Band of Horses – What’s In My Bag?

Band of Horses – What’s In My Bag?

What’s in your bag, Creighton? You want me to go first? I’m really missing Les Savy Fav Oh, did you get it? No. Their first EP and I can’t find it anywhere but I found ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ which is a great record It is, indeed. I’m gonna start with… this was like my favorite record and I didn’t actually get it for myself, I got for our friend Gabby This is Ron Wood’s first solo album, ‘I’ve Got My Own Album To Do’ I guess this is right when he had joined Rolling Stones, something like that He wasn’t in the Faces anymore but, god I don’t think they can even list all the people that are on it, just due to legal reasons but Rod Stewart’s on it, Keith’s on it George Harrison’s on there, Ringo plays some drums Billy Preston’s on there… Mac plays keyboards, Ian McLagan R.I.P. from the Faces But, yeah, this is a fantastic album that I think everyone should own. This caught my eye. I used to work in the chicken business with my dad and my brother. and my mom worked there for a small amount of time too and she would say that we have to put on the side of the chicken trucks: ‘Poultry in Motion’ I thought that was pretty funny but my dad didn’t go for it. Anyway, this is called ‘Poultry in Motion.’ by a guy named Hasil Adkins The Chicken Collection 1955-1999 and he’s eating chicken on the front and he’s devouring chicken on the back as well. #1 is ‘Chicken Walk,’ 2 is ‘Chicken Hearts,’ 3 is ‘Chicken Hop,’ 4 is ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Chicken Shake Blues,’ ‘Pick That Chicken,’ ‘Chicken Twist,’ ‘Chicken on the Bone,’ ‘Chicken Walk’ You’ll like it. Have you heard it? I’ve heard him, he’s really good. Dude, I’ve never heard of him, but we’ll see. Well I got this hat too. Don’t know if y’ll are gonna charge me for this or not, but, anyway… I got a meditation book called ‘Fuck That.’ Y’know, just stuff that you would read on the toilet. Like this one says ‘turn the page again’ I don’t know, real thoughtful stuff ‘Feel the horseshit of the external world fade from your awareness.’ The back of the book is just plain as day. ‘Let this book help you find peace with the challenges that surround you because they are fucking everywhere.’ The first thing I grabbed was this Robbie Basho ‘Twilight Peaks’ which I haven’t heard but I’ve listened to Robbie Basho before I’m a big fan of finger-style guitarists and Amoeba always has a really cool selection that kind of sits over the top I don’t know who picks them all out but I’m always like, that looks great. Terry Reid Aw hell, Creighton. Aw, no way. I also got Terry Reid. Yeah I had no idea this was even coming out at all, I hadn’t even read anything Yeah, it’s expanded from that original one, so now there’s some demos I think. I can’t wait, man. This said ‘Original Issue.’ It’s a David Crosby record called ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’ We’ve all been there. $6.99? That has to be a mistake. $6.99 just to look at the cover. Have you not heard that yet? I haven’t heard this, no. They had the Graham Nash/Crosby one too but I was like, I gotta get this. ‘Lemmy: White Line Fever.’ Huge Lemmy fan. I also got another bass player’s book ‘How to Be a Man’ So, ‘How to Be a Man,’ ‘White Line Fever’ Big fan of Duff, I mean you can hear his bass on those records and it’s awesome Bill plays bass too. I like bass players. So, yeah, that’s all I got. I just got three. Let’s stay on the book theme. I got ‘The Record Store of the Mind’ by Josh Rosenthal who’s a friend of mine, he runs Tompkins Square Records. He’s got fantastic taste, I think, in music and he finds a lot of obscure finger-style guitar players and reissues a lot of stuff so just interested to see what he’s doing in his book here. I got this awesome Otis Redding record ‘It’s Not Just Sentimental.’ I don’t know if this is a collection or what but I’ve been spazzing on all the deep cuts of Otis’ catalog ‘I’m Coming Home’ is my favorite song right now. ‘Trick or Treat’ is bad to the bone. and ‘Cupid.’ ‘Cupid’s the damn shit. Very glad to have this, the real deal in my hand now. I just got to get it home safely. I have a book. What book did you get, Creighton? ‘The Sounds of Two Eyes Opening’ by Spot. and it’s a punk, y’know, SoCal anthology pretty much but it’s got early pics of Keith Morris and the Flag and stuff like that skateboarding and surfing I’m a dork for punk rock and skateboarding and surfing they’re three of my favorite things so my kids will soon enough be old enough to start flipping through a lot of very similar books Yeah, yeah. That’s one of the stupid books dad has Scary-ass punk rockers again, here we go. I picked up a G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies compact disc. ‘Terror in America: Live in the USA 1993’ ‘Warning: contains offensive material not to be put in all hands.’ I would have to agree with that last little bit. This is the first thing that caught my eye when I was downstairs and I honestly look at live footage of G.G. on YouTube just to kill time It’s seriously some entertaining stuff Someone told me Eric Andre said that G.G. was his favorite stand-up comic in one these The last bit I watched online there are three segments of his last day somebody followed him around after a show, he was just running around New York and nobody’d get him…like he couldn’t pick up a cab no cab driver’s are picking him up at all, his fans are following him down the street He was just like, ‘I just wanna go get high, everybody leave me alone!’ I think the least offensive song title here is ‘Wendy and Tilla?’ ‘Be My Fuckin’ Whore, Wendy & Tilla’ Yeah, this is live. Getting them in the studio would be hilarious. And on the other end of the spectrum ‘Ola Belle Reed & Southern Mountain Music On The Mason-Dixon Line’ box set I don’t really know too much about Ola Belle Reed There are a couple of radio shows where I live, in Asheville that play a lot of this kind of stuff and every time she comes on, I’m like, ‘what is that?’ So that’s it, that’s my last thing in my bag. Cool. I pick up some DVDs too. I love rock docs and all that kind of stuff, so I got ‘End of the Century,’ Ramones. Y’know, the famous thing about the Ramones, is they would always stop and start and have arguments on stage John Cale, ‘Fragments of a Rainy Season’ I have the disc, just the audio disc of it but I didn’t know it was filmed and a couple Nick Cave ones: ‘Live in London’ and ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ a great documentary that’s just good cinema. I get a huge amount of energy from from picking out singular people and terrifying them This is 2008, so it’s the ‘Dig Lazarus Dig’ record some really good hits too Stoked as hell. At least, before the show when you’re ‘I don’t like performing’ or whatever ‘I don’t wanna be in front of people’ or whatever, watch this shit ‘Alright, let’s go kill somebody.’ We played in Bergen it was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Bergen, Norway and we played right before them, I think and I’ve never seen anything like that, it was just… the power emanating from that stage, it was just insane goosebumps and fear Hell yeah. Unbelievable, man. God and the devil and everything in between. We also got to see him wearing a baseball hat Yeah. He was wearing a L.A. Dodgers hat in the lobby, we were like, ‘holy shit, someone get the camera’ Hell no. He’ll bury you. No, god no, he’ll fuckin put that camera up your butt Yeah, that’s all that’s in my bag. Good job. Back at ya. Love you. Love you.

