Beis Travel Weekender Bag (Olivia Reviews)

Beis Travel Weekender Bag (Olivia Reviews)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody, my name’s Olivia Gudaniec and you’re watching Olivia Reviews. This is the very first
video out of a series from the Beis travel line. Today we’re starting
with the Weekender bag in beige, as you can see. I think this is the second generation because it doesn’t have
the glossy, shiny finish. It does have the matte, which I personally love 100 times more. So this is bag is priced at $98 US. I read in a bunch of comments that the prices have actually gone up since the official launch. So we’re almost at the one
year mark since the launch. So this is a second generation bag and I believe that there is
a third generation coming with the bottom half being
able to fully detach. But, we’re not there yet. So let’s just review this
bag and everything about it. So we’ve got the logo here
and at the very front, we’ve got a zipper pocket. Then we’ve got the straps that are apparently not supposed to kill your back. This bag is huge. I don’t really think you can
not kill your back with it. But, you guys can let me
know in the comments below. This is for the trolley
slash your luggage. So the handle, it can easily slip through. I love the opening more than anything because of the open wire. It it is to die for! So we’ve got the laptop pouch. It comes with an extra strappy handle. So if you don’t want to wear these handles on your shoulder, you’ve
got this option I guess. We’ve got another zipper here. We’ve got two little compartments. And I’m gonna give you guys a tip. If you buy the backseat
organizer from Beis, which I just happen to
have because I’m extra, and I also review this another video. So stay tuned and watch
this entire playlist. You can literally use it for more storage. So if you want anymore
tips and tricks on that, just keep on watching. So that’s pretty much it for the top part. Everything shipped to me
really quickly from I ordered it on Sunday. I am in Canada and it came to me on Wednesday
through DHL shipping. So it was very, very easy. You just have to be home, otherwise, I guess it delays your shipment. All right, so we’ll just get rid of that. So the interior is supposed
to be water resistant. I’m gonna give you my spiel on water resistant versus waterproof. They’re completely different. Yes, water resistant
will resist the water, but not for too long. So please if you love this bag as much as I do, still take care of it. I don’t anticipate on
having anything leak. So I am gonna just bag everything anyways. The bottom half people usually say is for shoes, inside,
clothes, anything you need. It is a much larger bag
than I originally imagined. I am petite, I’m 5′ 3″. So this kind of overpowers my body. There you go. It probably is the size of my body. And I also wanna say I definitely because this is fabric, I spray this with the Scotsguard fabric protector just to repel rain, any spillage on the outside and of course, try to prevent any dirt from accumulating. I typically spray all of my fabrics, whether it’s a backpack, purse, chairs that I have in my kitchen. So (laughs) that has been
something I’ve been doing for a long time and it
doesn’t any other part of the bag so if you do have a chance to grab one, any kind of spray
protector works just fine. Oh, I forgot to mention this little, these little rings, which is I
guess for your travel wallet, which I also purchased
and made a video on. So feel free to check that out. I’m not gonna cover what the material is ’cause I think there’s
a bit of controversy whether it’s vegan. I don’t know. The website doesn’t say it. So I’m not gonna give you any information I’m not sure about. If you guys have any questions about this bag, let me know. My main thing was that they
are mainly advertising this as a bestseller with the carryon. Personally, I did not understand how you can have this and
a carryon on a flight. Like you can’t have two carryons. And to me, this is just
as big as a carryon. So I reached out to a bunch of you guys, and many of you say that this, you use the Weekender, Beis Weekender, as your personal item. Personal bag to me is more
like a purse slash backpack. Even with my backpack, I’ve been stopped at a few airports to make it fit within the wired frame. If you wanna get technical, I would research the airline you’re about to get on to find
out the exact measurements of a carryon, of your personal item because this is definitely too big. But I think it’s really
just the discretion of whoever is helping out. Apparently a lot of you just travel with this as your personal item and your carryon and you’re fine. If that was the case, I
would be more than happy and I will do that, but instead, I actually bought the bigger
29 inch Beis hardside luggage because if I’m going to have a risk of having to check in a bag or not, I’d rather pack in as much stuff as I can, if you know what I mean. So that’s what I bought that. If you want to see the
review on the Beis luggage, the bigger one. I did reach out to Beis to try to get you guys a discount code. Didn’t work out this time, but hey, if you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. So I did ask and I will continue to ask. So hopefully if you keep
watching these videos, one of them will have a discount code for you to apply on
your next Beis purchase. If you want to know why
I’m doing these videos, I do a lot of traveling. I try to go on like two bigger
trips throughout the year and then a few little
ones sprinkled throughout. So definitely check out my travel videos if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching, everybody! (upbeat music)

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  1. This video is part 1 of a series of reviews from the Beis Travel Line. Did you want to buy this bag as well? What color do you want? 🙂

  2. I love ❤️ Olivia reviews ! Great segment Olivia ! You look 👀 no less then awesome 🌷💐🌹getting good luggage is tricky at times- thanks 🙏 for breaking it down 👈👍

  3. This is actually the original! (Which I prefer too). The 2nd generation patent was just limited edition. Great review! I just ordered mine with the matching Dopp kit. I think the next launch will feature a croc print bottom.

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