Best Back to School Laptop Backpack Deal – Live Test & Review

Best Back to School Laptop Backpack Deal – Live Test & Review

– Hi, I’m the Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Amy, we need to center a bit. – Yeah, we need to center.
(laughing) I’m Intern Amy. – I’m Intern Casey. – We are gonna bring you
the best backpack deals of the entire back to school
season with drop tests that include light bulbs
(iPhone notification dings) and throwing wood bricks. Amy just got a notification. Amy’s looking down, not
to avert eye contact, but she’s gonna be reading
your comments as well. We are also giving away two
backpacks of your choice. If you don’t like the colors you see, there is a link located
right under the video screen to help you find the perfect backpack. Oh, I know Tim Couponer in the house and know a lot of people
who just tuned in, alright. – I love how you just did this. That was really cool of you.
– Was that rock? I wouldn’t do this in a hallway. I’d get the crap kicked out of me. Anyhow, welcome, we are gonna give away two High Sierra backpacks, but first, I just wanted to talk to you
guys about the good and the bad backpacks this school season. I’m also sitting beside
two amazing interns in honor of National
Intern Day, which was, when was that? – Two days ago. – So, we got Casey back and Amy, longest running intern ever. (laughing) We wanted to take you through
what makes a good backpack, what makes a bad backpack,
the protective levels, why I am in favor of this High Sierra, which is 44 bucks, located
right under the video screen, down from 120 bucks. I think we should begin
with the light bulb test. – Alright, go for it.
– Oh gosh. I’m nervous for that, you
don’t think it’s gonna break? – I think it’s gonna be great. – (laughing) We haven’t
really attempted this yet. – No, it’s gonna be amazing.
– Oh gosh. – And, this is the first try.
– So, one of the big things about these High Sierra Tech backpacks is they’re built to protect
your laptop, a tablet, an iPad, whatever it is you’re carrying. So, in the exact same slot
where we had put an iPad, Casey has an incandescent light bulb, not one of those LED bulbs. This will actually break. This is fragile. And, I’m going to put
this into the backpack, and then drop a very large,
heavy wood brick on top of this. Do you guys mind if we
just, we’ll use this area. I wanna show everyone
how loud the brick is. Alright, don’t worry, Amy
and Casey are comin back. So, this is the large,
very, very heavy brick. This is actually heavier than it looks. Wanna give you a bit of a demo. (wood banging) It’s heavy.
– It’s a brick. – It’s a brick.
(Amy laughing) So again, just wanna show you, the light bulb, incandescent light bulb, goin right in. It’s going in, no tricks,
obviously this is live. We’re not gonna do any retakes. I’m gonna take this, you guys think think is? They can’t see how high it is, but I’m gonna go really, really high up. – [Amy] He’s on a bench for starters. – [Matt] This is gonna
go from really high up onto the backpack, and
the light bulb, I think, is gonna be okay, and we
have not practiced this. Here we go, one, two, three, go! (wood thuds) Alright.
– Oh gosh. – Let’s look. Light bulb, light bulb. Awesome!
– How? – See that people?
– That’s incredible. – That is a protective backpack. Now, thank you for the light bulb. We’re gonna go back to talking
about this backpack now. The wood brick, just put that down. (wood thuds)
Yeah, it’s heavy. Okay, also, I just want to point out. You good?
– Yes, we’re all good. – We appreciate you being here. We are gonna give away a
backpack to the subscribers. I know David Cruz is in
the house, so thank you. – Hi, David.
– Really nice to have you guys with us.
– Oh, he’s already commenting. Hi (laughing)! – What makes a good backpack
other than the protectiveness is the straps. So, the average student carries
25 pounds in the backpack. – I definitely carry more,
I definitely carry more. – Did you guys know the average weight of the textbooks you carry? – No, I don’t really wanna know. – What is it?
– Five pounds per textbook, on average.
– Oh my gosh. – Not a good situation. – Yeah, it’s not.
– And if you’re a kid too. – Yeah, that’s an issue, too.