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  1. love this series, dont know this band, and why are so many people in these comments arses about good music? come on you're going to hate on things you don't have a taste for? then how are you ever learning about new music?

  2. Kudos on the Ron Wood pick, but his albums Gimme Some Neck, and 1234 are so much better, regardless of the cast on the first album. And btw, Hasil is pronounced Hassle. Y'all got great taste! Cheers to Tompkins Square!

  3. I remember hearing the funeral in middle school great song my brother used play a bunch of there music back then good times

  4. Loved seeing the camaraderie among these guys. Sometimes the animosity between bandmates is palpable on "What's In My Bag."

  5. I was lucky enough to have Ben Bridwell (and Creighton) to walk into the open air beach bar in Mexico where I was having a cold one. (They we’re performing nearby that night.) He was surprisingly undetected except for me. I turned around and spoke and he held out his hand for me to shake and he could not have been a nicer guy. And smartass funny! His Regular Joe-ness was so impressive. Creighton too. Not an iota of rock star vibe. Thanks Ben and Creighton!

  6. After seeing that Chicken album, I immediately went to tell my family that we would be having Popeyes for dinner.

  7. Hey! Barbecue, tomorrow, my place. Bring your guitars. I've got the meat and beer for everyone! Y'all comin'?

  8. Ok I’m gonna say it.. love band of horses and have been a fan for a while but they all look like a bunch of sweaty basement skeevers that nibble on moldy cheese

  9. I have that same cowboy shirt with red flowers I found at a thrift shop. If you get a chance watch GG's last day in 3 parts.

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