Backpacking Equipment Tips : Internal Backpack Frame

Backpacking Equipment Tips : Internal Backpack Frame

There’s two different kind of backpacks as
I mentioned before; this is an external frame another backpack you can by is an internal
frame. Lots of people prefer internal, internal frames because on the back instead of having
basically just two straps and this piece of cloth that’s touching your back, it’s more
like a normal backpack; there’s a lot more padding that’s going to go on the sides that’s
like a normal backpack. Basically it has a lot of padding and then it has these metal
bar supports, it is also is going to have the cushion belt; those are pretty much the
same though. Internal frames, since there’s the whole back of the backpack is going to
be in contact with your back; if you’re backpacking during the summer it’s going to be really
hot and really sweaty. They’re also a good deal heavier; there usually at like 1 or 2
pounds heavier and it may not seem like a lot but when you add up all the things that
you’re going to be carrying 1 or 2 pounds makes a difference. So some people prefer
the internal frames because of the comfort and some people prefer external frames. But
basically what you’re going to have to do is go to the store, you can go to REI or any
outdoor equipment place basically and just try on different backpack and see which one
suits you the best.

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  1. So not true. Internal backpacks can weigh less than two pounds total. They off way more support for your back and actually don't necessarily have excessive amounts of padding. Internal packs reduce the pressure point on your upper back by dispersing the pressure throughout your back. This reduces perspiration and be way more comfortable. External frame backs waste a lot of weight on a bulky frame and shouldn't be used unless carrying huge amounts of weight.

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