informative VDO. Keep up all the good work.

  4. Great video! I have the Atmos 65 AG and I use it to travel the world. It's so awesome and much more comfortable than other packs I've had that I also use it as a day pack without the top lid.

    By the way, I'm also vegan!

  5. For the Rook. You could run some bungy cord X style through the lash points and use a toggle. This would almost work as well as a stash pocket for a jacket or climbing helmet etc. Can't really go too wrong with the rook, hey its an osprey after all 🙂

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