– Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and today I’m going to do a
back to school supplies haul! So, this is different
from all my other previous back to school supplies videos. I’ve been doing this for,
like, three or four years. But this time we’re switching it up, because I am actually going to college for my very first time, and so a lot of the things in this video are gonna be different from your ordinary back to school videos, so I hope that’s pretty exciting. It’s that time of the year again. – Back to school. (fake audience cheering) – So the next thing we’re
gonna be showing you is our composition notebooks. And today we’re doing our
back to school clothing haul. – Oh, yeah! – The next shirt that I got
was this yellow mustard one. It says “Moon dreamer” on it. Hey, guys, it’s Audrey, and today I’m gonna be doing a back to school clothing haul. The second store I went to is rue21. Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and today’s video is going to be my back to school supplies haul. So the first thing that she got me was this really cute Studio
C planner for 2015 to 2016, which is the upcoming year. Today we’re doing a back to school video. – Sad face. – So, the backpacks that
we got are from Madpax. Back to school haul. Then I got some colored
markers and colored pencils, and I don’t really know
why I got these exactly, ’cause I have a lot at home
already, but who cares. Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and today’s video is going to be my back to school
clothing haul plus try on. Next, I got these really light blue jeans, and they’re super comfy and stretchy, so I’m so excited to start wearing these. I’m pumped to show you
what I’ve gotten so far, so, let’s get started. Okay, we made it to our first stop, which is Smith and Edwards. And I’ve never been here, but apparently it’s
just, like, I don’t know. There’s a bunch of random things here, and they have a whole piggy section, so I’m super excited, because
that is my animal. (laughs) So, let’s go inside. We found the piggy section. They have a bunch of piggy supplies. So we got little scrubby brushes. We’ve got can openers. I don’t know how to use a can opener, so, it’s gonna be great. I’m gonna get the little piggy chip bags, because in college you
gotta eat chips, so. But, like, everything comes in buckets. This store is huge. Guess where we’re at? Target! (laughs) Our favorite place. I love Target so much, and we never get to go here, but then when I go to college, there’s a Target nearby, so, that’s one point for going
to a different college, but yeah, I’m so excited. Target has everything. It’s gonna be a blast. Ellie has never been to Target. What the heck? You’ve been there once. – [Ellie] Yeah. – Go to Target. – I was here last time for, like, 30 seconds to buy marshmallows. – (laughs) Okay, yeah. Well, we’re gonna do a lot of
back to school shopping here. Alright, you guys, so we’ve
been shopping for a while, and we got a lot of stuff. So there’s four of us, and we filled the cart completely. But I’m so excited, because
everything we got is so cute. Like, look at this lamp. Look at the notebooks. Look at this really boring cover. (laughs) – [Ellie] That one’s Audrey’s. – [Audrey] Yeah, this one’s mine. – It’s like Audrey, me, and
Audrey’s the boring stuff. – [Audrey] I know, I get,
like, the boring stuff. – Boring. – Okay, but it’s essentials. But, yeah, I’m so excited. I think we got some good things. I wanna buy everything in Target, but that’s not gonna happen. Alright, so, we are at Bed Bath & Beyond. We finished our lunch, and we are stopping to take a
break on these massage chairs. Pretty cool. (laughs) There’s four of them,
perfect, for all of us. It feels nice, actually. But, yeah, I’m just, like,
carrying this around. And then Ellie’s got, like, a giant bag she’s been dragging on the floor. And then Libby’s got her
cute little bag, so, yeah. – Try the leg massage right here. (laughs) – [Audrey] Oh, yes. Yes. It is, I’m too short. – [Libby] Unless it’s not even gonna work. Dang it. – Oh, it doesn’t work. (gasps) Oh, it does work. (all laughing) It was great. This is what you do when you’re shopping. Alright, so, if you’re a college student, you have to get a bunch
of stuff for school, because you basically have to
take everything in your room and move it, like you’re moving homes, to a whole new area. And you have to get kitchen supplies, and there’s just so much that I had not thought about before, so I think we should start
off with my room decor, because that’s gonna be the cutest part, and then we’ll move on to the kitchen and the rest of my stuff. So, the very first thing is actually something I’m
gonna take with me from home. I’m taking a lot of stuff from my house, but I thought this was cute, ’cause it kinda tied in my theme. So my room’s gonna be pink,
blue, gray, and white, and this piggy is perfect
because it’s so cute, it’s pink, it’s a Minecraft pig for all you Minecraft video game lovers, and I actually got this from a fan, and I just think it’s the
most adorable thing ever. I love hugging it, so thank you so much if you sent this to me. Alright, the next thing
