– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I am
going to be sharing with you our baby must-haves from
12 months to 18 months old. So, this is everything that
Jackson has been loving and using the most since he became one. And I have made lots of
videos like this in the past. If you have a different aged baby, definitely go and check out those videos, I will link them down below. I made a newborn one, three to six months, and six to 12 months, so this is the next one in the
like, series that I am doing. So, I really hope you like this. Give it a big thumbs up if
you like these kind of videos and I will know to make more. And yeah, if you’re not
subscribed to my channel, please subscribe. It’s free and I would love
to have you as a viewer. So yes, without further ado, I am going to start out with my essentials and then I am going to do toys, and then I am going to do snacks, as well. Let’s start out with the basics. And these are the nappies or
diapers I have been loving this time around. These are pull-ups. These happen to be Pampers,
but these are just so great. If you have a very wriggly
baby that wants to walk away or crawl away while you’re
trying to change them, you can slip these on
really easily like pants. But when they dirty their nappy, you can easily rip the sides
so you can take them off if they’re messy, et cetera. Also, there is a little
sticky bit on the back so when you have a full nappy, you can roll them up and like, you can put the sticky bit across it, and I actually found them
really handy this time. Holds everything in, et cetera. So, I’m loving those and then
in terms of barrier cream, my favorite kind this
time has been this one. It is the Bepanthen. Jackson’s skin can be
a little bit sensitive and I have found that this barrier cream and also the Aveeno
barrier cream I really like have been the best ones for him. We have also been loving
baby sleeping bags and every night I put Jackson to bed, I will put him in a
little baby sleeping bag and he will go to bed in that and no matter how much he
rolls around during the night, he will still have a cover on him because he is wearing the sleeping bag and because this is now
part of his routine, even when he sees the sleeping bag or we just slip it on him, he knows it’s bed time and
he goes to bed really well. Next up, I wanted to show you the baby stair gates that we chose. And we do have a baby proofing
video coming out very soon and these will feature in that, but I wanted to show you them here as well because it’s definitely
an essential at this age. Jackson has a very keen
interest in the stairs, and it could be quite dangerous if we didn’t have stair gates and the ones that we
have are seven years old. I got them when I had my first baby, and they have really been hard wearing. They’re from a brand called Numi and I really like the way they look. They were like brown and silver
and they look quite sleek. But what I really liked
about them is there is no bar that goes along the floor
so there isn’t a risk of me or one of my kids
tripping over that bar, so I really liked that. But have a look online, you
can definitely get cheaper stair gates and we even have
one on Jackson’s room as well, so when I’m getting ready, if I want him to just play with his toys and his ball pit in his room, I can close the stair gate there as well and that’s actually been really handy. I’m sure you have a high
chair by now as well, but I wanted to give a
little shout out to my Ikea highchair. It is 15 pounds and we love it. We’re still using it,
it’s so easy to clean. I am on the lookout of
getting a booster seat so Jackson can sit actually at
the table with his brothers. So, if anyone knows of a
really good booster seat, let me know in the comments below. But yes, in terms of high chair, we still love our Ikea one. Next up, I wanted to mention
our nappy bin or diaper bin. We have loved having this throughout and now that Jackson has been
weaned onto three meals a day, as you can imagine, sometimes his nappies
do not smell very good, and I always really appreciate that I have somewhere I can put them where they won’t smell at all. Another product I really
wanted to show you is our non-slip bath mat. I don’t know about your baby, but now that Jackson is 16 months old, he wants to stand up in the bath and even walk around. And he was slipping over, so
this bath mat has been great to stop him from falling over. I also wanted to mention
this Munchkin bath jug. I really like having it and using it for all the
boys to wash their hair. And often when I’m not using it, I will put it onto the tap and
because it’s nice and soft, they won’t hurt their backs on the tap, so I have just found it really handy. And while we’re talking about the bath, I also wanted to show you
a leave-in conditioner or de-tangling spray we have been loving. Jackson has quite long and curly hair and he is the first baby
that I’ve had like it, so I kind of had to
learn how to manage it, so I’ve loved being able
to spray that into his hair and use my tangle teaser to comb his hair out when it’s all wet. If you have any recommendations
on products I could use to like, enhance his curls
or make his curls like, hold a bit longer, then let me know because sometimes when I
brush his hair through, it is just like this
huge bouffant of hair. This little thing is a really
cool portable high chair that you can keep in your handbag. I showed it in what’s in
my changing bag video, and lot’s of you really liked it. I found it on Jojo Maman Bebe and it’s basically this cloth highchair that can go onto any chair and you can sit your baby
in it and feed them that way if there are no highchairs around or like, we got caught at in an airport and used it there. I’ve probably only used
it like, three times, but whenever I do use it, I’m like, this is so cool,
I’m so glad I have this. My next item may not be relevant to you if you live in a warm climate, but here in the UK, it has been quite cold and Jackson has been
living in this all-in-one snow suit. We really loved it, from
the Gap and it was actually Caleb’s before his, so
it’s quite good quality. I’ll try and link a similar one down below but we’ve really loved having
it because it’s nice and warm and fleecy on the inside but
also, you have the option of having the feet that come with it or just putting your child in shoes and I really like that because
Jackson’s a very good walker and lot’s of these snow suits
come with the built in shoes but, sometimes you want them
to actually wear proper shoes and it also came with
the extra little like, mittens as well that just like, clip on. So yeah, we’ve really liked having that and I’ve had lot’s of
comments on it as well. When it comes to Jackson’s teeth, we have been using the
Aquafresh Little Teeth on him with a tiny baby toothbrush. He really enjoys brushing his teeth and we chose to get
Aquafresh because our dentist said he thinks it’s the best
one because it has the most fluoride in it, so I thought it was worth
letting you guys know that as well. And whenever Jackson is ill
or teething or has a fever, we have been using Calpol on him. This is basically like Tylenol
