Becoming Morgz for 24 Hours! (Real Game Master Found at Target)

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. Right now, we are going– – Matt, stop, we have
to switch the format. – Oh, okay. Today we’re doing the Guess the Price, I’ll Buy It challenge. – But, there’s a twist. We’re all putting in our credit cards and if they pick it, we have to buy it. – What? – I don’t like this. – Your challenge today
is to guess the YouTuber that we’re recreating in today’s video. – And don’t forget to like, subscribe, turn on notifications. – [Group] In five, four, three, two, one. – Comment below Target Challenge if you did it in that time. Also you guys know that we
are recreating different YouTubers to switch up
our format so that GMI cannot figure out our
channels and hack into them. – All right, so the way this is gonna work is we’re gonna break it into three rounds. – Round one. – We’re each gonna pick out an item and somebody has to guess what it is and if they’re within $5, that
person gets to buy that item. – But the twist. – We don’t know who’s gonna purchase it. – Everyone, give me your credit card. – That’s right. At random, we’re gonna choose one
of these credit cards, and whoever has it gets to
purchase it with that card. – Oh, no. – Let’s get to shopping. – Let’s start this off
with a unicorn onesie. Matt, how much does this cost? – I don’t want that. – You have to guess,
it’s part of the game. – $24.99. – It was $27.99. – I won it. – Yes. – I don’t think he wants it. – I don’t want that. Close your eyes and pick a card. – Where is it? – Over to your left. Ha ha, prank. Pranked, I pranked you. – Matt’s buying his own unicorn onesie. – I still don’t want that. – Put it in the cart. Okay, Zamfam, you guys know that we
are doing this challenge so that GMI cannot hack
into our YouTube channel. – I place– – They changed their format? – It’s a different algorithm. Looks like their videos are
of a different style today. – Tracking device on the RZ Twin, but she’s also supposed
to give us information on where she’s meeting
the real Game Master or the GMI’s Game Master, I’m not sure. – So there’s supposed
to be a secret meeting, and then Daniel got a mysterious
text from who we think is RZ Twin, and it had a bullseye on it. – Which is the symbol for Target, so we’re at the closest
Target to where we were at the gym. – Back to shopping. Daniel, you’re next. Guess this price. – Oh, I’m thinking. $14.99. – What? – Matt, is says the price
right here and you showed him. – Daniel, choose your card. – Whose card is it? Matt’s. – No, this is getting intense. – Okay, Rebecca, you gotta
guess this Fortnite backpack. – I don’t know how much backpacks are, but I’m gonna guess $40. – Nope, the price is right behind you. – What? 35, I did it, I’m within $5. – It’s on sale. – Gotta put it back. – What is she doing back there? – She’s dancing. – I feel like it’s a prank. That was really hard to act this out, I’m really sorry Daniel you
had to deal with this, but– – How are we gonna replace Rebecca if we can’t even track her videos? – We are trying to track down the RZ Twin because there’s a secret
meeting with the Game Master happening right now and
we need to be there. Have you heard anything? – I haven’t gotten any
texts or anything yet. I mean, all I know is I
think that this Target is the right location so we’ve just gotta keep
our eye out for her. – It’s the closest Target
to where we’re at right now. – Yeah. – And the last time that we
saw the RZ Twin on the tracker. – Very true. – Are you ready to keep this video up? – I think we have to. Round two! – Here we go. – Now it’s time for round two. For this round, you have to be within $1. – That’s gonna be really difficult. – Nearly impossible. – Matt! – Rebecca. – I found the perfect item. Matt’s never gonna be
able to guess this price. Matt, how much does this
giant flat screen TV cost? – That’s a 60-inch Samsung, I want that. – You have to guess the price within $1. – $1? – All right Matt, tell me. – This is a nice TV, 4K quality,
I think it’s at least $700. – Okay, let’s find out how much it is. $549.99. – What? – You don’t get the flat screen TV, Matt. – I still want that. – Sorry, not sorry. Matt, come on, you didn’t win it. – But guys, I really
want this. I want this. – That’s not part of the challenge. – All right, Daniel, have
