Backpacking Gear & Tips : Benefits of External Frame Backpacks

Backpacking Gear & Tips : Benefits of External Frame Backpacks

I’m going to talk a little bit now about external
frame packs. The pack is, you know, everybody remember, “Yeah, when I was a kid in scouts,
I had an external frame pack went on great trips.” When you look at our pack wall at
Phil Jackson’s school, you’ll notice there’s not quite so many of them. There’s a few down
at the bottom. They’re not as popular as they once were but they do have to advantages.
One nice advantage, you have if you have a scout. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried help
them put a sleeping bag in a stuff sack. You’ll have a little trouble getting stuff into things
and being organized that way. The nice thing about this, if you can’t get it in the pack,
you can strap it on. The sleeping bag usually goes down here. This extends up a little higher
so that you can put stuff up here. Here in Florida the nice thing about it, it’s got
a little back band here. The frame being external to the pack, it actually puts it away from
your back a little bit. You get better ventilation, definitely a nice pack for hiking in Florida.
The downside of the pack, it’s a little farther from your body so your center of gravity is
farther away from you and you get a little sway.. So, if you any questions give your
local outfitter a holler.

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  1. I understand the benefits of an external frame pack but i must say that having put a number of miles on both, i prefer the internal frame.

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