in the states or Canada if you’re watching from there. It’s baby Paracetamol. You can get it sugar
free, color free as well. But we really find it
this is effective with him and I always give it with the
syringe that it comes with because he takes it far
better with this syringe, and I really like that they
do these little handy satches for your handbag as well so
you can keep these in your handbag if you’re ever out and about and your baby’s unwell or when
they have their injections as well. These are great to have with you. Someone commented on one of my videos that they actually put
this into the syringe and it wasn’t quite the
five mL it should have been, so maybe look at out for that, but I just really think they’re handy because you can rip off the corner and even just squeeze into their mouth like this so I really
like using these as well. Now onto Jackson’s
favorite toys at this age. He is really loving books. He will sit in the car and
look through these little books for ages. He loves Peppa Pig books and he also likes these
“That’s Not My…” books. They’re basically texture books. I’m sure he’d love any texture books. But, we’ve had these for all our boys. So, they just have
different types of like, fuzzy feeling or rough
feelings or bumpy feelings throughout it and he really
seems to enjoy touching the textures and looking at the bright colors. So, he’s really enjoying his books. He also likes ones with sounds as well. He is also loving his car garage and all three of my children
have loved this car garage. It is from Little People, it
is Fisher Price, I believe and it must be indestructible because all of my boys
have like, hung off of it or stood on it, and I also
have noticed that lots of nurseries have this same garage, so it’s really hard wearing and we have just bought so
many little cars over time and he loves just standing there and putting them down the chute. He has also got really
into ride along toys and for Christmas we got
him this little ride along fire engine from My First Year, so that was really cute because
we personalized it as well, and he loves just pushing it
around or sitting on it while he’s in the kitchen. We’ve got that and also this ride along mouse that he really enjoys playing with. He also loves Playmags. This is definitely a toy
that is for older boys because this was Fraser and Caleb’s toy. They’re basically these little
tiles that magnet together so you can build things, but he really likes when I build towers and then he knocks them down and he also sits there for ages just pulling the magnets apart and putting them back together again. He also likes blocks and he can kind of build these
little towers now himself, but again, he loves when
I build like a block tower and then he just like, knocks it all down, he really enjoys that. And I like the blocks as well
because they have numbers and letters on them. I will say, oh this one’s got an A on it, this one’s got one or
two or whatever it is and I think that over time, he
will definitely pick that up. He likes stacking things in general and he really enjoys this
Melissa and Doug stacking toy. We got him this for Christmas and we basically just take all of the little things off of it and just sit there and
put them all back on. He hasn’t quite got
them in the right like, color coded order or anything
like that but he really enjoys putting them back onto the
spokes that are on the game. He also loves balls and playing catch. He particularly likes
this blue textured ball and he also loves cooking toys. We have lot’s of fun
food and tea sets as well and he will play with his
little tea cups for ages and recently, he has started to love, like, this little baby buggy and doll. We don’t actually have one at home, but whenever we go to a
playgroup that has a little baby buggy, he will put
the doll in and then like, run around with it for ages, so I need to get him one. His favorite TV show is Peppa Pig and his favorite movies are
Trolls and Sing as well. In terms of baby beakers, these three are probably his favorite. We have the good old Tommee
Tippee beaker which I have used for so many years on all of my children. I just think it’s so simple and convenient and it never leaks in my bag, so I really rate these beakers. But for nighttime, he has his milk, a little bit warmed up, in this. I am still breastfeeding a tiny bit, but the majority of his
milk now comes out of this Newbie beaker and I love it, and I’ve actually made a
video about transferring from breast straight to a beaker
if you want to see it, so I’ll link it down below. But yeah, it’s just really soft, the top. And the next beaker that I
wanted to show you is this one. It’s really cool because
it has weighted straw. So, even if he goes like
this, like the weight and the straw sort of
follows along with the way that he is putting the breaker. So, I think that’s
actually really convenient because sometimes they don’t
know whether to use the straw, or go like this. So, yeah, we quite like that as well. And in terms of snacks,
he loves breadsticks, he loves hummus, he loves all kinds of fruit. He loves baby crisps, he loves little baby
biscuits like these ones. These ones are Ella’s Kitchen. He still loves a little fruit pouch. This is Ella’s Kitchen as well and I have these more
as a snack than a meal because he will now eat a sandwich and an actual meal like meatballs, spaghetti, stuff like that. But these are great to have in your bag or when you’re out and about and he will literally just squeeze the whole thing into his mouth
in like two seconds flat. We also buy yogurt-y ones like this, and these are like little fruit flakes. These are Bear Claws and yeah, we love these because they are
basically like sweets to him. It’s just dried fruit but,
they taste so good to him. So yeah, he really likes these as well. And the last thing I wanted
to show you is some clothing and I rarely show clothing in my favorites because Jackson is the
youngest of three boys and he never gets anything new, but I am really loving the
Baby K clothing at Mothercare. It’s my Myleene Klass’s range and it’s really funky. I got him this little
t-shirt that says play which I thought was a little
bit like Youtube, and pause. And, they just do some really
funky clothes that don’t look that baby-ish and they’re
just quite unique and cool. I got this one always awesome and then I got a white
one that said never bored and then these little cool,
like striped trousers. I know they’re like a
little bit out there, but yeah, I really like
her range of clothing, so I thought that it was worth sharing that with you as well. But yes, that is it for this video. I really hoped you liked our
favorites and essentials. Let me know in the comments
below what your favorites and essentials are from
12 to 18 months old because I think that’s
always really useful for everyone else to read in the comments and yes, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one. Bye guys!


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  2. We have the same stair gates from 7 years ago too! They were pricey but defo worth the investment πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ x

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