Backpack Travelers Abroad (Wildly Intrepid)

Backpack Travelers Abroad (Wildly Intrepid)

Hey Guys, I’m Cory and we’re Wildly Intrepid. I’m Alex and we are both Canadians from Quebec. Cory and I meet over 6 years ago in Newfoundland
while we were guiding together. We both love to travel and go on adventures
in new places. What he means by adventure is snorkeling,
multi-day trekking, surfing, climbing, snowboarding, just to name a couple. We want to share with you our experiences
as outdoor travelers. And the whole world is your backyard! So who knows your next adventure might start
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as different tips for traveling in the outdoors you can go visit our website. And I’ll put a link the the description below. Thanks for watching guys

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  2. You have an awesome channel my friend I hit the support button do it in my channel as well Thanks Wildly Intrepid

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