Aviation Meme #3 | Airline Pilot Reacts

Aviation Meme #3 | Airline Pilot Reacts

flight attendant wants to know why
maintenance is on board maintenance wants to know why the Coke
machine is talking okay so I mean that’s kind of funny but the reality is when
maintenance people come on board usually there’s 3 guys that will come
on or sometimes there’s a female so what will end up happening in reality is the
maintenance guy is usually talking to the flight attendant and trying to flirt
with them someone’s jealous there are so many times that have come out to ask
them a question and seen the flight attendant there giving them a drink and
being super nice to them and the maintenance guys are over there trying
to flirt and spit their games so reality the maintenance guy wouldn’t be asking
why the Coke machine is talking they would be actually trying to talk to the
girl and get her number I keep getting memes into my Instagram
at 74 gear so if you keep sending these I’ll keep making these
named three coming up hey 74 Crew welcome back if you don’t know me
my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is all about aviation
today I’m in Los Angeles California but I’m not at a typical tell as you can see
I’m standing in a house that I rented so I can shoot a series that I’ve wanted to
do since I started this channel so I’m out here filming that and you’ll
hopefully start to see the beginning part of that in the next month or so if
you’ve been following me on my Instagram you’ve been seeing some of these stories
of some smaller aircraft don’t worry I’m not leaving the 747 I’m just doing
another series kind of like my Hollywood vs. reality or now my meme series that
you’re watching now before I get into this meme 3 video I want to thank all of
you for sending me memes over these last month or so as well as giving me ideas
for other videos I really appreciate all of you in the 74 crew thank you
for being a part of this thank you for sending me these memes I honestly
wouldn’t have time to go out and find all these so if you keep sending these
to me we’ll keep making these videos let’s get into it
so you’re a pilot what airplane do you fly see that plane over there it’s a
c-130 I fly a C150 all right so here’s a funny part of this if you’re not a
pilot a c-130 obviously is a large cargo transport aircraft
that’s used mostly by the military a C150 is this plane right here it’s a
small plane that we use when we’re learning how to fly it’s one of the
worst things when you get into aviation is when people find out you’re a pilot
they want to know if you’re a commercial pilot they want to know if you want to fly for the airlines and a lot of times you know especially when you’re starting off or
you’re a flight instructor you’re flying something that’s usually pretty small
and people are generally not very impressed by it but so this is actually
true and I’ve seen a lot of guys try to not say this in particular but things
along this line to try to beef up or make their planes sound cooler than it
actually is sure if there was any possible way for me to put you on this
airplane and send you off into the raving tornado trust me I would I really
I honestly feel for gate agents they have a very difficult job dealing with
people the flight crew and the cabin crew when things go really wrong we
honestly go and hang out on the plane because it’s quiet there we can kind of
relax let’s party and wait for the weather whatever to clear and the gate
agents have to deal with a lot of these people oh how cute a flight crew here’s
some trash that’s messed up but the reality is isn’t a lot of times when the
flight attendants come through the aisles with their bags trying to collect
trash and nobody wants to give them anything and then when everybody leaves
the plane that plane is full of trash if you’re a flight attendant you know that
you’ll go through up and down the cabin tons of times with your bag asking for
trash people ignore you and there’s been a lot of times where I’ve gotten off the
plane or back at the regional days a lot of times we would have to go back and
cross the seat belts ourselves and I would see trash all over the place and I
would always a supply the times like did you go through and offer to get the
trash and like you have no idea and they would see trash in the back seats or in
the floors and a lot of times this people wouldn’t give it to them he’s
right behind me isn’t he okay this kind of reminds me of that photo that I put
up on Instagram a few weeks ago where there was a small plane between another
747 a small plane and than us behind him that took a picture of it it was kind of
like this I don’t know at the end of the day if you’re flying the small plane in
a place it adds a lot of heavy aircraft you’re there and we’ve all been there
don’t worry about it just keep doing your flying and eventually if you want
to to a bigger plane you’re gonna get there
if you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down student pilot
all right dumping more my fuel I’ll admit there are some people out there
that probably aren’t smart enough to get through flight school the reality is if
you really pay attention and you make a lot of effort and you listen to your
flight instructors and you listen to people who maybe you look up to as
mentors the reality is flight school isn’t that hard but there are some
people that aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed this picture however the thing
that that pilot is holding right there in his hand is an aircraft that’s
actually a throttle for that aircraft that has it up on them up in the ceiling
their actual fuel dumping doesn’t happen with a lever like that but I get what
you’re trying to do dear people who stand up as soon as the plane lands
where are you all going yes yes this is so true I did some flying in South
America before and I notice that probably more there and some places in
Asia but not every place but you’ll see the plane land or the planes taxiing
people are getting up and they’re getting their bags and they’re in the
middle of the plane he’s not even like you’re the first person getting off the
plane and I’m sitting there looking them going what what are you doing or I’ve
had people standing behind me when we’re trying to deep plane and they’re like
pushing me trying to get forward and I turn around and go where where do you