– We’re full grown people, but like children.
– Some of us are. I’m still growing.
(laughing) That’s what my mom says
every time she sees me. But, this is a backpack where
you get sternum protection. So the way the backpack is built is when you’re actually
wearing the backpack, your back is situated in a way where it’s best suited to you. And, Casey’s gonna model the backpack while I throw bigger wood bricks on her. So Casey, if you’ll stand up, I wanna show everyone the backpack. We’re gonna get some
really big wood bricks. Sorry guys.
– Where are you finding these bricks?
– We’re at YouTube in New York City. So, Casey’s gonna squat, and
this is a massive wood brick. And, I just want you to see
how this supports her back. So, I’m gonna, this weighs, I don’t know, maybe 20, 30 pounds at least. SO, I’m gonna drop this on Casey and watch the way the backpack shifts. You ready, here we go, one, two, three
(backpack fabric crunching) Casey moved a little bit,
the backpack not so much. Let’s go one more time, one, two, three (fabric thuds) – It didn’t even hurt my back either. – [Matt] That’s the key, and again, this is a really,
really heavy wood brick. I know you guys are
getting some really weird crotch shots from me, I apologize. This is live.
(wood thuds) Anyone working the camera. So that would be a big difference between a good backpack
and a bad backpack. The other ones, this has
obviously the pouches to protect your cellphone. You could put a water bottle in. – And, this is padded, so it’s good. It doesn’t, like.
– The shoulder padding. – Rip your shoulder off.
– Not even just shoulder too. It has back padding. So nice.
– Love it. So, before we talk to more of you guys, if you do want to take advantage of this, this is a back to school deal. The best time to buy back to schools, and I’m gonna answer some of
your questions about tech. If anyone has a question right now, when are the biggest
tech deals gonna drop. Amy’s reading the
comments and I will answer all of your questions. For those of you who have
never seen me before, or Amy or Casey, I developed an algorithm
that helps me chart the biggest price drops in the world. So, I can tell you with 99% accuracy when a deal will drop at a specific time. – He’s like a deal ninja. (laughing)
– Don’t even. Don’t you even. And, I’m gonna make sure that I pinpoint when that will drop. A lot of people ask me
how much the backpack is, expand the video description box. There’s a link right under the video and you will find the link. It’s 44 bucks down from 120. You get a lifetime warranty. What happened?
– Is he at a construction zone where he’s getting this bricks (laughing)? That’s a good one. – YouTube, New York City. Oh, and it says Matthews on it. Isn’t that nice?
– Oh, yeah. – Anyhow, that’s there. Amy’s using it as a leg rest.
(laughing) I also wanted to mention
that for those of you looking for other deals, I’ve also launched a Deal
Guy Insider Facebook club, where I post all of the deals
over the course of a day, where I don’t want to bombard
you with them on YouTube, necessarily where they
would justify a video. But, just a great way
to watch prices drop. Search Deal Guy Facebook Club or Deal Guy Insider Facebook Group. Deal Guy Facebook Group
and you will find it. – It’s really cool.
– Yep. – I like the deals.
– I did, I went through it actually. – So start to post your questions please. I will get them answered. We’re gonna do the backpack drop, probably in a minute or two, so that’s gonna be very exciting. Alright, Amy, any questions yet? – Lot of people are asking about that. – When does lawn furniture go on sale? Lawn furniture next
goes on sale Labor Day. – Another Beats, Beats (mumbling). – Beats by Dre goes on sale
the second week of September. There’s gonna be some
back to school promotions. Apple’s also expected to run some. – Deals for Apple Watch bands. – Apple Watch Bands,
Best Buy, end of August. Laptops, so if you’re in the
market for a Microsoft Surface, it’s gonna be at its lowest recorded price with a pair of headphones on Thursday or Tuesday of next week. – Good question by Bailey, what colors do these backpacks come in? – Bailey, there’s, I
believe, almost a dozen different combinations. They’re all located right
under the video screen. Aaron D’s in the house,
he just won last time. He’s a big winner. For those of you that
have never won before, the way to win any draw,
we do random giveaways. Just subscribe, turn
your notifications on, if you comment once over
the six month period, you are eligible for any
free item during that time. So nice having you here. – (laughing) I’m glad to be here. It’s so fun.