you ever played VR before? – I think so. – Daniel, name that price. – Oh, maybe, $40? – Almost there. – There’s no way that thing is $40. – Daniel, let’s see the price. – What? – Daniel. – Oh! It’s mine. – What? – Yes! – What do you even use that for? – I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out. – What? – But wait, who’s gonna pay for it? Daniel, pick your card. – [Rebecca] Please not me, please not me. – Rebecca Zamolo. – No! I don’t wanna buy that. – Daniel, add it to the cart. – Okay, Rebecca. Guess
the price of this drone. – Ooh, I think drones are expensive. Ooh, I really want a drone,
though, with our pool? We could have a drone floating up. I’ve never had my own drone. – Oh hoh. – I’m going to guess $2000. – R… Oh, hold up. Hold
on, hold on. Hold on. – What? Wait, but, was I… Oh. – Whoa, whoa, wait. – You did not get– – No Stop, stop. It’s not… it’s from RZ Twin. – Oh, okay. – We have to go to a Target, but we’re not at the right Target. This is the wrong Target. – It’s the wrong Target? – She just sent me the location, we gotta get to this other Target. – What about the challenge? – Matt, stop, stop. We’re not doing that. We need to go and find RZ Twin. She’s meeting with the Game Master, we need to figure this out. Let’s get to the next location, you guys. Let’s get to the other Target. – Okay. All right, we are at Target. – Mr. X will be very pleased. Now this is the one? – This is it. – This is the coordinates that she gave. – Rebecca’s gonna stay
in the car right now making sure that nobody comes out here. anything happens. If the RZ Twin does escape, Rebecca’s gonna be the
first one to see her. – Great. – Okay. – We’re gonna have to split up. – Yeah. Okay, so, looks like round
three’s gonna… oh, wait, sorry. Round three, it’s time to
go upstairs and figure out exactly which one we’re gonna do. – I don’t think you anymore. This is totally different,
we need to stay on course. Try to find RZ Twin. – No more, YouTuber?
– Get one out of your system. – You’ll probably feel better. – Well, let’s go! Daniel and I are getting
ready to split up. Which way are you gonna go? – I’m gonna go right. – Oh, by the back-to-school stuff. – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna go over to
the toy section right now. – Okay, sounds good. – Comment down below if
you think we’re gonna find the RZ Twin meeting with
the Game Master right now. Fortnite Monopoly! Back on track, back on track. – Okay, back-to-school stuff, maybe. Ooh, look at that, Ultimate Fortnite. Fortnite, a bunch of Fortnite stuff. I don’t see RZ Twin, I
don’t see the Game Master, I don’t see anybody right now. Guys, keep a lookout, if you see RZ Twin. You know, sometimes likes to hide, so, I don’t know, keep an eye out, let me know if you find
anybody, if you see anybody. I think that we missed them. Comment down below if you see them. I’ve searched everywhere, and
I just, I can’t find them. I’m gonna go meet Matt outside. – Okay. – Looks like we’re gonna have
to have a little chat with him about the game. – I haven’t even seen anything inside. Hey, there’s, okay, Daniel. – Yeah? – Whoa.
– I didn’t see anything inside. – No, nobody. I don’t get it, like, no
RZ Twin, no Game Master. I’m gonna check my phone and see. – Okay. – Matt, she’s not even here anymore. – What? – She’s like, on the move. – Another Target? – I don’t know if it’s another
Target or another meeting. I have no idea. Look, look, look. – Is that the– – Doesn’t that look like
the guy with the GMI ? – Is it? Hold on, hold on. Oh, oh, oh. – [Daniel] Did you see his face? – We have to go downstairs,
Go downstairs. Yup. – Down the elevator? – Yeah, either one. – Oh, this one’s good.
– Got another one, okay. – I thought the RZ Twin
was gonna be meeting with the real Game Master. – I thought so, too. But is
that even a real Game Master? Or the GMI Game– – We have to follow them. – Yeah, let’s find out. – Okay, let’s go see what’s going on. – Okay. – [Daniel] Getting in the car. – [Matt] Oh, he’s in his car. That’s his car? That’s the Game Master’s car? – Yeah, the Game Master’s car is a Ford! – What? – I don’t know. – Okay. Guys, it looks like we
just found the Game Master, we’re gonna follow him right now. Make sure to watch this
video right over here, don’t forget to turn on
notifications, like, and subscribe. I think we’re gonna follow
the Game Master right now. – Yeah. – All right, let’s get back
in the Tesla and go see him. – Okay.

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