I got is so colorful, and it’s just like these
little tassel pom-poms. They’re so fun, and I’m gonna hang this in my dorm room on the wall. I haven’t really know
what it’s gonna look like, so far, but I thought it’d be cute, because it’s just a bunch of fun colors. Some are, like, shiny, too, and, yeah, I love all the colors. And I actually did not plan
on getting this for my room. It’s actually for a video, but I was like, “Hey, this also works as room decor, “so I’m bringin’ this, too.” Okay, the next couple of
things are for my bed, and I want my bed to be real comfy, so there’s a lot of different parts. I got this mattress pad that
goes over your mattress, just so it keeps out,
like, the dirt and stuff, and you don’t have to be, like, touching the mattress, and… Because I’m not buying a new mattress. This mattress has been in that dorm for I don’t know how long, so I got this. And my bed’s a twin, and
I’m not used to a twin. I’ve got a queen right now, and I’m a roller in my sleep, so I’m pretty scared to go onto a twin, because I may end up on the floor. And that’s happened once
before, I’m not kidding, I woke up smack on the floor. It was terrifying. I also got this down blend comforter because I got a duvet cover, I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a very fancy word I don’t understand. But this goes inside, like,
your very top blanket, and it makes it fluffy. Alright, so for you college students or anyone that’s thinking
about going to college in the future, this video’s probably
gonna be helpful for you, because there’s a lot of stuff in here that will help prepare you for college that I didn’t think about before, so. This next thing is a fluffy pillow. I’m gonna open it up. I actually haven’t opened
up any of my stuff yet. So I’m so excited to
be doing it on camera. And I got a lot of my bedding from the site Pottery Barn. I think Pottery Barn is so cute. And oh, my goodness, I’m so excited. This is a fluffy pillow! So this is what it looks like. It’s just a little foof ball. And it’s faux Mongolian fur. So I just love fur so much. It’s so soft. Oh, my goodness, this matches
my blanket that I have. But I don’t know, guys, it’s so soft. I actually thought the whole
thing was a fluffy ball, but apparently the back is just flat, so. We’re gonna hide that
when I put it on my bed. The next thing I also got is a pillow, and this one is bohemian fringe and pink. And I got this because, oh, my gosh, number one, so super soft, and number two, the
fringes are just adorable. I love playing with different textures, and so the fringe on this one and the fur on this is just
gonna be so fun together. So, I got this. Alright, guys, so you know how earlier I was talking about the thing
that went in my comforter, well, my comforter duvet thingy, whatever, is actually white this year. And as I was picking this out, I was like, I really love
the white one on the website, but then once I started thinking about it, I kind of got a little nervous, because the walls of my room are white, so I’m definitely gonna
have to add a pop of color, ’cause I don’t want my
whole room to be white. Yeah, this is what it looks like. You can’t really see it. There’s bows on here. I’ll put a picture on
the screen of an example from the website. There’s, like, little
bows and ruffles on here, so that’s pretty cute. Alright, up next I got this
organic, paisley sheet set, and this is what’s gonna be my sheets underneath my blanket, and
I just think it’s so cute. It’s paisley pattern, and it’s, like, kind of like a faded blue. I love this so much. My blankets actually,
from underneath this bed, I’ll show you real quick. My blankets right now
are patterned like this, so I kind of wanted, like, a
similar pattern, but different. And so I want with this. And here are the matching pillow cases. Up next is a throw blanket. This one is fur. I am so excited. I’m so obsessed with fur right now, so I can’t wait to feel how this feels, because, I mean, it’s fur. (gasps) It’s so fluffy! Oh, my goodness. Yeah, this is gonna be so awesome and so warm in the winter. And it matches my gray pillow perfectly. So, this is gonna be fun. It’s a little throw blanket
I can just put on my bed. Okay, you guys, so up next
is actually my nightstand. It won’t fit in the frame,
so that’s why it’s tilted, but my room doesn’t
come with a nightstand, so I got this bad boy. And I’m gonna, I think
I’m gonna have to repaint the wood on it, because my room is white, and my desk and bed frames are black, so I may have to paint
the wood black or white, but I thought it was super cool because it comes with a bunch of drawers, which is great for storage. And I also like the design. Up next in this giant box is my hamper for my laundry. And I have not seen it in person yet. It’s a butterfly hamper. So let’s unbox it together. What? Whaaaaa. Whoa. Oh, my goodness gracious. Alright, so here’s the hamper, and you can just open it up, and it goes like this. I think this is called, it’s,
like, pinstriped or whatever. This is the design on it. It’s just a little stripes, but what’s cool about this hamper is that it’s split on the inside, so I could put, like,
