Barry has been sleeping rough in London since he was 18.

Barry has been sleeping rough in London since he was 18.

28 thoughts on “Barry has been sleeping rough in London since he was 18.

  1. The human waste that urinated and shit on him; you wonder what his mental state of mind is. More than likely he's probably homeless himself now given his mental capacity.

  2. He says,"I'll still look in the skies.I'll look up the clouds and sometimes I'll see his face,and I'm happy with it".・・・.Nice and warm.

  3. Wickedness, humans are worse than rats without the love of God shed abroad in their hearts, afforded to us by Christ Jesus.

  4. The fact that he cannot be cared because of the lack of proper system is so hard to accept. He had to be cared a long time ago.

  5. At least his Dad recognized he had some responsibility for fucking up his son's life! Wish my parents could do the same for me but that will never happen…

    Don't get me wrong, I am an adult now and I know I also have responsibility but they played a big part in who I am and what happened to me through my childhood. I fight to live every day and I try my best but I am fucked up.

    I'm not on drugs or drink at least, I have done both in my life but I never got completely fucked up through them. My problems are more mental, I just can't cope with life, don't pay bills etc, struggle to pay rent, in and out of work all the time, I can't seem to hold anything down for too long, make terrible choices!

    I'm trying my best but nothing seems to work out for me. Sometimes I think I wasn't made for this world and perhaps the world is better off without me and maybe if I'm dead all the struggles would just disappear and I can finally have some peace. I know it sounds fucking horrible but it's how I feel. I know it's the cowards way out and maybe I am a coward. I dunno…

  6. Poor bugger why don't they leave him alone to stay drunk.Even sober he would still be poverty stricken&homeless but miserable& livious. Better to be oblivious&live in the warmth of an inner astralised cave from booze ~come yea demon entities have a drink of spirits with me or even hard liquor.keep me company till the marnin' like a warm woman

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