Becoming VSCO Girls with Lilly, Justin Hartley and Lea Michele

Becoming VSCO Girls with Lilly, Justin Hartley and Lea Michele

-We’re all pretty up to date
with current trends. I’d say I’m pretty hip.
I feel like y’all are hip. -Enough.
-Okay. But there’s something that we
all don’t quite understand, and that’s VSCO Girls. Do you have any idea? What would you have guessed
what a VSCO Girl is? -I keep thinking you’re saying
“Disco Girls,” and I was like, “Cool! Sure.” -I’m hoping it’s something
that involves someone giving away backpacks of cash. -Well, let’s get an expert here
to explain to us. Everybody,
please help me welcome our VSCO Girl expert, Laura. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -Yeah! Thank you so much for
being here, Laura. -Thanks for having me.
-We need a lot of help. -Look at that hair. Wow!
-I know. -Oh, she knows. -So, we really want to learn
what a VSCO Girl is. Can you help us?
What is a VSCO Girl? I can’t even say it.
I said “Vaseco Girl.” What is a VSCO Girl?
-VSCO. VSCO. -Okay. -Okay, so, a VSCO Girl is 10%
attitude and 90% accessories. -Okay, okay.
There’s math involved. Dang it! -Okay, so, first off,
right here, we have the iconic backpack,
the Fjallraven Kanken. -Say again.
-Flaja-raven Kanken. -Can you say it? Can you say it?
Fjallraven Kanken. -Nope. -If you open the first pocket, you’re going to find some
ideal stuff. -Okay. -Are we doing an unboxing
right now? -I think so. -Well, this fell out,
so let’s do the — -It’s a shell brace–
-Puka shells. -It’s a what?
-Puka shells. -Puka shells?
-Yeah. -Yes.
-That sounds like a prank. -We invented this stuff.
This was our generation. -Well…
-Really? -Yeah.
-Yes! Come on! -Wait. So, VSCO Girls
wear these bracelets? -Yeah, on our necks.
-Oh. -There’s no way this thing is
going on my neck. -Wait. This goes on our neck?
-Yeah. -How?
-I just went up 1% attitude. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wait, Justin, Justin,
help me out. Can you — -Yeah, just because I’m from
a different generation where it’s perseverance
and hard work. -Ooh!
-There we go. -Okay.
-That’s attitude, though. -Okay.
-See what I’m doing? -Did that —
This won’t fit on you? -My wrist. How about that?
Am I allowed? -Okay, let’s do it.
I don’t know. You might get cancelled.
I have no idea. -There we go.
-Here we go. -Keep it on forever.
-Okay. -Okay. We’re so cool.
Alright. -I’m feeling personally
attacked, but it’s okay. Okay, next, we have scrunchies, because if you don’t have
scrunchies, you’re not —
you’re just not a VSCO Girl. -I feel like I am VSCO.
-Exactly. -So, wait. So, wait.
-I created this. -I put these in my hair?
-Yeah. Or, well, most of it,
you have to wear as a bracelet. -That’s so nice.
-Wait, wait. -Come on.
-You wear these as bracelets? -Yeah, these are accessories.
Okay. First, Crocs!
-Okay, wait, wait, wait. I thought Crocs — Okay —
I thought they were not cool. -Okay, well, now, they are. -Okay, can I put them on
with my socks, though? -I mean, I wouldn’t
because it’s kind of like wearing socks and sandals. You don’t do it.
-But they’re Crocs! The ship has already sailed.
I’m going to try. -Well, okay.
No-show socks are okay. -What else do we got?
-Next, oversized shirts. It has to be oversized. -Now not having fitting clothes
is considered cute? -No. It doesn’t matter what’s
on the inside. -That’s good. You want some?
-Yes, please. Thank you.
-Yeah, yeah, of course. -Oh, I left my eye open!
I left my eye open! Oh, God! It tastes bad.
-It’s rose. -It tastes bad. You saying it’s rose doesn’t
mean it doesn’t taste bad. -Yeah, smells good, tastes bad. -Well, beauty hurts,
so it’s fine. -Ooh! -Okay.
-Ooh, I like that. -Okay.
-Last but not least — -Can I do this one?
-Yeah, you watch us do this. -So, here’s what this is.
-Instant camera. -It’s a Polaroid camera.
-Mm-hmm. Is there a way to pose
like a VSCO Girl? -Yes.
-Ooh! That’s a good question. -Yeah, what’s the etiquette —
-Let us guess? -What do you think?
-How do they pose? -Yeah.
-Like, very… -Okay. What do you think? -I think, like, if this was —
But there’s, like, a camera in my hand
and it’s pointed towards me… -Yeah? This is what I think. I feel like it would be something along
the lines of, like — -Ooh, that’s good.
-Right? -Close, close.
-Thank you. -I got it. Close, close.
-What do you — What is it? -Okay, so, hip has to be out.
-Hip has to be out. -Oh.
-Hip has to be out. Pop that hip, Justin. Come on. -Put your hands on your hip,
because sassy attitude. -Okay.
-And then peace sign. -Yeah. -Peace sign, whichever way,
but this way is preferred. -Okay.
-And your tongue out. -The tongue, for me,
is one step too far. I’ll give you a little…
-Okay. -Well, this is so much clearer
to me what a VSCO Girl is. I still have no clue.