whites here, colored here. And yeah, pretty cool hamper. I’ve never had a hamper like this before. And then you could just
fold it up like this and carry it to the laundry. So next up I went to T.J. Maxx to get a few supplies, and I wanted something
to decorate my dresser and just my room in general. And we found these super cute flowers, and they’re fake flowers, but I thought they were
the most realistic ones at the store. And they’re pretty pink, and they match all the pink in my room, so I’m super excited for this. And I’m gonna fill up this glass with, like, little clear stones so it looks more full, but I thought this was super cute. And then up next, I got
this really adorable hippo. And the reason why I got this hippo is because inside, you can
stick all your pens and pencils, so this is gonna go
great on top of my desk. And I can, it just makes,
like, a pencil holder 10 times more cute, because I
mean, come on, it’s a hippo. And while we were at T.J. Maxx, I also found these really cool firefly mini clips string lights. So, what you can do with these,
like it says on the back, is that you can hang ’em on the wall, and they actually, you can
turn ’em on, they light up, and you can still all your
little pictures on here, which is perfect, because I have something kind of like a Polaroid camera that can print out pictures
of my friends and family, and, yeah, it’s just a cute
way to decorate your room. Some essentials are also
definitely these command strips. I think I’m allowed to
put nails into my wall. Not so many, though, but I’m a little worried about that, and I know a lot of kids
can’t put nails in their wall, so that’s why I got these, so. If you guys are planning on
hanging things on your wall and you’re going to college, definitely get some command strips, because they’re simple,
easy, require no nails, and I’m still actually looking at getting pictures for my room. I haven’t picked up any, so. Hopefully those will come soon. Alright, so, another
thing I got from Amazon was this trashcan, and
it’s nothing too fancy. It has, like, the little side thingies, and it’s just gray, but I think trashcans
are a must for the room, because I throw things away so much, and so this is just useful to have, so you don’t have to, like, walk out into the bathroom or the kitchen to throw something away. So I always like having
a handy dandy trashcan. Guys, I did not know that there
were many things to a bed, but there are. So I’ve got some pillow
covers to go over my pillows. They’re dust mite and bedbug barriers, so. That’s cool. And also I got this really
comfy memory foam pad, because I mean, it just
makes sleeping way nicer. It’s easier to fall asleep
to, and it’s so comfy. So, definitely pick up one of these babies if you are getting a new bed, because I love these things. And then I actually also got
another mattress protector, because I forgot I got one already, so. Got an extra one of that. I think that’s all the bed stuff, so phew, we’re done with that. So up next, I got these super
cute towels from Pottery Barn. Whoa, they are opening. But it’s just a white towel with these little circle
dots on the bottom. I got them in all sizes. And I realize I did not get enough towels, so I also picked up some
other ones from T.J. Maxx. And they’re just really soft. I recommend when you are getting things that are going in the
bathroom or the kitchen to get towels or dishes that are unique from your roommate’s, or something that you
don’t think they will have, because you don’t want them
accidentally using yours, and, yeah, it just makes
it easier to discern which towel is yours and
which plate is yours. So, I decided to get ones with
little blue circles on them. Okay, another thing I got, since my room does have a
window in it, thank goodness, because we all need a
little bit of sunlight. I got this curtain rod that actually is no drilling,
which is super nice. It’s pressurized, so you just, like, stick it up to your window, and it hooks onto the sides. And I got these really super cute curtains that go along with it, and they have, like,
little studs on the sides. I’ll insert a picture, because they don’t come
until tomorrow, sadly, with a few of my other items. But, yeah, I can’t wait to
see what those look like. I got that from PBteen. Alright, so, now moving
on to the kitchen area. Here are some really fun things. I got colored cups, I got four of ’em. And these are just, like,
plastic cups, tumblers. To match my pink cups, I got these really cute plates that are, like, confetti like. They’ve got yellow, pink, white, gold. So, that’s super fun. I got these from Target,
and I love Target. Target is one of the best places ever. And I don’t know if my fridge
comes with an ice machine, so I decided to get these little ice cube maker things. I haven’t had to use one
of these for a long time, but I love my ice, so I got this. And I made sure that
most of my kitchen stuff, if I could have gotten it, was in pink, so I knew they were mine. And I also got these measuring cups in different shades of pink. And also some scissors in pink. And, you guys, to be honest, I don’t know how to cook at all. So, that will be an adventure. If you wanna see me failing at college, be sure to check out my
