Backpacking Tips: Travelling Alone… Is It Safe?

Backpacking Tips: Travelling Alone… Is It Safe?

hi YouTube syco traveller here the most annoying thing that I hear from especially women is I can’t go traveling because I have no one to go with girls come on don’t let the fact that you’ve got no one to go with stop you from exploring and traveling go on get out there when you travel alone you experience so much more second thing I hear all the time is is it safe for women to travel alone short answer yes hmm but short more all right so I’m going to give you my top five tips of traveling abroad alone number one if you don’t do it a home don’t do it abroad what I mean by this is if you don’t travel down a dark alleyway of 2:00 a.m. in the morning back in your hometown then what are you gonna do it in a foreign country think be safe be sensible to pickpockets women more like you to carry a handbag therefore don’t just put it over your shoulder put it across the body and keep it near the front especially in crouched areas like market stores or shopping centers 3 be aware of scammers they can spot tourists a mile away you’re not hard to miss with your SLR camera and your backpack and your Sun hats if it sounds too good to be true it probably is 4 be aware of your surroundings and the culture that you’re in take on their values and customs and pay attention and 5 always refer to tips 1 2 3 thought if you’re thinking about going backpacking or traveling on your own then yeah it’s gonna be really scary your heart will be pounding against your chest as you get through the airport coach station whatever you’re gonna be nervous but it will be the best thing you have ever done don’t let the fact the you don’t have friends who want to go traveling with you put you off we’re only here once enjoy it have a bit of adventure take a risk because you won’t regret it okay guys that’s all from me today if you go you’re traveling or have recently been traveling then let me know I want to hear your stories or post a video response below also don’t forget to subscribe like or comments if you wish no pressure alright guys see you soon

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  1. If I know that I will be going to a specific country I normally learn a little before I go. Otherwise the Lonely planet/Rough guides books have good little sections. But normally I find that asking the locals out there is the best way to learn. If I go into a shop, I will normally ask the sales person if I said something right, or how I would say something like "bread" etc. Normally that way you get talking to the locals and have some great laughs ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have heard this from others too. I think I shall avoid this area. Thank you so much for the heads up. Terrible how people can do things like that over nothing. Thanks again, I really appreciate the heads up!

  3. Glad it could be of help and some assurance to you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a video on planning your trip which might help ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. To be honest as a traveller there ARE places it is NOT safe for women to travel alone. Especially when were talking about places like South America, Honduras etc.. Do your research First ladies, seriously!

  5. You have encouraged me to start planning out my ambitious "around the world" backpacking trip ๐Ÿ™‚ have you gone to Jerusalem by yourself? And do you think a lone woman wearing hearing aids is more at risk?? Thank you.

  6. Hiya! I have not been to Jerusalem but I don't see why it would be dangerous for you as you wear hearing aids. It will surprise you just how accepting and wonderful people are all over this world. The problem is we read and watch far too much of what the media puts in our faces. But trust me, when you do go, you will be fine, Just stay safe, don't be silly and you will have an amazing time

  7. From Vietnam, there's a famous girl in her 20s travelling around the world alone for 2 years and she's been to the most exotic places in the world. So, it's not impossible!

  8. Awesome video!! I'm travelling to South America in August and will be vlogging my trip. So excited for it!!! x

  9. Being an extrovert, I NEED people to be around and experience things with me. That doesn't mean I can't go off on my own sometimes and enjoy myself though. Do you know of any way to meet people to go backpacking with??

  10. i really want to go backpacking in south-east asia for 4-5 months solo before i finish school, but as i will only be 17, my parents are insisting i go with a friend. i may have found someone to go with, but is there any way you think i could meet people to go with otherwise. given that they will be loaning me the money and i will pay them back when i get a job in uni, i don't think there is any way i can get around this… i love your vids!!

  11. I've just comeback back from 3 A-Macing weeks of Interrailing in Czech Republic, Budapest, Croatia and Italy. Your videos gave me the courage and the push I needed to go as a solo backpacker when my friend cancelled on me. Thank you SO MUCH – I will totally go alone again next year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. That truly means the world to me! I am so happy that I could help in such a huge way. That is my only aim, to show people that travelling alone is one of the best things they can do in life! Keep travelling my dear!! Never stop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I would always recommend that you wait to you are of legal age (18) to backpack as things will be a lot easier for you when you are out there. So good to see that you want to go out and explore the world! You could look into package tours but a lot expect you to be 18 to join them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Nice to hear there are people who enjoy traveling alone. I do not really like when I am going somewhere alone and people react like they feel sorry for me due to fact of travellling alone. They say they would not imagine of traveling that way.

  15. I'm all ready fully paid up and looking forward to writing a new chapter in my life and have a hell of a lot of fun doing

  16. Jajaja.. Don't mind but i simply cant resist watching your incredible gestures. i find them impressive way of marketing. anyways i never made a solo trip even inside my own country. breaking this jinx with an abroad solo trip to Barcelona soon, as i am a football fanatic and really looking forward for Clasico btwn Barca & Madrid. My friends don't like football so yes its a solo trip. thanx much for this video, really appreciate.

  17. I really appreciate your videos ! I'm planning on going to Europe in a ย backpack trip. I would love if you could give even more advice on how to plan the trip from zero.
    Thank you very much !!

  18. Travelling alone is the best thing ever! You don't have to depend on anyone, you do whatever you want, spend as much as you want! I love it so much and in fact, I prefere to travel that way! Safe travells, people ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 1:11 into the vid.. "Think, be safe"
    Right after she talks about walking down an alley it her home country or in other countries at 2 AM….
    It is NOT safe in a lot of places.
    She luckily hasn't been victimized yet…
    Travel = fine, but don't think it's not dangerous. Ignorance will not be bliss in this case ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. im 19 going to go travelling next march, india,thailand and austrailia, im nervous as hell but hopefully il be be ok hahaย 

  21. Thank you for this video! Growing up I've always been told that traveling alone as a woman (hell, even walking home alone) is essentially asking to be attacked, so I will admit that I've had that mindset that to travel the world by myself would be a wildly unsafe decision. I'm so glad to have found female youtubers like you who travel alone. Now I don't feel held back by unwilling friends. Keep doing what you're doing! :]

  22. i'll be going back packing across America all by my self in may and i can not wait. I've never been out of Australia by myself before but i am so looking forward to it i'm excited and a little nervous all at the same time do you have any tips for me.

  23. Glad I've come across your site.It's kinda pep talk for me,cause I have a feeling my friend is gonna back out with our europe tour,kinda sucks but I have no intention of postponing it.

  24. Just created and made my first video! All you guy check it out as i havent got a clue what to do haha! Thanks

  25. So chuffed I watched this video ! Thats what Ive been always saying… I want to travel but I have none with me lol.

  26. why did you not add in one tips ve to be do not ve sex with evry singel fellow travelers male you met in way, like womens re doing usal ve sex with diffrent male met in way thats wird also fake western womens which re too much around traveling, if you want ve sex in trip please dont make any trip

  27. i really wanna go backpacking in spain this autumn (going to turn 18 in june (male))
    but i never travelled alone/ backpacked whatsoever (living in germany)
    also im not big nor do i look very old much rather like 16-17 so im really not sure… :/

  28. I really want to go backpacking SE Asia but I've never travel alone or went back packing before. I want to go backpacking during my gap year around oct 2017 for a few months and stop in new York on the way back for New Years. I'm 17 and turn 18 in April. Wish I knew someone who was interested in travel. Even my best friend dont want too, she would rather spend her money else where, which is fine but it sucks.

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