Backpack Chat: Suitcase Vs. Backpack

Backpack Chat: Suitcase Vs. Backpack

Today’s video bags I love bags bags, everywhere a question I got asked should I take a suitcase or should I take a backpack Ok, so I’m going to go through the pros and cons of both, ok Taking a suitcase all your items are more accessible as you can just whip the top up and voila all your stuff is there second pro I can think of is probably you can have more space as you can get some quite large suitcases and my final pro is you’ve probably already got one to hand so you won’t have to fork out any money on a backpack but then we have the cons because you can pack more you will pack more which is deadly, deadly business we do not want that if you’re going to be travelling round to lots of places the last thing you want to do is be dragging a suitcase behind you also suitcases are a real pain when you’ve got to run for a train and then lug it on and go upstairs and when it’s hot you just don’t want to be dealing with any of that so I’m going to say no to suitcases when you’re backpacking obviously kind of defeats the name of the activity a backpack however this one is mine, she’s called Babs I’ll do a review on her because she’s really sexy and we love Babs it’s on your back so it’s really easy to transport I know that sounds like a bit of an obvious one but it is, like I said if you’ve got to run for a train or you’ve got to walk upstairs then taking a backpack really helps also you can still access everything with a front loading backpack because normally they’ll have zips along the side so you’re not having to unpack things constantly to get to something in the middle of your pack and also you can fit a lot into a backpack if you pack it properly the biggest con I can think of of a backpack is if you’re going to go somewhere really hot then lugging this around if you’ve packed too much can be really heavy if you haven’t got a proper backpack it can cut into your shoulders and you’re carrying around trying to find a hostel walking about the streets and it can be really unpleasant but like I said if you don’t overpack and you can keep this really light, compact, packed well then backpacks are the way to go another thing, even though you can access your entire backpack from the side zip you will find yourself taking things in and out of your bag a lot so when you’re leaving one place you’re constantly having to repack which is a lot harder to do in a backpack than it is in a suitcase however let’s put a spin on this and think you’re just going to be able to perfect your packing skills if that’s something you want to perfect in life I’ve experimented with a lot of different luggage when I go away because I just want to find something that really suits me I’ve taken everything from backpacks to suitcases to this really weird thing that I’ll just show to you and I’ll show you why this is my Karrimor suitcase and it’s great because it converts into a backpack as well all you do is you simply take out the straps on the back and hook them onto the bottom and you can wear it on your back and if it gets a bit too heavy and you want to you can drag it along, it’s up to you however, when I did buy this, because of this I wanted to test out how good it was I didn’t feel very secure putting it on my back because the clasp at the bottom just didn’t look sturdy enough for me so I was worried it was going to snap and that was the last thing I needed so really I was really pissed off because I didn’t get to use it as a backpack at all and had to drag it round for a month so I’d really say backpacks are the way to go when you go backpacking you’ll look the part don’t worry about it if you want to buy gifts and souvenirs and trinkets because I’m terrible for that when I go away and you think, ‘oh I’ve bought this poster, there’s no way I’m going to fit it in I wish I’d brought a suitcase’ no no no that it why there are straps on the side there not just there to adjust the volume you can put things on the outside of your bag let’s get creative people I have an elmo sized santa suit in my backpack of course a travel essential another con is I can not fit into my backpack will not work no oo I hope this review has helped and not disturbed you in anyway don’t forget go ahead and like me on facebook and also don’t forget to subscribe keep up on my weekly backpack chats ok guys, see you next week

33 thoughts on “Backpack Chat: Suitcase Vs. Backpack

  1. hey psychotraveller! 🙂
    i really enjoy all your videos! they are really interesting and get me in such a nice mood 🙂
    greetings from vienna!

