Back to School Shopping! Back to School Supply Haul! (Day 1951) |

(upbeat music) – Good morning, clan! Welcome to Thursday, day… 1951. 1951, guys. We are
49 days away from 2,000. That’s just over a month. Crazy to think about,
crazy to think about. It’s 7:30 A.M., 86 degrees
out here on the west side. Everyone’s still asleep. I am
starting up bright and early. Gonna do a stream
over on with my buddy Stat, if
you guys remember Stat, a good friend of mine
over on YouTube Gaming. He streams
every morning and just crushes it, man, over there, and I love playing
video games with him. Love playing
video games with him. Hopefully he gets on Destiny 2,
it’d be super awesome. I think right now the only game
we have in common is Pub G, maybe Rainbow 6 Siege,
he doesn’t play it very often, but I just got that and
I’d love to play with him. Anyways, early stream
because I got to end early because like I said
in yesterday’s vlog we are going back to
school supply shopping today and then we head to
Sierra’s middle school to…meet her teacher,
get a tour of the school. Hopefully,
hopefully tour the school. Hopefully there’s
things that are open we can walk around and see it. At the very
least see her classroom and where she’s
going to be, her lockers and I don’t know,
It’s open house we’ll see, we’ll see, so
I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully, you are too. And I hope you guys are
having a fantastic day, evening, whenever
you’re watching this Thank you for
taking the time out of your busy
schedule to watch this video I appreciate it. – Good morning.
– Morning. – Sierra’s opening
up a new box of cereal and a toy falls out
and she’s like (gasps) – Toy!
– I got a toy! I remember back when I was a kid and like every box
had a toy in it so, yeah – [Sierra] See special ones like
this one has Spider-Man – [Tiffany] Has a,
free water shooter inside – How do you use it? – [Tiffany] That was like
the most exciting part about opening a new box. Normally it was at
the bottom, I think. You had to like dig
for it at the very bottom. – Yeah, I was jut pouring my
bowl and all of a sudden– – [Tiffany] It was
right on the top. Do you really put it on
your wrist? (mimics shooting) – (mumbles) How is
this, put this on me? – [Tiffany] Well, I think
it’s for like five year olds, not twelve year olds? – I did it wrong–
– [Tiffany] wrong way? – (mumbles)
– [Tiffany] Oh, yeah – This is, it’s going
to be in my hand (laughs) – [Tiffany] Does it even work? Baby’s like,
“What are you doing?” – [Sierra] I think
the water came out. Okay, I’m just
going to use the– (water running) – [Tiffany] Oh, missed, guys (addresses dog sweetly) (vacuum whirring) – Time for a hair cut. Great Clips haircut
sale $7.99. Whoop, whoop. Just a little trim so
Great Clips will do the job Right? Just getting a trim
– Yep, mhmmm. – Make the ends nicer.
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] There it is.
Not much different. Just, you got to
keep healthy hair, trim it up. She’s eating her little Dum Dum. Does that mean you
did good? You didn’t cry? And now time for some pedicures This girl is
getting all pampered before her first day of school. So we’re walking to,
I think this is it or is it further
down, I don’t know. It’s the problem of
movin’ to a new area You have to find
new places that you like. And this is it, yes. – Alright guys, we are
wrapping up today’s stream I’ve been playing Pub G
with my buddy Stat all day. It’s been a blast. New
mic is working out fantastic New camera is
working out fantastic. Well, look, there’s the chat. Every once in a
while when I feel like it I pull the
camera out for the vlog Not because the
chat asks for it, but because I want to. So everyone can say
hi in the vlog right now. Oh, it’s raining, it’s raining. Yo, Dave Ortiz just popped in. What’s up Dave Ortiz. We
missed you all day, buddy. We missed you all day. Everyone is saying, “Hi.” There they are,
“Hello, hello.” Well, this was a
good idea. I like it. Alright, boys and girls. It is now time to
commence the final round of back to school shopping. – I don’t think
it’s going to be final – Before school starts
– Before school, well, yeah. – Yeah, yeah.
