Bag Hacks – Hack It: EP101

Bag Hacks – Hack It: EP101

In this episode, Bag Hacks! If you’re one of those people that loses your
keys in their bag… So as you can see, sometimes it’s quite a
hassle to find your keys. So the simple solution is to just grab a paperclip,
pull one arm out just like that and then with a hot glue gun, I just simply make a little
ball-y to put on the end of the paperclip, like this. Repeat the same thing on the other end of
the paperclip. So I’ve created my little ball-y things and
what the glue does, it actually prevents the paperclip from scratching the inside of your bag. And now, all you have to do is place your
paperclip on to a side pocket of some sort. Grab your keys and then slide it on the hook. This way, your keys will never get lost. So, I give my bag a shake. And then you can see that my keys are always there. Easy-peasy baby! So you know how when you’re carrying heavy things
in your bag and the base of your bag looks a little too saggy and out of shape? Well I’m gonna show you just how to fix that. So first thing you want to do is take the
stuff out of the bag. Then I’m gonna fold the base down so that
I can see the shape of my base. Then I just simply grab my board, place it
over the base of my bag and mark where the base of your bag is. Now I just cut it, like so. So I’ve got my base, I just simply slide it
into my bag. And there you have it, a base for your bag. So now your bag will no longer sag when you
have heavy things in it. The base of my bag is gonna sag no more. Now if your drawstring has come loose on your
bag, it can be a real pain in the buttocks to thread it back. So a simple solution is to actually just put
a bobby pin or a safety pin at the end of your string or chord. And just slowly thread it through the hole
of your bag. Like this. This way, it makes it easier to thread through
the hole of your bag. My string has come out the other side! And now I just take that off, grab the 2 ends, and there you go! My drawstring bag is back to it’s… Natural state? Seriously it’s like my mouth and my brain,
not connected! Someone cut the wire somewhere in between. Now we all know our gym bags can get rather
stinky right? Well, there’s a quick solution! Just simply grab a dryer sheet and throw it
in your bag. Lets zip that up and leave it there for awhile
shall we? And there you go! Now your bag is gonna be
smelling nice and fresh. And once it stops smelling nice, just simply
exchange it for a nice fresh one! Mmm… Okay, I totally did not inhale. I’m not gonna inhale someone else’s gym bag! Hello!! You think what!? Lets just wait a bit shall we? Mmm… it smells nice and fresh! Well at least fresher than it used to. Now if you have a sling bag with a sling handle
that is just too long, here’s a simple hack for you to shorten it! So all you have to do is open your flap like this. Criss cross your sling just like so. Put your flap back over. Buckle it up of course, you know to make it
swee swee (Good in Hokkien). And just like that, you have a shorten bag
and it looks fabulous! This is also great if you wanna change up
your look from a sling bag to a purse. This hack is also useful when you’re travelling. You know when you pack your bag and everything
kinda gets squashed and sometimes your leather goods gets creases in it. Well there is a solution guys! Just stuff
it up with your clothes. So now when you pack your bag in your suitcase,
it’s not gonna get so squashed and create creases and damage your bag. So there you go, voila! Now some of you may face this classic problem
with your bag where it tends to sag from its original shape. The hack for that is to actually do the same
thing. Just fill it up with some old t-shirts and
stuff! So now with the t-shirts in there it’s gonna
keep its original shape. One of my classic favourite bag hacks. It’s original. Now if you get annoyed with your bag pack
sagging just like this, why not try this hack? I got some chopping boards from Daiso for
just $2. Now you don’t have to use chopping boards,
you can use cardboard or you know, anything that’s kinda stiff. I’m just putting my chopping board inside
my bag, zip it up, and as you can see, now its standing nice and tall with no saggy-ness. So you know how sometimes when you’re in a
rush in the morning and you wanna change your bag to match your outfit? And it’s kinda troublesome to transfer everything
from one bag to another. Well people, there is a solution! It is… a bag organiser. That way you can keep all your stuff together and you can transfer your things from one bag to another. So say for example I want to wear black and
I have a black bag. So I put all my things inside my black bag. Or you know, sometimes you may feel a little
bit casual and put all your things in a YouTube bag, just like that. And we have come to the end of yet another
episode. Now if you didn’t already know, I’ve started
designing our own merchendise! You can go check it out at We’ve got some stuff up on sale so go check
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  5. Even better for the key hack: put them in the side pocket if you have one. I also had magnets holding my bag sides shut, so I put my key there.

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