think you’re going to go and they just look at me like stunned they don’t
they’re just surprised I’m like why are you pushing me I can’t go evaporate
through these people the reality is is wait till you get to the gate and there
is no reason if you’re anywhere from the middle of the plane back you might as
well just sit in your seat you’re not going anywhere for a few minutes so you
might as well sit seated definitely don’t get up while the plane moving that
is not safe we may need to brake quickly when we’re taxing the aircraft and if
you’re standing in the middle aisle you could fall and hurt yourself so it’s for
your safety okay all right good talk coach thanks pilot I only get nine hours
of sleep crew scheduling nine hours I get seven gate agents seven I get full
her aircraft mechanics you guys are getting sleep this was
actually a really good movie this is from we are the Millers I think that was
actually a great movie but the reality is this is kind of true one pilots are
all you’re gonna complain no matter how many hours of sleep we could get I might
say I got only 24 hours of sleep is always gonna find a way to complain
about this and mechanics there’s a lot of times especially early my career I
would see mechanics and they’d work really long days they don’t have near
the regulation that I honestly think that they should for the amount of work
that they do and the importance of what they do they can mess up up really
easily while they’re flying or while they’re working that we won’t notice
until we’re flying now they have a lot of redundancies for people to check it
and things like that especially at the larger airlines but they have no world
safety as far as four hours of service like we might have as a pilot now are
they getting no sleep I don’t know if that’s the case but it’s true mechanics
do work a lot and there are a lot of times they’re really undervalued you
told me you were a pilot simulator there’s somebody of these beams with a
cat it’s so funny I’ve been seeing these a lot of you have been sending me these
different beams but it’s kind of like that other one I was talking about with
the C 150 it’s really a true thing when you’re a new pilot or when you’re a
simulator pilot playing games on your home computer I guess technically you’re
a pilot right but yeah these cat names are great for sure first day as a pilot
control tower can you give me your position me I’m next to the cloud that
looks like a lion control tower can you be more specific
me Simba first of all I don’t know why they keep calling it a control tower
because it’d be called air traffic control but I get what they’re saying
it’s tough when you’re out there and you’re on the radio and you’re new and
you’re trying to figure out how to fly the plane talking the radio maintain
your altitude it’s a lot going on I would look back on and I think how did
how did it all go so well without having any problems the truth is is that it is
a lot going on you are going to be overwhelmed and you’re gonna sound
stupid on the radio that’s why I made that video about talking talking better
on the radio it’s important that you practice those things so that way when
you are stressed and overloaded your instincts take over and you’re not
saying things like I’m next to the clap that looks like Simba I’m sorry captain
but we have a bit of a problem with one of the passengers oh boy well how many
Twitter followers does he have all right well okay there’s some truth in this
actually obviously there is a Scituate United that happened in a few other
cases where people have done something they weren’t supposed to do and have
tweeted about it or whatever I have had some people tweet about flight
attendants that were on aircraft that I was on where they were really honestly
just looking for to get a reaction and they were tweeting some pretty nasty
things about some of the flight attendants the reality is is this is the
current world that we live in so if you’re a flight crew member or you’re a
cabin crew member this is obviously part of the world that we live in as there
are always people looking to make or say something to get something for free or
to get a reaction unfortunately this is what it is now anybody want to say
anything I’m a pilot I’ve talked about this a lot of times pilots always have
to tell people that were a pilot I still find myself doing this all the time I
don’t know why but I I will still do it in most pilots I hear it will say it
because it’s just something we’re really proud of and people are often intrigued
about what we do sometimes early in a conversation I will say I’m a pilot and
then I think of myself while I’m still talking why are you saying that I don’t
know why we do that but it’s just something that we do how you feel on
your first solo before during and after this is really true I talked about that
I think in that learning how to fly video I talked about my solo and just
how crazy it was with the wind and things like things like that when you go
to fly a plane for the first time as you do everything in aviation as soon as you
get okay at something you go to the next thing so you never really become a
really good at anything because you’re just trying to get to that next step as
you go through your flight training and it will be like that for your first
couple thousand hours until you start getting really good and kind of honing
all of your skills the reality is is that you’re always going to be
uncomfortable and it’s okay because like I always talked about you have to push
outside of your comfort zone it’s going to be stressful and there’s gonna be
points but you just got to go back to your knowledge and use all the things
that you’ve learned as you go through about crew resource management and
working as a team and everything’s gonna be just fine pilot school bird oh and
chops them up oh man that’s cold-hearted he wants to fly and he can’t so he gets
some foot inflating chops all the birds up if you want to see something
else that’s cold-hearted you can see all the mean comments that people have left
me on YouTube I’ll put a link to it right here I look forward to hearing
from you until then keep the blue side up

27 thoughts on “Aviation Meme #3 | Airline Pilot Reacts

  1. I'm a pilot ๐Ÿ™‚. As for never getting good at anything try cross wind landings… I had to learn how to stick those very early on, now it is wierd if there isnt a Xwind.