Well we got the clothes Now, our time to
get all the supplies then once they start school I’m sure they’ll
get an updated list – Specifics.
– Yeah. – [Bryce] (gasps) How hot is it? – (together) It’s hot
– [Tiffany] Hot. (Tiffany laughs)
– It’s hot. It’s humid. That’s the thing.
It’s humid. It’s humidity. – [Bryce] No, hot is hot. – Hot’s hot, yeah – I feel like this is more a dry
heat than it was yesterday – No, the sun’s out that’s why yesterday the clouds
were covering, that’s why. – Yeah, yesterday
wasn’t very as high as this. – Yeah, anyways. Back to
school shopping. Here we go. Aw, you ruined the shot, Bryce. I’ll just follow
mommy. No, it’s alright. This is totally
going on the vlog. You ruined the shot, bro. You’ll just have
to make up for it. – Sierra, I think
this is like the– – Well, there’s like
locker section right there. – Lockers, lockers stuff. – Little sticky
things and magnets. – [Clintus] Have we confirmed that
you have a locker yet though? – No.
– [Clintus] No, we haven’t confirmed yet.
We already know that – We find out tonight. – [Clintus] Right. Now,
Sierra already has a backpack and a lunch pail. Are you getting a new
backpack and a lunch box? – I think I need
a new lunch box. Which one was I using? – I got you a new one, but it was a green,
black, igloo brand. – Oh yeah.
(phone chimes) I don’t really
need a new backpack. Where did I get my
very first backpack? The Star Wars one? – Oh the green one – Yeah, the green
one lasted three years first, second, and third and I got it from here. – So you’re okay
with using the same one? – Yeah. – [Clintus] And
Black Ops 3 one, right? – No, the Puma white one. – [Tiffany] He got it
at Target last year. – Yeah, he had a white Puma one – Hmm, okay. Black Ops
3 is used for traveling – Yeah.
– [Clintus] That’s right, okay. – It’s too small for school. – [Clintus] Alright,
we got the list. – [Bryce] Backpack,
I already have. – [Clintus] Is this
from the district? – [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Bryce] Water
bottle, I already have. lunch box, I already
have. I need pencils. Does it have to
be that exact brand? – They like that exact brand. – I want Five-Star notebooks – [Clintus] (Valley girl voice)
Five-Star, that is expensive can you find the cheap name
brand, off brand, Target brand. – Like, name brand,
off brand, Target brand? – [Clintus] Target brand. – Alright, we’re going to focus
on Bryce’s list first. It seems pretty easy so
we’re going to knock that out and then focus on Sierra.
– Wait, I need an eraser? – Eraser, yes. – Filler paper. – I think we should
get these with an eraser – Alright, I have a zipper one
that folds, a zipper one. – [Tiffany] Okay.
– It might not be big enough. – This is kind of cool.
It’s like hard, but soft. It’s a box, but squishy – Look, the scissors that I have are like a whole
lot smaller than this – [Tiffany] Tiny. – And then tight. – I have like big ones. I have like adult
size ones, I think. Football? You want a
basketball one? Baseball? I’m sure you can find one. – Baseball.
– Hey. – These are small size. – Alright, we’re wrapped
up on Bryce’s list for now. On to Sierra’s.
A little different, you know. A little older.
Needs different things. – A little step up.
That’s a lot of red pens. – That’s small. I can get those. I don’t care, but
that’s a really big pack. Do I need a really big pack? – I don’t even know
why Tiffany brings me. She’s got this
totally under control. She has her list.
She just reads her list. Check it off,
check it off, check it off. I’m just here to pay for it. – Colored pencils already?
– Yes. – Markers?
– Yes. – Glue sticks?
– Yes. – Ruler?
– No. – No, scissors?
– Yes. – Erasers?
– Yes. – Pencil sharpener? – No.
– No, okay. We’re trying to– – So ruler, pencil sharpener are the two
things I already have. – Things that she already has at
home that she can use again no need to buy it again. Sorry, Sierra, but
you’re getting a 27 cents ruler – I’m fine with that. Still
something, still pretty good. – Look at how fancy. – [Bryce] A metal one. – I feel like
this would snap in half – This would be dangerous – I feel like I could
snap this in half right now. – [Clintus] So what is
a composition book? – It’s basically a
notebook without rings – [Clintus] Oh, okay.
