Bag Update: Ricky Wysocki, May 2019

Bag Update: Ricky Wysocki, May 2019

Last week there really was something
that clicked in my game. I, you know figured out a couple things with my
sidearm, with my putt, and I think it definitely showed in my confidence and
that’s that’s the biggest thing for me. Having the Pig in my bag like for some
reason it changed my form in in a positive way to where I was throwing
the Pig, the new Tour Series Pig. You know I was throwing such good shots with that
and then I was hitting a lot of putts and then next thing you know my distance
sidearm was coming along too just because I was working on that that nice
controlled Pig shot. You know if I get up and if I have a you know an upshot with my
Pig it’s gonna be an up and down every time. There’s not as much pressure on
the other shots so then you feel even more confident with the other shots. So
it’s like either I throw a great drive and I get up and down with the Pig or I
throw a mediocre drive and I have a little harder shot with the pig but I
still know I can get up and down from there. It takes a lot of pressure off
other parts of my game allowing me to open up and really just be really
aggressive and not worry about what you know you know if I if I don’t execute
the shot because I know I can recover. Here in Masters Cup I feel the same way.
I feel like you know if I set my mind to it, I’m in the right mindset, I’m gonna
step up and I’m gonna dominate. And now it’s just maintaining that and keeping
keeping that mental edge for me and myself and going into every tournament.
My putting is really good my release I feel like I’ve got my release dialed in
my timing rhythm everything with my putt is really good. And I’m hitting spots on
the basket with within this range and that’s when I know I’m the best. I’m
throwing my disc in a certain line like I said within you know this range of the
basket and it starts and it finishes on that line and that’s when I know I”m at my best. Let’s start with the holy grail the newest and my most
favorite disc since adding it to the bag the Pro Pig, the new Tour Series Sockibomb. It’s really flat really stiff so this thing is awesome really good
for sidearms. Like I said stiffer really durable for Pro plastic. Really
complements my regular Pro Pig which is a little softer. It’s being able to throw
it really hard anny and having it know that’s gonna come out and come to
land flat and even hyzer back. The regular Pro Pig. This thing is a little
softer than the my Tour Series. It’s gonna be a little straighter breaks in a
little bit more which is good I like to be able to manipulate it and throw on
that big anny and have it hold and even turn a little bit left. I got my Star
AviarX3. Strictly for backhand shots. I can throw this thing with hyzer. It’s gonna
hyzer and I can throw it flat and it’s still
gonna come back. It’s really overstable and it’s really been a staple in my bag for
my my backhand approach needs. I’ve got just a regular DX Roc. Goes flat lands
flat and doesn’t really turn too much so I can really trust it on the sloped
greens I know exactly what angle it’s gonna land on it and slide it and skip
on. Now I’ve got a KC Pro Roc. This thing is max weight it’s nice and
straight as well slightly broken in. I know it’s gonna just drift right and
just land flat. Now on to the newest fairway drivers I’ve added. I’ve got the
newest 11x Champion TeeBird. Really can throw it the hyzer flip to flat land
flat and really know that it’s not gonna hyzer back. Yeah there’s a ton of
shots that you need to throw and land flat through a tunnel so you don’t
really have room to work it. So you can just pop that this TeeBird especially
on this angle and it’s gonna flip up turn and even land a little bit to the
right so you can really control your angles coming into these fast greens. Got
my new champion, Champion Firebird. Flat, super stiff, really overstable. Great in
the wind. We’ve been playing a lot of wind lately so I’ve been throwing this.
Know it’s gonna skip and know it’s just gonna hit the ground and really get a
nice consistent finish. Now I’ve got my brand new 11x, 11x Firebird. This
thing is awesome. I just like that it’s a little bit grippier, a little
straighter. I could really turn it a little bit more than most Firebirds so
it gets a little bit more glide, a little more distance. It almost feels like I can
get a little 25 to 30 foot more distance than my regular Firebirds, so sometimes I
need that extra glide. You got my newest teammate’s discs in the bag, Nate Sexton.
Thanks to him. This thing is awesome, knocked it out of the park with this disc.
I really like this disc for sidearms. It’s got a great grip for that, I know he
throws a lot of sidearms with it I’ve been watching it for years so now I’m
trying it out for myself. But yeah it’s just a great disc, really good grip and
it breaks in really slowly really nicely so it’s getting a little bit a little
bit of glide but still has that nice Firebird finish. So this one is almost
between that tie-dye one I just talked about, the real stiff flat one and the
11x. It’s not quite as glidy as the 11x but it’s not quite as overstable as the stiff flat tie-dye one. Now on to my Destroyers. I’ve got a
bottom stamp SDS. I just really like a broken in SDS. There’s nothing like a pop
top SDS Destroyer and how it flies. This thing, it bombs it crushes. I can throw
it out on hyzer and goes out and glides and goes and
glides for days. Now I’ve got my disc. The pink Raptor. You know it’s it’s the type
of Destroyer that I’ve never thrown before where you can actually throw it
out flat and just have it turn the entire flight. It never comes back which
is good for complete max distance tail wind shots and even you know if you
need to throw with a little hyzer and just know that’s gonna land flat and not
skip left. So I’ve got a new New Mexico’s state flag Star Destroyer. This
thing was just a stock disc, one of my first discs I actually got from Innova.
And I have a seasoned one that was my main disc in San Fran and it’s really
starting to break in nicely so this one’s complementing that really well.
It’s a little bit more overstable new same run though nice and poppy super
overstable. I can, I feel a little comfortable
throwing it backhand and sidearm and so that’s definitely unique for me. Usually
I’m one or the other with certain discs. This is awesome a lot of people been
asking me why the New Mexico State flag. It just happened to be the the
stamp on file when I when I was first picking out my disc at the factory. Now
this is a unique disc a lot of people been asking me about this. It’s my
Champion Boss. I’ve thrown some of the farthest shots I’ve ever thrown with
this thing. It just picks up glides it’s it just gets to my destination real fast.
This thing is a 13 speed. I’ve never had anything above a 12 speed in the past so
that’s really unique for me. Yeah it actually reminds me a lot of a Destroyer.
It glides and it feels because it’s got the pop top feel which is what I look
for in a distance driver and it just seems to go that a little bit further
than a Destroyer. So if it’s a distance contest, I’m throwing as far as I
possibly can, i’ma throw a boss. But if I’m, if there’s any trees, any
variables in the way I’m gonna still gonna reach for the Destroyer. So now
we’ll talk a little bit about my utility drivers. I’ve got the first one which is
a Champion Max with a Team Innova stamp. Super overstable. You can throw
this thing at like a roller angle, it’s going to come out. For a max for me
actually is almost almost like a longer Firebird but even more overstable. And
then my last one is the Champion Roadrunner. It’s gonna be, you know, I can
throw it with hyzer get up and throw some quick stand-up rollers you know
depending on the angle I want. I can get more distance based on how much hyzer I
throw on it so if I want to throw a quick flip I can throw it kind of like
flat even to a little turn and it quick flips. Or if I want to get distance I can
throw it with hyzer get it to turn out and stand up mid-flight. Really been
digging it for the consistent finished rollers. All facets of my game are really
good right now but just being able to practice and and emulate all the stuff
that I could have changed in my form throughout the you know last couple
months and seeing the results is the biggest thing. Just having a fairway friver you can…
“You’re the bomb dog!” Thanks brother! He ruined it!
Oh that’s so funny.