  2. I always find it amusing how so many passengers hop up as soon as the aircraft has landed and start grabbing their bags from the overhead compartments. Then they cram into the aisle before the door has even been opened! I actually enjoy relaxing in my seat watching this cattle call. Why stand up holding your bags and being squished between other hot, sweaty people? After they finally get off the plane, I causally walk down the empty aisle and say goodbye to the cabin crew. Believe it or not, most times I arrive at the baggage claim area to see all the speedsters waiting for the carousel to start. A lot of good it did them racing to get off the plane! Years ago, when I flew frequently in Asia, the FA's on SQ closed the curtains between the cabins and stood by them making an announcement that First Class would disembark first. When they were all off the aircraft then Business Class would disembark. Lastly, the curtains would be opened and the Economy Class passengers would be allowed to leave. There often was grumbling from the passengers standing in the aisle! I wanted to tell them,"If you must get off first, buy a First Class ticket!" People can be so funny and stupid sometimes! I have never seen this procedure on a US flagged carrier. I wonder if it work or most likely cause a riot? LOL!

  3. I always stand up the second the belt sign is turned off, not because i think i get off quicker but because im often sick of sitting after a long flight

  4. Hello Kelsey howโ€™s everything?
    I have a question, Iโ€™m going to start flight School next March, but itโ€™s a Small airport with many instructors and looks like itโ€™s busy on Spring and summer; but to be Pilot in companies like AA, Delta, United, Southwest… it is necessary to have a College Degree?
    Thanks you, I like your channel, I hope It grow every more because itโ€™s really rich in information.
    Keep blue side up

  5. Love the Simulator Pilot one. Reminded me of Snakes on a Plane and realized that's exactly how most flight simmers react when people call it a "video game" (including myself) ๐Ÿ˜‚ Speaking of, you should do a Hollywood vs Reality for that movie.

  6. 5:20 the only time when you race off the jet, is when you land in the US and want to get past immigration before the crowd reaches checkpoint. Waited 2 hours….

  7. I want all airplanes modified so the overhead bins remain locked until the passengers who did not put anything in the overhead bins get off the plane.

  8. (9:36) "I'm a pilot." Yes, we guessed that when you had a hard time getting your ego through the cemetery gates.

  9. "We may need to brake quickly when taxiing the aircraft…" Kelsey, YES…BRAKE DELIBERATELY HARD.. PLEASE.. and get the cabin crew to chant "Told you so!" ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually no,. someone would probably succeed in suing the airline out of business and you out of a job… ๐Ÿ™ :(. No one believes in "character-building" these days…

  10. I recently flew to and from New York. The flight to New York was pretty nice even though I donโ€™t particularly like flying because Iโ€™m afraid of falling 30 thousand feet inside the plane . But the flight back from LaGuardia to Tampa reminded me why Iโ€™m afraid that pilot had that damn all over the place and the whole flight I was thinking man I knew I should have drove ! Yeah yeah I know flying is so much safer than driving but I feel a whole lot better knowing Iโ€™m at the wheel

  11. 74 Gear. I love your videos. I just subbed while watching this one.
    I love aviation and have studied it for years. Even book studying and instruction from a pilot for possible future flight school. Then I had a stemi heart attack at 44. On my third cardiac arrest I was dead for over 6 minutes. I woke up the next month with the bottom 10% of my heart dead. Knowing I couldn't pass Meds 1,2, or 3 I now sim fly very seriously. I have almost 200 hours flying a 738 from cold and dark, FMC programming, and IFR flight planning etc.

    Watching you have fun with flying, and good hearted nature keeps me interested. Thanks for your videos. Keep them coming.

  12. The people who stand up as soon as the plane lands are the same people who try to push their way onto the subway car without letting the people get off the car first.

  13. Love your videos mate , originally from England , living in Logan Utah . Iโ€™m a private pilot and absolutely love flying . I own a few franchises and Iโ€™ve recently been thinking about flying as a career , Iโ€™m 38 though ๐Ÿ™ .

  14. How I'd love to be flown by you….

    Probably our realities will never meet I'm just a boy in the rural outskirts of Africa.

    I watch your videos all the time.

  15. Hey Kelsey! love the channel and a huge fan of the 747…i have flown on a few over the years but never in the upper deck or any of the nicer seats…lol…anywho…as i am approaching my 40th birthday and flying is something i have always wanted to learn to do…is there an age limit for new pilots? or FAA regulations regarding age and new pilots? thanks for any answers i get from either you or the other commenters here…

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