Backcountry Q&A | Desert or Mountains?! | My Favorite Backpacking Trips?!

hey guys I’m in the backcountry as usual
and I thought I’d be really fun to do a quick backcountry Q&A because you got
time in the backcountry these are some of the questions that I get asked and
just I thought would be fun to answer so let’s jump right into it so I got into
backpacking when I moved to South Lake Tahoe California where I lived for a
couple years and prior to that I had actually done the Camino de Santiago in
Spain and that’s just a walk across Spain and then I’d also ridden my
bicycle across the United States and so I had like some gear from those two
things and then I had done a ton of hiking once I moved out there and I just
loved to hike and I wanted to make that jump from hiking to backpacking and at
the time I had a co-worker who was into it and I think he just said he was going
on a trip and I was like can I go with you and that was kind of my first trip I
went out and I bought some of the gear that I didn’t have and then I just kind
of went for it I was pretty unprepared I packed way too much and I didn’t know
what I was doing and that’s just kind of part of the experience is you’re gonna
learn as you go but after that first trip I was totally hooked and I did some
solo trips and I moved to Utah and I started backpacking in the mountains and
in the desert and I just fell in love with this activity and that’s why I
absolutely love sharing this with you if you are in that boat if you love to hike
and you want to actually make that jump to backpacking I have a ton of resources
for you here so you’re not alone and I hope that you find this channel helpful
it’s one of the reasons that I love to make these videos oh how could you ask
me that question this is really hard to choose I think if I have to choose I
would say desert but they are so different that they’re really hard to
compare and I love backpacking in both but I think the desert slightly wins out
for me I would actually love to know your answer to this question so comment
below with desert or mountains mm okay so this is actually really hard because we
did so much backpacking so I’m gonna give you top three one is the Alice-Toxaway Loop in the Sawtooth Mountains up in Idaho that was amazing I have a
little vlog video I’ll link to that in the description below
and then number two would probably be Great Basin National Park it
actually blew me away like it was so beautiful and I highly recommend that I
also have a trip guide to that I’ll link to that below we did a one night
backpacking trip there and then we explored some caves and it was just it
was phenomenal and then trip number three is actually where I am right now
in this beautiful place this is Chesler Park in Canyonlands National
Park and I this is my second time backpacking here because I just truly
love it and I do have a trip guide vlog to that as well so I’ll link to that in
the description below okay so I love breakfast like love breakfast it’s my
favorite meal of the day and I used to just have oatmeal and be pretty
content with that but since I’ve been doing so much backpacking this year we
wanted to up our breakfast game so now I actually have pancakes and eggs and
that’s my go-to breakfast and I know that sounds really extravagant for the
backcountry I would have agreed with you until I started making that and then I
was like this is so easy so now that’s definitely my go-to breakfast and I have
a video on how to make backcountry pancakes I’ll link to that below it’s
really not that hard and it is so good alright so that is it for this
backcountry Q&A I would love to hear your answers to all of these questions
in the comments below say hi and if you have any other questions that you would
like me to answer in an upcoming Q&A video just let me know make sure to
subscribe to my channel for more backpacking resources and inspirational
backpacking vlogs I would love to hear from you and I’ll catch you in the next
video peace why would a fly just fly right into my mouth that seems like
a bad place to fly

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