Backpacking Gear & Tips : How to Wear a Backpack

Backpacking Gear & Tips : How to Wear a Backpack

When you go to put your pack on ideally it
would be nice to have it up on a bench like this, but you don’t always have that option.
When you go to grab it to pick it up you want to make sure you keep your back straight up
and down, grab it by the handle and put it up onto your thigh. Make sure that all stabilizers
are loose before you put it on, because if it’s tight from the last time you used it
it will kink and won’t make contact to your body. Lift it up onto your thigh, put one
arm through, grab the bottom of the pack, bring it up onto your back, and then get the
other strap.
Go from the bottom up. Hip belt, stabilizers for the hip belt. The bottom stabilizers you
can’t get too tight.
Sternum strap. This defines how far apart these straps are. You want good continuity
along your back, and then bring the top stabilizers so you can stand relatively straight up and
down. If you have any questions give your local outfitter a holler.

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  1. Why are most midsized packs not long enough to have usable load lifters. It is my understanding they should go down from the pack to the shoulders optimally on a 45 degree angle.

    Most packs don't even rise above the shoulders 'or' the straps and the load lifters are placed to high on the pack to be functional. Have thought about the Kelty Redwing, but a little to big (50 l)

    What 35 to 40 liter backpack would do nicely? Any suggestions? I have a torso length of 19" Carrie weight 20 to 30 lb.

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