second channel at Aud Vlogs. Once college starts, I will definitely be doing
a lot of college fails, because, you know, that’s just my life. Okay, fun stuff. So, I got this pot. Yeah. Nothing much more to say about this. But up next, I got the cutest thing ever. It’s these little pig chip clips, ahh. And you know how much I love piggies. They are my spirit animal. And we got some more kitchen stuff, so these are some skillet pan thingies that I can cook stuff in. I also got a cookie sheet for when I learn how to make cookies. (laughs) And then a few other kitchen items. I got this set that comes with everything, which is super nice. It has a whisk, a pizza
cutter, a can opener. By the way, don’t know how
to use a can opener, great. A giant spoon, and a spatula. And I also got this strainer for, like, fruits or vegetables you need to wash off. And this glass thing
you stick in the oven. Alright, you guys, I think
this is my last thing, which is super crazy. I got some more, I forgot
to show you my bowls. They match my plates,
that’s fun, confetti. And I got a loofah. Really random. But I love loofahs, and
they’re only, like, $2, so, what a steal. I also got some utensils. And these were super nice
because they came in fours. I tried to get all my
kitchen supplies in fours. And they have, like, the
little gray at the bottom, so hopefully my roommates won’t have these same forks
and knives and spoons. And I also, I hardly
got any back to school actual, like, supplies this year, like binders and stuff. Because I don’t know what
I’m gonna use in college. I don’t know if I’m gonna
use mostly my laptop, or mostly binders and notebooks. Comment down below if you’re in college or if you have, like,
a sibling in college, and tell me what they use, because I have no idea what to bring, but I saw these at Target, and I thought they were adorable. These are notebooks, and what’s so cute about them
is this one says, “chapter 1.” And then the next notebook
says, “chapter 2,” and this one says, “chapter 3.” And it’s just so cute,
because on the inside, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. So, up here there’s dates and months, and you get to circle,
like, what day it is, and then you write in all your notes. And, I don’t know, I just thought this was very different and adorable. And I don’t know, I just
love the colors on it. So I decided to get these. And then, for my binder,
I saw this cactus binder, and I think cactuses are so cute, and so I can store a lot
of my classwork in here. Alright, two more things, I lied, but I think these last items
are one of my favorites. So, this first thing I
got, oh, my gosh, you guys, you just don’t know how
much I love shopping for planners every year. I think planners are
the most adorable thing in the whole world. I could shop for them all day long. And I just love planners. And also gift bags. (laughs) They’re just so cute. Anyways, this is the
planner I got this year. But it’s called The Happy Planner, and it’s so cute. So, on the front, it says, “Positive mind, positive
vibe, positive life.” And as you can tell, it’s laminated, which is really smart, because it’ll probably hold up better than all my other planners. And I use planners for
literally everything. They’re just so nice to plan out your day, and I thought this was really cool because it actually has two years’ worth of months on the side. So you have the tabs, so you could flip easily to each month, and you can also rip things out. It’s really easy, you just
take it out like this. What I thought was super cute was that each month starts off like this, so it has, like, a little quote or design, and then it has this section that just talks about, like,
things you’re currently doing, your goals, important things, birthdays and events coming up, and I just love this. I love planning things out and writing what I need
to get done in the day, and it just, it’s a good motivator. And then the last thing I got was actually for a graduation
gift from my parents. And it’s a camera. It’s a Canon EOS M50, and this is what I’m gonna
be filming with in college, if you’re wondering. And if you’re gonna start a channel or you’re thinking about it, this is the camera I’m gonna be using. We already have one of these at home, and we already love it so much. So, I can’t wait to use
this, and I also have all the other camera supplies, so, like, a tripod, and a
memory card, and a battery, and I gotta get a light still. There’s a lot of things
that come with, like, setting up to film. Okay, you guys, so that is it
for my back to school haul. I hope you enjoyed it, and leave a comment down below what grade you’re going to be
going into school this year. I am so excited to hear
back from you guys. Also, remember to subscribe,
turn from red to gray, and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a new video. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! (gentle music)

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