Backpacking South America – Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile (epic travel montage)

Backpacking South America – Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile (epic travel montage)

Last year I backpacked for 7 months through
5 different countries of South America and Now I want to show you what I experienced
on this trip! Cool…isn’t it?
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100 thoughts on “Backpacking South America – Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile (epic travel montage)

  1. Great video. Really made me want to get back to Perito Moreno!  Looks like you had incredible weather in El Chalten as well! We were rained out sadly, which made for a very rough hike. 

  2. The Uyuni Salt Flat is a land out of this planet, we invite you to travel to Bolivia!

  3. Hi man!!! Great video and Music, i've also seen your Blog, so interesting! I'll travel (i hope) to argentina and chile next march, april and May. Can i ask you some questions about your travel?

  4. There are so many annoying bloggers out there doing this kind of thing, not you though, you were born to do this. Absolutely inspirational.

  5. Hello Steve! 🙂
    I'm a 18 year old boy and I want to go to Latin America next year all by myself. 
    I'll know some Spanish by then and I want to travel and do voluntary work there for about 9 months.
    I hope you could answer 2 questions for me.
    -Do you think I'll be safe or is it too dangerous?
    -What did you like most and least about your travel there? 🙂
    You can also answer in German if you want, I'll understand most of it :p

  6. you show a bpictures of torres del paine and call wellcome argentina , sorry that is chile in magallanes please some  aculture before a make an international video …..

  7. Great video guys … but would be nice if u could come to Santa Cruz – Bolivia .. here is a lot of great experiences .. Grettings from Bolivia

  8. Wow this is amazing!!! I've always wanted to backpack and visit all the countries in South America. My dream is to visit the ones you did but instead of Peru add Brasil! I have family in Peru so I got to experience everything Peru has to offer. I'm part Brazilian but still never been. It'd be awesome if you checked out a video my cousin put together of our latest trip to Peru this past fall. It's on Marcus Hidalgo's page 😀😀

  9. hey that looks amazing i been want to travel south america was prob wouldn't be able to till at least 2016 October  going to try and do a Spanish lesson course  maybe try get some basic Spanish to help me out in some of the countries.. what would be an ideal route  to go a was in Australia last year for 4 month  and being wanting to get away even if it means going alone which sounds scarey but everyone seems to do it 

  10. I just quit my job of 8 years to travel around Asia and Australia. I leave in 1 month! Click on me and check out my videos please 🙂

  11. all looks gorgeous and beautiful.
    I definitely have to go to South America someday.
    thanks for sharing, beautiful video. warm greetings from Indonesia.

  12. Outstanding, thank you so much for all the beautiful scenery and big smiles from the locals and yourself. Very easy to tell that you were living every day of that adventure like it was your last. Subbed.

  13. I love this! Thanks for sharing.  I will be sharing with my High School Spanish classes. Thanks for keeping it clean & awesome!

  14. Falto  Colombia :/, hay sitios para visitar: San Andres y Providencia, Eje Cafetero, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Isla Gorgona, Bogotá y mucho más.

  15. Awesome video! I can't wait to show this to my 4th and 5th grade students who just learned about all of the flags and locations of the Spanish-speaking countries!

  16. Right on man, very nicely done! Patagonia looks like the highlight for sure, too bad I didn't make it there on this trip (currently in Ecuador).

  17. Awsome video man. I just booked a one way ticket to Colombia leaving in three weeks. I've hitched all over Canada, Australia, and NZ and saw you did some in the video. Where would and wouldn't you hitchhike in South America? Cheers.

  18. wowwww this video is so nice I'm Goin to start my trip in July for 8 months in South America and this is an inspiration thanks for making this ^^ I'm more excited after watching this


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    (it is really really good….and cheap)

  20. do you know hwere " GRINGO " comes from? Isnt a nice way to call anyboady.
    Its aborigen and it means "GREEN GO " because of the army uniform once was green…

  21. Sólo les faltó pasar por chiloé y el norte de chile,pero por lo demás aprovecharon muy bien el viaje

  22. Simply stunning!! Thank you for the video:) I will be travelling to South America in a few months and I have no idea where to start from!! Watching your video has inspired me. Thank you:))

  23. Hi, did you go alone? I'm looking to go this year. Wondering if you meet many like-minded people! How much did it cost all in all? I'm looking to go from colombia down to Agrentina, then onto NZL for a years working. Cheers

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  25. An awesome video, great! I want to do a similar trip from cusco to uyuni, but I want to continue in the atacama desert and not in Argentina. Your video inspired me in some things to do =D

  26. Wonderful!
    Hello, I really enjoyed this video, and wanted to know if you have the copyright on it. If the copyright to this video is yours, I would like you to ask permission to use some parts of it in my compilation of video clips to promote my music on YouTube and Facebook. Thank you very much!

  27. Did u go alone? I'm planning to do kind of the same route, I lived in Chile 2 years ago and I really need to come back 😣

  28. Thank you for making this video! It brought back so many great memories from when I backpacked through Latin America in 2012.

  29. way to go for it! I would recommend spending a lot of time there, not buying a lot of plane tickets saves u the most money. SA is a mystical place for sure. Your video made me decide to go!

  30. I’m dreaming of going there after I’ve learned Spanish. I live in Sweden so its a whole different thing but very interesting!

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