100 thoughts on “Becoming VSCO Girls with Lilly, Justin Hartley and Lea Michele

  1. This- “VSCO” girls now don’t even have VSCO- since when did we become a meme and it is bad to be a VSCO girl- I wore oversized clothes and burks before VSCO was made-

  2. Our WHOLE school is VSCO girl…
    And when ever they laugh….

  3. I’m 31 and I feel like this look was just a girl that shops at pacsun (minus the crocs….crocs were never cute lol))

  4. So granola girls of the 90s in big tees and birkenstocks have come full circle, honestly it's adorable. But 30 years later ain't nobody saving the environment, good luck kids

  5. Probably not the first person to say this but I was wearing puca shells in the early 70s. Well before Lea was born. 💖 😀

  6. I'm here for Lea… Slay, Queen! You're rocking de VSCO unboxing, it's the 90's and we know you're loving it👌😌💖

  7. This is how I look at home when I don’t feel well.

    Baggy shirt? Check
    Curly hair? Yup
    Scrunchies? Sure
    Rose spray? Love it
    Crocs? Heck yeah

  8. idk what this vsco girl is saying but all the vsco girls at my school wear socks with their crocs all the time and it looks very cute

  9. I wish kids can take the time to learn more about history than just fashion and what's cool or trendy. Please take the time to appreciate life and the little thing because you never know what you got until it's gone. I wish everyone a good day and sending positivity to you.

  10. VSCO Girl looks like something most of us women invented back when we were junior high in 1998. This is sad that they claim this now.

  11. Everything inside that bag is my childhood in the 90s. DON'T YOU DARE TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME A RENAME IT"visco". WTF?! ITS CALLED JANSPORT!

  12. Vsco girls seem pretty lame to me. This is life for girls in the 90s now u wanna put a label and pretend like u own this.

  13. I can’t with the people not realizing that this is an act and that the girl is not actually like this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. In Germany thats already out. The Backpack is so 2017, if your a new mom you can own one, crunchies and Oversize Shirts are still cool.
    Crocs? Oh no hunny. Chunky ugly sneakers like buffalos, yes please.

  15. "It tastes bad. You saying it's rose doesn't mean it doesn't taste bad"
    If that's not a metaphor for life, I don't know what is 🤣🤣🤣

  16. This bitch is acting as if she invented this shit when it was Emma Chamberlin back in 2014 and many people including myself had a Kanken ever since 6 years ago..

  17. Nowadays generation be like: we have new fashion trends, its so cool. And i am like: what the heck are u talking about, these has been here since my parents generation.

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