Baarden Beard Care \ REVIEW

Baarden Beard Care  REVIEW

alright guys today we’re gonna be taking
a look at a review of Barden what’s up my name is Doug the bearded outdoorsman
and welcome to another video if you’re new here and you enjoy beard product
reviews and gear reviews you’ve come to the right place today we’re gonna be
taking a look at a product all the way from Canada and that is Barden Adam over
there has the presentation on luck and that’s if you miss my unboxing video and
first impression I’ll put a card up top you can get over and check that video
out I also put it in the I also put it in the description below and you can
check it out but we’re gonna talk about Barden now I purchased a couple
different things I purchased a combo and he’s got combos of oil balm butter and
wash so you can pick up all four products in a combo package I picked up
that and I also picked up and just an oil by itself has free shipping once you
hit a certain amount of money alright so let’s talk about these products so we’re
gonna talk about the oil that I bought individually first and that is the
coffee and maple praline so first let’s talk about these labels oil comes in a
one ounce cobalt blue bottle with a dropper top and these labels are just
clean and just look really good like that so this one is the conflict coffee
and maple praline ingredients on the oils I believe they’re all the same is
jojoba oil sweet almond oil grapeseed oil hemp seed oil castor oil and
fragrance and each one of his labels has a little saying a little kind of
paragraph talking about the scent maybe a sentence maybe more a man sat down in
a cozy Canadian diner mug in hand and breakfast laid out before him and he
thought this smelled good this is coffee and maple maple praline now if
you didn’t see my unboxing video just wait for this give it a little shake alright so first off it is a darker oil
and to me this is on the on the medium side it’s not not super light and it’s
not heavy oil but it doesn’t have that castor oil in there and to me it’s more
of a kind of a medium it is coffee and sweets praline and it smells so good I
can tell you the days that I wore this the week that I wore this everybody was
like what do you have in your beard what are you having your beard my wife
actually thought I’d cook breakfast so this is absolutely amazing scent lasted
all day and I’m talking oil only I don’t have any other products in this scent I
don’t have a bomb of butter this was oil only scent lasted all day it hydrated my
beard amazing I know I did a video a while back about using a detangling
brush and not really using a comb anymore but I still carry a comb in my
pocket everywhere I go I still carry a comb in my pocket and usually when I’m
testing new products just to see how they do on my beard after lunch I’ll
usually take and and run my comb through my beard and some products I get just
the average tangle snag that kind of thing when I was using Bardon products
whether it was just a oil or my combo : went through like hot butter it was easy
it was super soft condition to my beard really really well so awesome product
right there and if you like the coffee and the kind of the sweeter scent this
is it’s so good I can’t even describe it other than amazing so that’s this one
all right so the the combo that I bought was in tobacco bourbon and leather now
the little saying on this cent is a man walked into a humidor in
Cuba picking out the perfect cigar while sipping an old-fashioned and he thought
this smelled good now when I did my unboxing and I was talking to Adam about
this I did my own box and I smell out a bottle
I smell leather not anything special just a smell leather and it smells like
other products that I’ve smelled and it’s not quite of a dark oil it’s still
yellow and again it’s another medium weight oil let’s talk about the
ingredients real quick jojoba sweet almond grapeseed oil hemp seed oil
castor and fragrance at the same same oils but then the first day that I use
this will just take a couple drops and warm this up all of that hits you at
once this is a very very complex in I’ve said it before in many videos you don’t
get a true sense of what something smells like in the bottle
you’ve got to warm it up to really know what that scent is gonna smell like in
your beard now when you warm this up you get all
three you get the leather you get the tobacco you get the bourbon and it’s a
very complex scent in my opinion if you like those scents it’s perfect
now you just saw me I put three drops in my hand my hands are not shiny my hands
are not greasy my hands you I couldn’t tell I just put anything in my hand
that’s how quick it absorbs it absorbed in my beard just as fast this stuff is
amazing so absolutely loved the mixture of carrier oils and everything that Adam
has going on over at Barton it’s really good products the oils are absolutely
really amazing so really really like that all right so next let’s talk about
the beard balm so it comes in a glass screw top container and I really like
this look it looks really good ingredients on the balm and again the
bomb got bomb butter and a wash all in the tobacco bourbon and leather so the
ingredients on the balm beeswax shea butter cocoa butter jojoba seed oil
sweet almond oil and fragrance so just based on beeswax being number one you
know there’s gonna be a little bit of a hold to it so you can see it’s it’s a
really white which I mean you can see it through the through there there’s a
really white balm and it’s it’s on the medium medium side on the whole I really
like this the whole did really well for probably half a day or a little over
half a day did really good unlocking everything in and lock in those Flyway
Inns fly aways and it’s not a firm hold balm so you’re not going to get that
all-day hold but it does does do really good to lock it down now let’s talk
about the butter so the butter ingredients shea butter cocoa butter
jojoba seed oil sweet almond oil beeswax and fragrancing beeswax comes in last
and again the same color but the consistency of this is smooth and creamy
it’s not a whipped butter but it is really smooth and just emulsifies almost
immediately really good now or this a couple times at night I wore this during
the day with the oil and it did really well with my beard it really hydrated my
beard and helped it now the butter does give a little bit of control when you
wear it with the oil I’ve just run the butter all in my beard like I would at
night and it does give me a little bit of control on there and it smells really
good too so I’ll tell you that all three of these
products the oil the bomb and the butter scent was part right across the board I
mean it was not one smelt stronger than the other they all smelled really good
and complemented each other along the way so again I just put a fingernail
portion of butter in my hand and my hands just feel right now they just feel
really really hydrated all right so last let’s talk about the beard wash so
ingredients on this water a hover oil guar gum something I can’t read and
fragrance so the only problem I had with this wash was it was really thin I shook
it and shook it and shook it and shook it and it was still thin so I reached
out to Adam and I was like is there a reason that it’s thin or or what what’s
what’s going on with it and he let me know that he tried to go thicker with it
but it just did not lather very well and it didn’t make his beard as soft as the
thinner wash so it’s like all right when I used it repeatedly for a week it did
make my beard softer in conjunction with these products my beard was extremely
extremely soft so easy to get a comb through it it was just amazing how soft
it was now this stuff is thin but it lathers like crazy it’s not a super
stripping wash but it does wash really good you can tell your beard is clean
but it doesn’t strip it down like a pond tar soap would and it did really well in
cleaning my beard and really getting everything hydrated helping get
everything really clean so I can get those products in and keep everything
really good and hydrated so definitely if you have not checked out Barden now’s
your chance get over check out Barden and let him
know that the bearded outdoorsman sent you he does have free shipping once you
hit a certain amount now his website is in
Canadian dollars but you there is a spot where you can change it to u.s. dollars
and you can see prices so let’s talk about prices so the combo that I picked
up which was the oil vom butter and wash is fifty two dollars and seventy one
cent u.s. dollars the oil by itself is $16.50 in u.s. dollars that’s right
there at market average and I didn’t do the math to see how much money you save
by doing the combo versus buying everything individually but I’d be
willing to bet that you’d save some money the other thing is if you live in
the US and you purchase from him shipping is gonna be crazy but if you
get to a certain amount of money he does offer free shipping so you cannot beat
that I will drop link to bharden in the description you get over checkout Bardon
and you make a purchase let him know that the bearded outdoorsman cinchy
alright guys well that’s all we got to talk about today it went a little long
but we did talk about a lot of products so make sure to hit that thumbs up
button make sure to hit that subscribe button and until next time stay bearded
get outdoors and god bless

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