Before You Buy an Hermès Birkin 30 | The perfect handbag for the working woman!

Hello everyone Today I would like to introduce you to the Birkin 30. This Birkin we have prepared has a base size of 30cm and is made of Togo leather. Togo is defined by a soft pebbled finish with small grains, and has a slightly slouched appearance. The color of the hardware on this bag is silver. Many people prefer to carry the bag while open, like this. While it looks elegant when it is closed, it changes to a casual impression when opened. This Gold color is an Hermès classic – one that never goes out of fashion and is always in production. As for the model year, here is the blind stamp. It is an M enclosed by a square. This means it was crafted in 2009. Isn’t it beautiful? Many people have trouble choosing the right size for themselves. So who is the Birkin 30 most suitable for? I am going to give you some ideas on how to use a 30cm Birkin bag. Carrying the 30cm Birkin open like this is more convenient. For example, many overseas celebrities carry it like this, to complete a casual look with jeans and T-shirts. In Japan, for ladies who have children,
there are many occasions to use the Birkin 30, such as entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, class visits, and other semi-official occasions. From what I’ve seen, people also carry the Birkin 30 to weddings. The Birkin 30 is quite practical for working women as well. This Birkin 30 is the most used size by career women. The reason why size 30 is so popular is that it has the space to accommodate many items. The Birkin 35 is more spacious but also heavier. This is a common concern with the bigger size. The 30cm bag weighs about 900g. It is very easy to hold. Today I’ll pretend to be a career woman and detail what I would typically carry in my Birkin 30. First, my laptop. This is a 13 inch laptop. Laptops of this size fit snuggly inside. Ja-jang! As it fits like this, I am able to close the bag. But I usually prefer to keep it open like this, and there’s no problem at all. There’s also this larger laptop. Many people use a 15 inch laptop. Although it’s quite large… Jang! It’s too big. Apparently, the 15 inch laptop doesn’t fit. So we’ve tried fitting the laptop, but for my everyday life, I cannot live without my favorite smartphone. So let’s put it in. There are also people who use an iPad, right? Let’s put it in, just like this. Paperwork in the A4 size format is commonly used, but it can barely fit into the bag. You can tilt the documents, though part of the papers have to stay outside. If you don’t like it this way, I suggest lightly folding the files. Except documents that cannot be folded, you can fit most paperwork. Next is my important wallet. Lately, many people are going cashless and forego carrying wallets. However, Japan still has a strong cash culture, so I always carry my wallet with me. My wallet and next is my notebook. This is absolutely necessary for me to carry. With everything inside, this is how it looks. It seems there’s still some room for you ladies to put in your makeup pouch, touch-ups, and lipsticks. They all fit. Because of the laptop, it’s kind of heavy. Everything easily fits inside. The shape doesn’t distort either. This is how it feels. Because it’s made out of soft Togo leather, some people are concerned the bag will distort. However, gravity will prevent the bag from distorting. There’s no problem at all to fit this all into the bag.
What do you think? This is the perfect bag for a career woman.

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