– I like rings better. – [Clintus] You see when I was a kid this was the only
composition book there was. – [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Black and white.
Now they got these fancy colors. I think yellow is
her favorite color. – [Tiffany] Ooh I like
that color, salmon. – [Clintus] Coral.
– Two inch is huge. – [Clintus] Alright,
so we have pretty much everything that is
on the district list. This is just a start. I’m sure we’re going
to come back next week once the kids start school and get an actual
list from the teachers and who knows we
might actually get a list today and tomorrow when
we actually meet the teachers They might have a list
and say, “Here you go.” That’ll probably actually happen so we might be back
this weekend. I don’t know. (scanner beeps) Starbucks time.
Macchiato, buy one get one free. – Oh, so we did get
one buy one get one free. – [Clintus] Yeah,
we’re both Macchiatos. Alright, we’re
here at Sierra’s school. She got her little lockers. We don’t know what
locker number you have, yo. We’re looking for
her home room right now. She’s so excited.
She’s texting Tatiana. (gasps) She’s like, “We’re not
in the same home room.” – We’re not in
the same home room. (laughing) – [Clintus] You excited
about science? – Yes. – [Clintus] (laughs) It was
my favorite subject too. – We made it back home,
and we found a package. And they are my
new volleyball shoes. Yay. Oh, get down
they’re not for you. A little bit different. A different brand
than my other ones. My other ones were Asics,
and these ones are Mizuno. Well, that was fun. We got to walk
around Sierra’s new school. It was pretty awesome.
It’s an actual middle school, which is really nice. We’re
happy. We’re excited about that. Her previous school is K-8th. So even though she was going to be technically
in middle school it still had that
elementary school vibe to it and it would have been just like
the same-o same-o that she’s been
doing the last seven years. And now she’s
going to a new school. It’s a middle school. There’s like you know, quote-
unquote hallways and lockers and there’s
like, .it’s all outdoors. It honestly, it looks identical to the middle
school that I went to. It looks very, very similar even the way it’s
built and set together You know with each grade
having two separate teams and each team has four teachers. Like, it’s built
just the same way that Tiff and I
went to middle school so we’re happy. We’re
glad that she’s getting to experience this, and I think
honestly it will prepare her better for high school. – For sure.
– For sure. – We’re so happy.
So excited for the move. – Yeah, for the move,
yeah, in general, yeah. And then
tomorrow we’re going to go do the same thing
with Bryce’s school, and he’s going to
an elementary school but this is actually a
sixth, seventh, and eighth right, your school is
sixth, seventh, and eighth? So next year Bryce will
actually go to this school the same school as Sierra, which is kind of cool. There’s a
little extra step there for the sixth graders so, yeah. And she is super excited as well (laughs) She’s so excited. So, let’s do this. This is the back to
school 2017 supply haul. – [Bryce] Yeah, 2017-2018.
– That’s what we’ll call it. 2017 that’s the school year. Alright, Sierra you
want to run us through this – Yes.
– [Clintus] Alright. – So mine is a
lot more than Bryce’s because his list was very short – [Clintus] Yes. – But okay so I got
these two binders 1.5 inches, but I looked at my
list that my teacher gave me and I have to replace one of
them with a three inch binder – [Clintus] Okay. – [Sierra] I got
these three folders, but again, I have to replace
them for one with a prong with prongs in them.
– [Clintus] Okay. I got these scissors. – [Clintus] Adult scissors, guys.
– [Sierra] Adult scissors. – [Clintus] She’s an adult. You know not to run
with scissors, right? – Yes.
– [Clintus] Okay. – I got this flash drive.
