AULA 124 – Copiando bermuda masculina de outra peça pronta.

AULA 124 – Copiando bermuda masculina de outra peça pronta.

We will replicate this shorts right this one already exists is an old lady shorts i will copy her very easy to replicate I’ll put her on the contrary that gets better easy to see for you i will use one a pen for me not to stain the piece of boy with with my brush here margin as a measure here you can see I will use my margin as a measure and I’ll do her with a waistband too and I’ll take it right where she it’s marking I’ll leave it drawn I marked here I marked where the velcro will start that this is velcro here in the sewing part of sewing you have to take care now and make the markings that the front is always narrower just for you to understand I scored I made the hawk and I marked down there on the bar and here at the end of the bar too here is our part of velcro to the part of let’s make a cute straight line now my waist and my waistband here we will make a kind of fly I’ll tell you how many centimeters four centimeters and will make this call here too here will also be part right ok now the link to the leg and the bar link he has no front pocket
it’s beach shorts this here the wire runs like this and this front this separate waistband ok finishing the front let’s do the back I’ll just turn it just bend the outline remember here to continue to the same extent I’ll put it here for you to understand well

5 thoughts on “AULA 124 – Copiando bermuda masculina de outra peça pronta.

  1. Você é uma pessoa q todos querem como amiga, está de parabéns com seus ensinamentos, eu moro bem longe longe mas te aplaudo de coração, q pessoa maravilhosa 😘😘😘👏👏👏👏

  2. Bom, gostei. Já tentei fazer isso e nunca dá certo, principalmente a questão do zíper. Aguardo o corte e costura. Obrigado!

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