– We missed it. – I really could’ve used
this backpack earlier, when I was walking around the city, too. – So, Casey’s spending her first time in New York City with me today. What were your thoughts
on having a bad backpack? – Well, the one that I had, literally, after wearing it
for like five minutes or less, I was already having shoulder pain. If I would’ve had this, don’t
think that would’ve happened. – High Sierra is made by Samsonite. I don’t know if that’s
something they advertise, but with that, you get
the lifetime warranty. – Talk about the laptop. – Yeah, I love the laptops.
– I would like to feature that because,
– Show it, Amy. – My laptop broke last year solely because it didn’t
really have a lot of protection and the top kind of came unscrewed, so I feel like this backpack would prevent that. Granted my laptop was not the best. I have a good laptop now,
thanks to you though. – You’re welcome.
(laughing) And more laptop deals will drop throughout the month of August. I also wanted to mention, so I work sometimes in New York City, whether I’m doing work
for Amazon or for YouTube or for wherever I am,
and then I’m in Toronto. Those are two really, really busy cities. And, I work in many of the
other cities you’re in, thank to local television, (claps), yes! – Whoo! – I’m constantly getting body checked. I’m running into people. Now, I’m lonely a lot of the time, so I enjoy a good body checking,
it makes you feel loved, that physical connection with someone, but your tech, not so much. That never survives well, and one of the big things for
me is that I have a backpack. – Especially for kids. – Yeah! – Kids throw their backpacks. They don’t pay attention, so you need some protection. – And, I’m just as happy to carry this as a 32 year old as someone who might be, how old are you? – 19.
– 19. How old are you?
– 21. – And, we can all agree that,
depending on the pattern, this is a backpack that would
work pretty well, right? – Yes.
– Yeah, 100%. – Donna, the brand of the
backpack is High Sierra. – High Sierra, made by Samsonite. Lifetime warranty. 44.99 down from 120. Big fan of these deals,
this will sell out. This is part of a back
to school promotion. And, sometimes when you guys
see some of the deals I feature this is not at Amazon. This is a deal from EBags. I find them, happy, to be a
really reputable retailer. They have, I think, it’s
like two or three day standard shipping on it, which is amazing. – That’s not a long wait time at all. – No, Amazon has deals
on this, but it’s not the same patterns, and
I really, really like the deals I find, and sometimes, you know, it’s just nice to support other
stores, so that’s awesome. Okay, anyone else have any questions before we do the giveaway? – I’m ready to get into the giveaway. – You’re ready to get into the giveaway? – Yeah, I’m so ready.
– Okay, we know that a lot of you are watching, and some of you are
gonna watch the replay. Don’t forget to check me
out on Facebook as well, the Facebook Deal Guy
Insider Club will make sure that you get hooked up. We’re gonna do a random selection now. This is always a little bit clunky, because when I do the draw,
I have to call up a screen and we don’t have a monitor
to display your name. But, I’m gonna do this manually while Amy and Casey just
thank you guys for existing. I love you guys and I
really appreciate you watching us live right now. – So, we’re gonna pick the winner now? – Yeah, but you can talk to
the wonderful subscribers. – So excited, so we’re
so happy to be back. I happened to see that it
was National Intern Day two days ago, and I texted it to you and we
completely forgot to celebrate. So, we figured what better
way than do a livestream with. – Yeah. – Two interns!
– Livestream. – And many of you miss Casey
and you miss Amy and you’ve rarely seen them together. So this is a real party in
New York City right now. – It’s a big jamboree. Thank you to everyone who does subscribe. Make sure to check out Matt’s
channel if you are not. – Love you guys.
– I don’t know why you wouldn’t be subscribe by now. But, I mean.
