Ava in What’s in My Backpack? πŸŽ’ Ep. 4 w/ Dora, PAW Patrol, Butterbean & Bubble Guppies! | Nick Jr.

Hey kids, this is an ad. Hi, this is Nick Jr’s What’s In My Bag. Did you wanna know what’s in my bag?
Let’s find out. Wow, it’s Good Night, Dora. I always read this book
before I go to bed. [yawning] Now let’s see what else
I have in my bag. It’s the Bean Team. I’m gonna put some stickers in. Let’s get cooking! I’m gonna match this
Butterbean sticker with Butterbean in the book. Let’s find the page.
I found it! Look at Butterbean. Very good! Let’s see what else we have in the bag. It’s a PAW Patrol book! It’s Mighty Pup power,
because you gotta have some of that to be in the PAW Patrol. Let’s see what else we have in here. [laughing] It’s Bubble Power from Bubble Guppies! This is a sticker book too! Do you wanna see the stickers?
Let’s do it. This is Molly. That’s Gil. That’s Nonny,
who always has the silly food. Hey, so now let’s match it up
and put these stickers in the book. – Oh, I found a match!
– Right on! OK, got Deema. And we’re gonna match Deema with Deema. Oh no, Deema’s too small. Deema’s a small little guppy. Aw, how cute is that small guppy? And this is what Gil always does. [screaming] Let’s go to the next book. It’s a Dora coloring book! Let’s color Dora,
but first I need my crayons. – ¡Vamanos!
– We have it right here. So now I’m coloring Dora’s eyes. I love Dora because she always goes on adventures
with her backpack, just like me. Let’s see what else we have in here. Ooh, it’s a Butterbean painting book! But I don’t have any supplies. I know, I can make
a Shimmer and Shine wish. To make this painting,
water’s what I need. Can I have some water at fast speed? Shimmer and Shine,
wish granted divine! It worked. Now we can paint. I’m gonna start by
painting Cricket’s hair. I’m using yellow for Cricket’s hair. Do you know I’m like Butterbean
and my little sister is like Cricket. So we’re basically the fairy team. And the fairy best! I’m just finishing up Cricket. I’m done painting.
Now, I’ll have to clean up. But before I do, I wanna know
what’s in your bag? Hey kids, this is an ad. Wow! Hi, welcome to Nick Jr’s
What’s In My Bag. Do you wanna know what’s in my backpack?
Let’s find out! Boom Zahramay! We have a Shimmer and Shine pencil case. The magic is opening. There are lots of things I keep in here,
especially my Dora pencils. Now I wanna get my Dora notebook
out of my backpack, so I can draw. Wow! Look at this notebook. Let’s draw something in it. So now I’m gonna draw something nice. I’m gonna try and draw Dora. A really big head… I started drawing when
I was in kindergarten. And it’s all thanks to
my nice art teacher. So basically, I dedicate this
whole Dora drawing to him. This is my drawing of Dora. What else do I have in here? Fluffy? Why did you put your
dog toy in here again? My dog likes to do that. Well, it’s fun to play with though. [squeaking] Let’s look for some more. What’s this? It’s Rubble! What’s this? Chase is on the case. Who’s coming through the sky? It’s Skye herself! Whoosh! Do you know I love to race
these guys with my friends. Chase sometimes wins,
because of his super knowledge. But he’s no match for Rubble,
who can dig his way underneath. But then, who comes through the sky? It’s Skye! So Skye usually wins. Whoosh! Oh, what’s this? It’s my lunchbox. Do you wanna see what’s in my lunchbox? Well then, you’ll have to check out
the What’s In My Lunchbox video. Ooh, what’s this? It’s my sweater! It sometimes gets chilly outside and in school, so my mom
always says when you’re brrr cold, wear this. Do you wanna see how it looks on me? Let’s put it on! It has Skye on it. And it has a ‘P’.
What’s the ‘P’ for? Are you wondering what the ‘P’ is for? Is it for ‘possum’? Maybe. Is it for PAW Patrol? Yes, it is!
It’s for PAW Patrol. Do you wanna see
something else in my backpack? What? There’s nothing in here. Looks like my bag is empty. I guess I’ll have to put
all of this stuff back. But before I do, I wanna know
what’s in your backpack? You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day and find more
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