Best budget camera bag? – TUBU 6070 BACKPACK (Quick) REVIEW

Best budget camera bag? – TUBU 6070 BACKPACK (Quick) REVIEW

hi everybody Gonz here welcome to my
youtube channel is the first official video that I’m gonna do. Pretty excited
to share tips content and information about photography film and other things that
I’m passionate about so for this first video I’m gonna talk backpacks, I have
been in the search for the perfect backpack for a long time it’s a
difficult search because I really like to carry a lot of gear with me when I’m
going to a shoot, but today I’m gonna do a quick review and show you guys a
little bit of this backpack that I really like it. it’s the backpack that
I’m currently using so I want to clarify this is kind of AD I am NOT getting
paid to do this review but I just want to share a little bit about this backpack
that I really like even and though it’s not the perfect backpack is a really good
temporary solution in the meantime I find the perfect backpack for my needs
so let’s get to it so this backpack is from a company
called TUBU. I think they’re really new to market they are from Hong Kong and they
are making different styles of backpacks for probably different needs. It’s really
cool, it has a couple of things that I don’t like but I think it’s a pretty
close solution to what I’ve been looking for a while so give you guys a
little more in-depth description of the features and let’s get to it the first
couple features I want to talk a little bit about this backpack is pretty
stylish it’s good-looking so you don’t have to feel bad when you’re carrying it
around it’s rugged so you can probably use it for some outdoor photography also
includes features as a waist strap, a rain cover and a flip-out tripod
holder, so that’s first of all that’s the thing that I’m not a big fan I don’t
like the fact that the tripod holder it’s in the center I’m more a fan of
carrying it on the sides this backpack has a large capacity probably you can
fit on a couple DSLR bodies and four or five lenses and and other accessories the
dividers are customizable so you can fit all sizes of cameras and lenses and that
makes it pretty adaptable it can fit a 15-inch laptop in my case I have a 2012
MacBook Pro but it’s pretty big and heavy and it can carry it without a
problem it’s airplane carry-on compatible bag so you probably won’t have any issues taking this national or
international trips. The zippers and buckles are from the YKK brand in my
understanding one of the best brands in the world making up these types of
accessories for clothing and luggage my favorite feature about this backpack is
that it has a load distribution buckle system so you can hang your camera strap
into these buckles to distribute the pressure from the neck making it more
comfortable to carry it around so you will be carrying the weight of the
camera leave your neck that I know that’s a struggle for some people after
a long day of shooting thank you guys for watching this video It means a
lot to me don’t forget to Like and subscribe if there is any tips thoughts
or comments or ideas for any future videos let me know I’m always in a
constant search for knowledge and improvement so it would mean the world
to me if you guys have any tips or ideas thank you so much and I’ll see you guys
next time

2 thoughts on “Best budget camera bag? – TUBU 6070 BACKPACK (Quick) REVIEW

  1. Hi, thanks for the review, I'm looking for a backpack to fit 2 dslrs, lens including a 70-200, and a zhyun crane 2, do you think this gear can fit in this backpack? Thanks

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