Backpacking Equipment Tips : Packing Items in Outside Backpack Pockets

Backpacking Equipment Tips : Packing Items in Outside Backpack Pockets

After you’ve packed everything that belongs
inside the pack, those things that you are not going to need throughout the day and those
things that you may need you packed near the outside, we’re going to talk about the things
that belong on the outside of the pack and one of the things that people don’t really
think about that does belong on the outside of the pack, not necessarily on the outside
but one of the outside pockets at least, is your water bottle. You don’t want to bury
one of your water bottles deep in the depths of all your clothes and all your sleeping
bag and everything because even though you have checked to make sure that it works you
shouldn’t count on it because there is always the chance that you didn’t quite screw the
lid on all the way so one of the water bottles we are going to put on the side pocket just
to make sure, you don’t want to put them in upside down. A sleeping bag is too big and
awkward to fit inside the backpack so I mean I usually wrap my sleeping pad around my sleeping
bag because it is waterproof and it gives me extra waterproofing so I put that op and
after you strap it down you just tighten the straps so that it doesn’t slideon the top
and it is really easy to do if you have got an extra frame because you can just strap
it on to the t anywhere. After that you are going to put the tent on there and also if
you have an external frame there is this handy dandy spot where you can put your tent or
your sleeping bag and you can switch them places it doesn’t matter but you are going
to need to get some straps or some rope or something to hold it on there. I prefer the
straps like this because they usually stay put better than the rope does but that goes
on the bottom of the pack and you want everything to be cinched up very very tight because if
it is moving around while you are hiking it will be really distracting and it is also
very inefficient and then if there is anything awkward that didn’t fit in your pack before
like pots or pans or your camp shoes you can usually find a place to strap them in or snug
them in there somewhere because you are not going to be doing a whole lot of jostling
or bouncing and they will probably stay put.

14 thoughts on “Backpacking Equipment Tips : Packing Items in Outside Backpack Pockets

  1. Kelty still makes external frame packs. They are mostly used by scouts. Go to your local big-box sports store and ask for their scout packs and they'll lead you right to an external kelty.

  2. Yeah, the guys at Campmor SWEAR by those packs – they have a lot of negative things to say about practically EVERYTHING but Osprey internal frames and Kelty external frames. I have a Lowe Alpine that I like but lately the stinking hip belt clip keeps popping open on me – which is probably my own damn fault for overloading the pack!

  3. do put the water bootle up side down if it is very very cold so the water freeze from the top down so if it does freeze you can still drink it

  4. how could she say it dosnt matter where you put your tent or sleeping bag? I guess people dont balance packs like i do?
    why didnt she mention when you roll your sleeping pad up to have the flap facing down so its not catching water if it starts rainging? Make sense?

  5. I wouldn't want to wear that back, it looks twenty pounds without anything in it and twice as wide as she is

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