BADBADNOTGOOD – What’s in My Bag?

BADBADNOTGOOD – What’s in My Bag?

I’m Charlotte Day Wilson. Hello my name is Alexander William Sowinski. Hey what’s up, this is Chester. Hey this is Leland. We’re BADBADNOTGOOD. I’m not in BADBADNOTGOOD, but we wrote a song together, so that’s why I’m here. What’s in My Bag. You know what it is. This is one of the ones I just grabbed. ‘Spirit of Eden’ by Talk Talk. This and ‘Laughing Stock’ are so different than their music before. It sounds amazing. The recording process was apparently crazy and very time-consuming. It’s a great Sunday rainy afternoon play. I got the Charles Mingus Town Hall Concert. I guess it was the last show that Eric Dolphy had ever played with them so Mingus changed all the names of the songs on the record. There was a blues that they’d been playing for a really long time, so he renamed it ‘So Long Eric’ and then ‘Meditations on Integration,’ which was a classic Mingus tune changed to ‘Praying with Eric.’ Great record. Alright, I was gonna hit you off with a heavy one right here. It’s the reissue of Arthur Verocai’s self-titled album. I believe this one is in stereo I have a version at home but it’s in mono and Leland was telling you that you can really hear the kind of vibe and arrangements and percussion and panning a lot better and it’s one of the most beautiful records, front to back. He’s a badass. Plays guitar, sings, does all the string arrangements, horn arrangements You’ve gotta hear this, it’s incredible. I also have an Arthur, but it’s Arthur Russell. I got into him a few years ago after I watched this amazing documentary and my favorite one is one that goes… it’s called ‘A Little Lost.’ I guess this is just a compilation, but I couldn’t find any other records that had that song on it but it’s just such a beautiful, beautiful song. I was in Berlin this time last year and I had a day where I just walked around and listened to that song on repeat through the city so I have a very fond memory of that. That’s sweet. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. If I had to pick one, y’know, rapper to be alone on a desert island with… their catalog, not them it would definitely be Doom’s music because it encompasses everything that hip-hop can be yeah, there’s so many good songs on this album. Favorite track? ‘Rapp Snitch Knishes’ probably. Got a Debussy string quartet. Classic $3 record. I don’t know this interpretation, but it’s just one of my all-time favorite string quartets. Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous could definitely shed a tear to this record. Got Gary Wilson ‘You Think You Really Know Me.’ We had the incredible opportunity to play live with a Earl Sweatshirt on Jimmy Kimmel I think it was last year or the year before and the song we were playing, ‘Grief,’ at the end, goes into a sample by Gary Wilson the song ‘You Were Too Good To Be True’ and Gary Wilson was there, and he came on stage with us and duct-taped his head in this fashion that he does. I believe, actually in the photos on the back he’s just got tapes it looks like, maybe quarter-inch or whatever just wrapped all over his body I think that’s probably the vibe after, y’know, a long day at the studio you just wrap yourself in the tape and just kind of like let it be with you. ‘6.4=Make Out’ also a fire track. Whoa, that’s such a good name. This is Aretha ‘Live at the Fillmore West.’ There’s a rendition that she does of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ It feels like an intimate performance, you can hear people yelling back at her like ‘Sing it Aretha!’ and she’s just slaying I got Andy Shauf ‘The Party’ Great Canadian songwriter, musician, arranger, producer A record I kind of got into recently because of this guy actually but it just has really relatable music and it’s just really nice. Great album. I second that. This actually relates a lot to that album because they’re both really cool songwriters and singers Canadians. ‘Goon’ by Tobias Jesso Jr. Again, the songs are really well-written and emotional and it’s a good record. Yeah. Might have to trade records after all this. Classics. Classics. I don’t actually know where I found this song, but there’s a song called ‘Baby.’ Just really fabulous, it’s so smooth, so gentle. You play it, it just kind of takes you away. Y’know, just look at these guys, having fun, looking handsome. Y’know sometimes that all it is. This is an album that I’ve been really, really into playing along to recently y’know, jazz fusion can get a little cheesy if you want to call it that but this is like one of my top, most badass, amazing jazz fusion albums. It’s more rocky than a lot of the other stuff, which I think makes it amazing. What’s the violin player’s name? It’s not Jean-Luc Ponty, it’s actually this dude Gary Goodman. Yeah. Cool. I don’t know him. I know I’ve listened to that record. ‘Transition,’ Coltrane. Great record. A lot of people talk about the two eras of Coltrane kind of like the start, post-bop which is more listenable and then late, avant-garde, free-jazz stuff and this is kind of right in the middle of those two eras, so kind of encompasses who he was as an artist, really. Bill Summers. On this album there’s a song called ‘Flying High.’ Or just ‘Flying,’ sorry. He’s a percussionist and vocalist and it’s just one of these… just kind of takes you in, it has so much momentum and drive and everyone in the band is super-tight, but it’s got so much power and “swag” if it’s a bad term for it, but it’s so good. You’ve gotta hear this song. The arrangements are beautiful, everyone playing in the band is killing it he’s crushing it on the percussion. It one of those tracks you can DJ and it’ll get people going. Lighting the match on the back cover because you know he’s got heat. I picked this one because I have no idea what it is but I just really like the title: ‘Lavender Jane Loves Women.’ so that drew me in and I found this in the folk section. This is 1975, and it’s this woman saying feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice. I did a little Wikipedia search. Looks like she wrote this after coming out after being married and having a kid with some guy. So that was pretty cool. Revolutionary. Yeah. This is one of my favorite new albums to come out in a bit. Anderson .Paak is one of the best vocalist/singers around now. Knowledge is amazing. I’m stoked to get more into his catalog also. Alright, this is my last one: Eric Dolphy ‘Copenhagen’ which was also released as ‘Eric Dolphy Live in Europe,’ I guess. I feel like one of the most famous Eric Dolphy songs is ‘God Bless The Child’ which is just him by himself, playing bass clarinet, and it has that on this record. Is that the Red Hot Chili Peppers… Yeah, also the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been playing ‘God Bless The Child’ from this record to start off all their live shows, which is pretty cool. Shout out Flea. We got a duo here. One-two-three bang! ‘In Your Eyes.’ George B. Who’s that? Mary MacGregor We made a song called ‘In Your…’ well, Charlotte did. Well, no, we did. And then a lot of other… well I guess, yeah, we did. A lot of other people made songs and albums called ‘In Your Eyes.’ It’s a pretty classic title, which I think matches the tone of the song that we wrote. Yeah, totally. Kind of classic sounding. Looking in someone’s eyes is powerful. Staring contests are difficult. This one is also produced by Kashif, who passed away last year so shout out to Kashif, because he’s amazing. Don’t know this album. I listened to it for a moment and it kind of encompassed what I’ve heard this gentleman do. He’s an arranger. His name is Gary McFarland. I think this album is about him traveling through America and working on forests and stuff like that, and kind of getting inspiration from that but what he does is super beautiful and expressive and tonal fighting and, yeah, he just opens it up and closes it all through so this one sounds really cool too. And it’s got Bernard P. on drums, Bernard Purdie One of my favorites. Shuffle master. Hopefully this is the way it’s gonna be, y’know? 2017 ‘America the Beautiful.’ Cool, thanks so much guys. Sweet. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. No, thank you. I’m very happy to be a part of this.

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  1. lol. "coming out, after being married and having a kid with some guy, so that's pretty cool…"

    or that probably SUCKED to have to navigate. I hope it turned out, but that sounds like such a hard time! just the stuff that people casually say sometimes. oh man, i'm typing this comment…uh, i sound even more annoying than her…ahh someone please help me!

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  3. man.
    So freaking grateful for this series. The amount of new music I've been given thanks to Amoeba and artists like these guys is just a blessing.

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  6. Yeah, breaking up a young family because you've decided you're gay in the 70s is pretty cool to middle class hipster kids in 2017 lol

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  8. Its really cool because BADBADNOTGOOD and Arthur Verocai are going to make a concert together here on Brazil now!

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  10. This probably the most honest "What's in my Bag" so far. They obviously got a bunch of music they like and that has influenced them instead of just picking stuff to earn cool points across the many genres of music.

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