Beautylish Lucky Bag 2019

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2019

Hey guys, so today I have my Beautylish
lucky bag so let’s find out what’s in here, last year I got a super lucky bag
so I highly doubt I’ll get one again, but hopefully I still got some good stuff.
okay so opening this up the first thing in here is wrapped in this pouch. Okay, so the first thing in here says coming soon so I guess this is a
new product, this is from Good Molecules and it’s their wake up Eye serum
formulated with caffeine and pumpkin extract to brighten, firm and depuff.
That’s really funny because I think last year I got the ordinary caffeine
solution for under the eyes so again I get an eye serum twice in a row that’s
interesting but I guess this is a new brand coming
to beautylish so I’m not sure how much this would retail for since its new so
that’s pretty cool. Alright next in here we have this Oribe gold lust dry shampoo I have
this already and I really like it it smells so nice just like rich people I
don’t know but I feel like it does really help to get rid of that oily
dirty feeling in your hair and just revives it and it adds good texture to
your hair you don’t really have to use it just as a dry shampoo you can just
use it to give your hair some texture I really like it for that and this size
retails for $22 so that’s a nice product I know I
already like that okay next in here are these Ardell
wispies lashes I don’t use lashes very much so I’m not sure how much I’ll use
these but if I were to use lashes they’d definitely be this kind I like more
wispy fluttery lashes so I don’t know I’ll try them out I don’t use lashes too
much but they’re worth trying and these retail for $3.50.
okay next in here we have a Wayne Goss brush this is the number 17 looks like a
tapered crease brush I love Wayne Goss and I haven’t tried any of his brushes
yet so this is pretty cool I really like this brush it feels really nice definitely
the kind of brush I use I have like 10,000 crease brushes but what’s one
more and this brush retails for $28 so that’s a deal
okay next in here is something wrapped in bubble wrap okay so this is the R+Co
crown scalp scrub so this is just like a exfoliator for your scalp I really like
these I have a dry scalp a lot of the time even though my hair gets oily so I
don’t know what’s going on with that but I really like using exfoliators on my
scalp I really like the Briogeo exfoliating shampoo stuff so I will
definitely try this one out and this retails for $38 next thing in here is
also in bubble wrap okay so this is the Natasha Denona cranberry palette I
haven’t gotten around to trying this yet this is one of her newer pallets
it looks like this lets swatch it really quick why not, there whoo okay so I mean those swatch pretty
nice I really like Natasha Denona’s shadows so hopefully these will be just
as good I will definitely try them out and this palette retails for $48 okay
and the last thing last thing in here it looks like it’s from Jouer and this is
the best of nudes lip cream collection I really do like Jouer lip cremes I think
I got a Jouer lip cream in my last beautylish lucky bag so that’s
interesting so this comes with eight different lip creams all in nude shades
it looks like there’s two metallics and then the rest are mattes so I do really
like this formula it’s very thin and pigmented on the lips I really do like
these so that’s pretty cool and this retails for $34 okay so the total value
of this year’s box minus the eye serum because I don’t know how much that would
cost is one hundred and seventy three dollars and fifty cents Beautylish
guarantees that you will get at least 150 dollars with the regular lucky bag
so I think I got a pretty good deal let me know if you grabbed a lucky bag this
year and which one you got they also had a Jeffree Star bag and then the XL bag so
let me know if you picked one up and what you got and I will see you in my
next video

13 thoughts on “Beautylish Lucky Bag 2019

  1. I also have to add I love your eyes in this and the dewy glass skin look, I hit the subscribe button and hopefully a review or demo. Thanks!

  2. Ooooooh my gosh at the Natasha Denona Cranberry pallette, I've seen tons of people getting the Camel pallette which is so blah imo but that Cranberry one is super gorgeous and fun! Can't wait to get mine on Thursday 😁

  3. I agree that your eye makeup is the bomb! Very inspiring, thank you! You have gorgeous eyes and you are so gorgeous! Thank you for your great attitude, I super appreciate it! ❤️

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