– (mumbles)…by this thing (Clintus laughs) – I got this flash drive – [Clintus] The flash
drive was my idea to have that you just
put it in your pencil pouch that way you
always have a flash drive if you ever need
to transfer something or if your teacher ever needs it you’re like, “Oh,
I got one of those.” (blows raspberry) – I got a ruler. – [Clintus] (mimics Sierra) ruler. – (Bryce mimics Sierra) ruler. – I got a mini stapler
just to hold in my thing with extra staples. I got these notebooks
and composition books, but on my list it
didn’t say anything about these so I don’t know if
I’m going to return them or if I’m just
going to keep them. I got dividers,
loose paper college ruled, these two pencil boxes. – [Clintus] I like it. – Two different types of pencils mechanical pencils, red pens, and markers and colored pencils. And then
there’s some things that me and Bryce are going to share. Like, we’re going to
share these highlighters, these erasers,
and these markers. – [Clintus] Okay. – Oh, and these are
also mine, index cards. – [Clintus] Index cards, yep. – [Sierra] And all
the rest are Bryce’s – [Clintus] Alright, Bryce. – [Bryce] So, sharing these, sharing these,
and sharing these. – [Clintus] Right. – [Bryce] I got an eraser for the expo markers
on the white board. These pack of pencils
that are already sharpened, which is– – [Clintus] Very nice.
– Very nice. – Jumbo sized glue stick. – [Clintus] Glue stick.
Don’t eat the glue. Don’t eat the glue. Don’t eat it. – Scissors.
– [Clintus] (mimics Bryce) scissors – Markers and colored pencils and wide ruled paper – [Clintus] Alright, alright.
And then what’s all this? – [Bryce And Sierra]
This is all old stuff – [Clintus] Old stuff.
– [Sierra] That we found. – [Clintus] It’s still
good, though, right? Like these are still good
you didn’t even use those. – [Sierra] Yep.
– [Clintus] Yep. – [Bryce] Can we use these? – [Sierra] And we’ve got all
these pens and these markers we both had our
own sharpeners so– – [Clintus] Yep, okay. Okay. – [Sierra] Tape,
and sticky notes. – [Clintus] Alright. Alright, so then
the next thing will be we get Bryce’s list
and any additional tomorrow and then, I don’t know,
Sunday night, Sunday night, probably.
They’ll get their backpacks out. Load it all up.
Be ready to rock-n-roll and then Monday
morning the first day of school we’ll kind of give you guys
another quick little overview like the final product
when it’s all put together because obviously
everything’s still sitting out so we’ll show you the final
product when its all put together we’ve got to replace
one of those binders for Sierra. Sierra’s super excited. Bryce will be excited tomorrow
when he sees his school and his
classroom and his teachers and all that stuff like that. Then he’ll be more
excited. He’ll be excited. Right now he’s just
kind of like, “Whatever.” – [Clintus] Ooh, what do
we got. We got some salad. We got some rice. Look at that massive
thing of rice mom made. (kids mumble) – Leftovers,
that’s a good leftover – [Clintus] Absolutely,
is it like taco flavored? Taco seasoning? – It’s a mix of everything.
I kept adding stuff. – [Clintus] Okay. (basketballs bouncing,
shoes squeaking) Well guys, I apologize
that I only got that one clip of basketball. I was sitting there
talking to the Bevos they’re back from their awesome
vacation on the east coast up in Canada and Niagara Falls so we were talking it up
during the whole practice and you know
kind of like talking, glancing at the practice, talking, glancing at the
practice and so I just… next thing I know an hour has
gone by practice is over so, I apologize for that but basketball
has been in full swing and this weekend Bryce has a big tournament
out in Scottsdale. So lots of basketball
coming this weekend. Excited, and
looking forward to it. Tomorrow, last
Friday of Summer Break, and we’ve got some
family and friends coming over the Bevos will be
joining us and our good friends Jason and
Michelle and their kids will be joining us as
well for a little pool party, some grilling, some lawn
games that sort of thing. So tomorrow’s vlog should be an
action packed fun one. As well as going
to Bryce’s school and doing his open
house so stay tuned for that Don’t forget to do the
thumbs up if you liked it. Hit that subscribe button for
more videos like this, daily. And we’ll see you then. Vlog on. – Hi, I’m Jack from
Illinois and vlog on. (upbeat music)

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