– They don’t wanna subscribe. Okay, we’ve got to pick a winner. And, I also want to mention that whoever wins the backpack laptop, just email me and I will
make sure you get hooked up and you can pick any pattern you want. We just gave away a
Microsoft Surface tablet. I’m gonna give away another one. Rudy, Ways to Say Rudy, he just
won an Echo in my last video so that’s awesome. And guys, you all have a chance to win. Your odds are actually very good. Some of you have said, “Oh no,
there’s 275,000 subscribers. “I’m never gonna win,” you will, because it’s the number of
people that are watching and commenting, which is
much smaller group of people. Maybe like 10-15,000, so
your odds are really good. – Some of you comment like more than once. – Sorry, Casey, oh there’s a brick here. – Watch the brick!
– Matt is tripping on the bricks that he
strategically pulled for the video. – Now it’s a chair.
– You can’t say anything. (laughing) – [Matt] This is not gonna work. You can’t see the screen
cause of the light. I’m gonna do the draw
and then Amy and Casey will yell the winner’s name. I’m sorry you can’t really see this. I promise it’s random. Alright.
– It’s real. – It’s real, you’ll see
it in the next screen. I’ll do screen grabs, alright. The winner is. – Don Hartman.
– Whoo! – [Matt] What did Don Hartman write? – “Amy!” (laughing)
Hey, Don! – Don’t forget the exclamation
points at the end, too. – Yeah.
– How many? – [Matt] So, Don loves Amy but
you just got a free backpack. We’re not giving Amy away, but we are giving away free backpacks. And, for those of you that
would like another chance to win items, there’s regular
giveaways on my Facebook page. – Come back in screen. (laughing) – Hello. There’s regular Amazon
gift card gives away on my Facebook page, and then every video I do, there is a giveaway. So, if you’ve just watched right now, if you missed out on that, there you go. (clapping) So, congrats! Alright, I’m gonna do a
little bit of a giveaway dance cause I’m really excited.
– Oh gosh. – We’re gonna have to create some space. – (yells} You won, awesome! – Watch where you’re
throwing that brick, Matt. – (clapping) Yes, go you! You’ve won, you’re amazing,
thanks for subscribing! – Thank you guys.
– You guys can come back now. – Are we safe to come back?
– Is it good? – Alright, anyone else have anything else they want to save money on, if not, please set your alarms,
turn your notifications on. Next video will be from New York City, and that’ll be on Tuesday,
I’m really excited about that. Amy and Casey will be back whenever I can. Daria’s gonna be back with
me hopefully live this week. – How, we missed Daria today. – Nice, nice person. – We really missed out on Daria. – She just got into law
school, congratulations Daria. – Whoo!
– That’s huge. – Yeah it is.
– That’s a big deal. – Oh, someone asked about TV’s. Oh, and I love this subscriber
that just asked about TV’s. So, honestly guys, the
best TV deals are gonna be during the holiday quarter. They start to drop October, if
you can wait, I really would. That’s gonna be all television sizes. The TV deals are much more aggressive as we approach the holiday quarter. Just so you know.
– I could really use a new TV for my dorm room. – I’m gonna be giving them away, so if you subscribe and you
turn your notifications on. (laughing) – I mean, I would like a TV, too. – Matt? – I’ll hook you guys up. I’ll give away some free TV’s, I promise. Okay, thank you so much. – Thanks guys.
– Thank you for, oh someone asked about airfare. Airfare goes on sale, it depends, if you’re looking for
Thanksgiving airfare, best time to buy is
first week of September. I’m noticing more price
drops now on Thursday than Tuesday, in general. You wanna buy six weeks before your flight for a domestic flight. And you’re looking as much
as, I think at this point, 12 to 15 weeks in advance
for international flights. Okay. Love you guys, love you David. – Bye!
– Paula, everyone, love you. – Thanks for watching.
– Thanks for watching, guys. – [Matt] Do you want to center
yourselves in the screen before I finish?
– Sure. – And finish.
– Thank you. – [Matt] No, it’s not
done yet, you’re still on. – Oh. – Bow again.
– Nope, I didn’t hit it right.

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