hi guys it is 3:27 a.m. I don’t know if
you can hear me over the cars heat but it’s really early and I’m heading to the
airport now I’m an early bird so even though my flight doesn’t take off till 6
I always try to be 2 hours early but yeah I wanted to vlog myself at the
airport but I almost missed my flight I was like running with my baby on my
chest and blogging dude and my backpack and I was running and
tried to make my flight so I had like no time for vlogging but basically I am
here at the hotel I’m here with Natalie she doesn’t want to show her face
because she thinks she looks ugly but she’s beautiful and we’re about to go to
Cameron’s ( cam and fam ) house just to hang out and chill but we just got done eating at
Cheddar’s Cheddar’s is literally my favorite restaurant and it’s like 10
feet away from our hotel I also have a problem like I can’t go to Cheddar’s and
not get a cocktail just because they make the best drinks so I may be a
little tipsy during this whole trip which I mean it’s fine it’s you know
it’s kind of like a vacation right yeah we’re just chillin Leo’s asleep and
yeah I’ll see you in a few guys okay I look really bad cuz it’s the next day
and I’m not wearing any makeup and I just like wash my hair but Leo is so
close to crawling like the past couple weeks he’s been like kind of curling and
like doing like the army crawl but he’s so close so literally trying to touch
the foam right now Leo you’re gonna fall off please stop you’re gonna follow
Oh leo at least the phones unplug you say hello
I’m like room service hey guys let’s see if we can get Leos first time crawling
on camera I gonna crop breasts bug yes crawl okay ready he got things he loves my phone case so
we’re gonna try like it he’s looking at the camera please put your blogger on
the Mickey look real how you gonna get it you want the camera
go maybe get the camera yeah get the camera give me her you’re
just staring at it get leo oh my god okay only the smallest crawl
but I told leo good job Bobby you’re such a good boy
look at you crawling look first time crawling on camera looks like a little
salamander get the camera oh you got it oh I’m sorry I do just carry you you
love aunt Natalie he’s like but this morning was interesting we woke up
around 8:00 and then we went and got breakfast at our hotel went to Target
and got some clothes I realized all the clothes I packed are too small for me so
I had to get a few shirts and then Natalie had to get something for the
party and then we stopped out of bakery because I packed so I have a present for
Cameron and you’ll see it you know throughout this blog but one of the
presents was lemon bars and brownies from this bakery and you know she said
she was craving lemon bars or whatever and she told me that so I got her some
and I had it all packed and ready and I didn’t think about like how it would do
like traveling here and I opened it up and it was all ruined so I went to a
bakery that is supposed to be really good here in Texas and got her some like
really nice macaroons apparently it takes like days to make and they’re
really good so I hope she likes them we’ll see but we’re on our way there
right now I’m here with Natalie Natalie are you excited yes but and Natalie’s
dad is driving and all last night me and Natalie’s dad kind of had a like college
I said it I could come to Jesus moment there you
go so like as you guys know in my last video if you saw I talked about like my
postpartum in there I was kind of like in the hospital for a little bit for
like depression and anxiety and I really sad is like a big Jesus man
Jesus band and I’m you know I believe in God and I’m a Christian and stuff the
past few years it’s been like my relationship with God has been kind of
confusing and even though like I prayed to him and I think him and stuff it’s
you know it’s a hard thing and something that you know takes time and practice
and stuff and Natalie’s dad kind of talked to me and we went to a two up to
the room and we prayed and I feel like I’m starting my relationship with God
stronger than it was before and I’m really excited to see where it goes but
I’m really thankful that Natalie and her family are able to drive me and Leo
around and overall it has been really fun and I’m excited to see what the rest
of this trip brings but we’ll see you guys soon at the party

8 thoughts on “BABY CRAWLS FOR THE FIRST TIME CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! + Travel Vlog | Sierra Watts

  1. You are really beautiful. Keep fighting. I know postpartum depression is hard. You are doing amazing. Thank you for taking time to do videos.

  2. Have fun! I’m glad your relationship with God is strengthening. It certainly is a difficult thing that I too struggle with, but I’m glad to see a YouTubed documenting their journey with God. I love it

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