  2. I am taking a 40 litre rucksack and I was wondering will it pass for hand luggage on say Ryanair or Easyjet.


  3. I carry an Osprey Farpoint backpack…it's really light, durable and very easy to access…
    check it out…

  4. What you will need to do is measure it and compare it with the recommended sizes which are on their website. Also, it's best to measure it once it's packed 🙂

  5. Consider it done. I will be doing a Q&A video this Wednesday so I shall do a "Planning Your Daily Itinerary" as a full video the following Wed if that is OK? 🙂

  6. But you can't just put things hanging on your backpack when you're taking the plane back home, can you? I mean, what did you do with the poster once you were heading home for the UK?

  7. So long as you are happy for it to be open to the elements and a bit of bashing, then just strap it on tight, make sure it's as protected as it can be and go for it. Some airlines may request you get the backpack wrapped in plastic if things are likely to come off the bag. Strapping things to your pack is great when you are getting place to place though by trains etc. If it's something you want to protect then just mail it home. Bit more expensive but it can be worth it 🙂

  8. This video helped me decide to get a backpack and I love it, It's a Deuter 60+10L and I'm so excited to take it out to Australia with me thin summer 

  9. This vid helped me settle on a backpack too, all bought and paid for -a year before I go out to Australia!

  10. Can you take Babs as a carry on?? I've noticed that my backpack (a mountain equipment co-op bag) isn't too much bigger than my carry-on and my parents have used mine and did carry-on!
    Just trying to get a general consensus.

  11. Oh lord, you looked just like Mr Bean getting his head stuck in a turkey when you attempted to fit into your backpack! Made me laugh uncontrollably, good stuff!

  12. I have this brilliant Osprey backpack/suitcase. It's bloody brilliant. Can zip it right open to see everything that's inside, really accessible that way. Has wheels on it for rolling the bad boy around airports and shit. Has a fancy little apartment that unzips and two very comfy straps come out to transform into a backpack. It came with a day sack which, instead of carrying the suitcase AND the day sack, it just straps onto the front of the case so that I can either roll it around or carry on my back. Also, comes with a really cool rain cover, which I'll probably always have on it to stop little sneaky sneaks from zipping open my bag from behind me. I am leaving tomorrow for Australia & this bag will most definitely be my saviour! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND OSPREY MERCHANDISE!!!!!

  13. I will say, not everyone will pack more just because they can. I, over the years, packed less for every trip, in the same sized 25" suitcase. I think for me it was more about gaining travel experience in what I actually needed to bring. Ultimately, I invested again in a 19" convertible, it has backpack straps (mine are sturdy though), suitcase by Tumi. Many backpackers actually carry packs that are a lot bigger than my suitcase in terms of capacity. They're huge.

  14. A problem with backpacks are they are like thief central.  You have no way of controlling who has access to your stuff.  If your going to get one, reverse the string ties, so they are along the edge by your back and not to the outside.  The other thing is you need to train for it, not everyone can carry a backpack due to the weight etc. Also you can't get through doorways with them on, and end up bashing people with them by mistake. Now suitcases, if your going to a city, you can roll them if they are good quality, you can sit on them if they are hard case, and yep not many thieves can cut through a hard case.  BUT  they are a pain to pull if not packed properly and again will shout out tourist if you buy the wrong one.    I would say if your going to an urban area then a suitcase, but if your going anywhere else then a backpack.

  15. Señorita, I present no objections in lugging around my suitcase every time I go traveling abroad. I have a modern suitcase with telescopic handle on wheels that I tow behind me. I carry a small rucksack over my shoulders and my laptop bag on the suitcase with the strap twirled around the telescopic handle. For stairs, I don't take the stairs I take either the escalator or the elevator. As for boarding a bus or coach which usually have a one or two steps I do need to lift them by hand but it doesn't take the strain out of me.

  16. how do you get toiletries/liquids through security? i've had to throw out so many shampoo and conditioner bottles OR check them in.

  17. Came across this after a search, it still shows up at the top. Gosh, you've always been so creative in your approaches and charming. It's cool to see evolution in your channel.

  18. Would I have a problem if I bring my military rucksack ? I've an ALICE pack so idk if I'll be in huge trouble if I bring it 😅

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