Backpacking Europe 🇭🇺 Tour of Budapest, Hungary

Backpacking Europe 🇭🇺 Tour of Budapest, Hungary

what’s up guys it’s Alexander travelbum
and Sandra, and today we’re in Budapest today we hitched a ride with a Romanian
man who makes the commute to Budapest every single day he brought us pretty
much to the city centre where we were staying with our couchsurfing host Manu
what’s up guys is all exhibitor travel bum we just got to Budapest last night
and right now we are in our couchsurfing apartment
Sandra over there so we were able to find a really good place with
couchsurfing it’s two girls from Brazil and one from Colombia and as you can see
she has a couple beds for us down there and I guess they host people all the
time if they can’t find a place when they get to Budapest so pretty nice
people and this is our view so we successfully got a ride from CBU
Romania all the way to Budapest and that was about between a six and eight hour
drive to get here so we plan to do a lot of couchsurfing and it’s great because
it’s free so it’s a good way to travel but also the better part is that you get
to stay with locals or at least people that are living in that city so they can
show you the really cool things that are in there so you don’t just have to do
all of the touristy things so later they’re probably gonna take us out and
we’ll show you some things that only they know about let’s go check out
Budapest Budapest is one of those places that’s difficult to explain because the
city has been influenced by so many different cultures it doesn’t have many
things that can be easily identified as Hungarian at least not to a tourist but
I’ll tell you one thing the city is incredible let me show you
our first stop was simpler in my opinion the best bar in Budapest so this is
simply one of the best-known bars in Budapest simplest full name is simply curt and
it’s a ruined pub in the Jewish quarter of the city again in typical Budapest
fashion the place is a mishmash of things kind of a Picasso of the bar
scene here this place is amazing there’s just too many things to look at this
room that has TVs all playing the same weird pattern and we’re gonna come here
later tonight I’ll see if I can get some footage at night every room every wall
and ceiling is something to look at and you never know what to expect there’s a
room lined with doors a television room all playing the same thing disco balls
clowns Buddha’s and greenhouse rooms this place has so much character you
forget you’re even in a bar so if you come to Budapest you have to come to
simpler and come here during the day because at night you’re not gonna be
able to see all of this and then come at night when it’s really going today we’re
just walking through Budapest and getting a feel for the vibe of the city what’s up guys it’s elevator travel bum
and Sandra and today we’re in Budapest so right now we’re just walking along
the Danube River over here and this is where you can see most of the most
famous buildings in Budapest we have the Parliament building over here and the
famous bridge of Budapest right over here that we just crossed so let’s show
you a little bit of the buildings and the cool things that are around the
Danube River the Danube is one of Europe’s longest
rivers it flows through more than ten countries and here in Budapest this is
one of the best parts the river divides Budapest into two parts the hilly Buda
side and the flat pest side to the west the river inspired many famous artists
painters writers and musicians over the years and now it’s inspired me so we were just in Bucharest Romania
where they used to be called little Paris but Budapest is actually called
Paris of the east and we definitely see the influence here like we did in
Bucharest next we walked right over to Buda Castle the palace complex of the
Hungarian kings of Budapest you can get a great view of the city from the top
all right so now we’re at Buda Castle which is the place where you can get one
of the best views of the city so take a look at this so you can tell which side of Budapest
is Buda because it’s a really hilly side that’s good a castle and it’s just all
hills and then the pesticide is really flat and that’s where you have all the
buildings and most of the things that are going on most of the night life and
everything like that so hopefully that helps you navigate Budapest so the thing about Hungarian words is
they are very hard to pronounce and you can’t really tell how to say them so I’m
not really gonna even try in this video I’m just going to write them down below
Anna the she says didn’t the bridge the easy name for the bridge is the Chain
Bridge the first permanent bridge in the city this is a really cool area because
look at all these buildings in the background so this print wakes the buda
side and the pest side of budapest. then at night our hosts Malu took us out
with their friends while we saw a little bit of the city at night Budapest has
some of the best nightlife in Central Europe but you can experience that when
you come here for yourself right now we’re on our way to the most famous

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  2. Nice! Budapest looks beatiful! There is a place in Bucharest too, with thermal baths, it is called Therme Bucuresti. This is the description I found about them:
    The biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center in Europe. Located North of Bucharest, just 10 minutes away from the city, Therme București is a wellness concept for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to your well-being. Therme București has an indoor temperature of 29-30 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, every month of the year. The thermal water makes its way from deep underground to supply 9 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas and 16 water slides. At Therme București, nature meets man in the most beautiful setup, which hosts the largest botanical garden in Romania with over 800,000 plants, including 1,500 palm trees, orchids and many other unique species. With entertainment and recreation facilities that are completely new in Romania, Therme București is the ideal destination for the whole family. It is the perfect place to experiment the culture of wellness at its highest level.

  3. you have mad editing skills… I drool over your narrative b-roll clips. well done! (I spent a week in bed at budapest with a back injury and saw very little of it. there is a nice indoor market near the chain bridge you might check out if you are still there 😉

  4. Dear Alexander. I love your vlog, your videos are masterspieces.
    What country do I want to see in Europe?
    Next time, please, show me more distinguishable places such as the ancient Romania, where many romanians things can be easily identified, especially in Transylvania. I have made many researches on it, but I could not find any international historical books or authentic sources about it.
    Good luck.

    Best wishes from Croydon.

  5. To clear this, I dont thing anybody calling Budapest "Paris of anything", especially because Budapest gravitating around its own character, and dont need to compare with other cities. Also very fake this title (Paris of East) because Budapest influenced only the austrian architecture, not the french. The so called "GoldenTriangle", Vienna-Prague-Budapest created on the era, when all these three cities was under common rule in a country called: Austria-Hungary. So basically you should compare Budapest with only these 2 cities (Prague and Vienna) even they are not rivals, but much more completing each others.
    Bucharest is a very different region (Eastern Europe) with very different historical, cultural background….

  6. sorry….you are not really discovering the real Budapest by highlighting some crazy bar scene….but an artificial westernized maze.
    totally not!

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