77 thoughts on “Bag Update: Ricky Wysocki, May 2019

  1. Pretty cool to see the development of Rick’s game, personality & speaking in front of the camera or crowds. He seems really confident lately! Get em Sockibomb!

  2. Ricky is my prediction for World’s this year. He’s absolutely on fire right now, and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

  3. I love watching these videos of Ricky because we get to see more personality from him that we never got to see in the past. Hopefully we get MANY more videos of Ricky in the future!!

  4. Who would thumb this down? Maybe they don't understand how thumbs work. Happiest I've ever seen Ricky.

  5. you are so confident and it seems like you're in a perfect place right now, earlier in the year people were talking s*** and you are shutting them up real quick and I'm loving it. dominate this West Coast Swing Ricky

  6. I like the format– eliminating the "reach into the bag between discs" makes the video flow and trims the fat. Who doesn't like getting the relevant info in 7 minutes rather than 15!? Nice job fellas, congrats for the win Ricky!

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  9. Ok damn, Ricky was great here infront of the camera. He has improved a lot!

    Also his backhand distance is also shocking, especially with the yellow boss.

  10. Keep it up Rick your game is showing you are the best in the world these last few tournaments. Keep going Rick . Love to see these changes to your bag to see how I can implement them to my game.

  11. It's so good to see a happy, smiling Rick. He's so much more comfortable, confident, and excited about his game.

  12. Been enjoying some of these more understable softer molds. Got a sig champ t bird 3 and a more gummy destroyer that I can crush on.

  13. used to be difficult to listen to Ricky go through his bag. His confidence has definitely increased and his awkwardness is going away lol

  14. A friend of mine ran into Ricky at a course a couple months ago in Nevada. (My friend is an old over the road truck driver). They played a round together and then Ricky took a couple pics and signed a couple discs when they were done. A class act and an amazing representative of disc golf. Salt of the earth and all around good human being.

  15. The differnce between "I don't know what to do with my hands" Ricky Bobby, and "If you ain't first you're last" Ricky Bobby is amazing in this interview.

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