Best Camera Bags for FilmMakers and Photographers?

Best Camera Bags for FilmMakers and Photographers?

– So I’ve been on this never ending search for the perfect camera
bag for way too long and I think I finally have something that I actually kinda like. So let’s talk about what we
need out of a camera bag. One, we need it to fit
all our stuff right? And then two, I want
it to be easy to access all that stuff in there. As quickly as possible, you wanna be able to just
pull out that camera, get your shot, and put it back away. And comfort is also super important to me because I hate that feeling of just death just sitting on your shoulders. I also want it to be very rugged, I want it to last me a very long time. I don’t want the zippers
breaking on me and all that. But at the same time I
don’t want to pay a fortune so it’s kinda trying to find that balance of really good quality without paying an insane amount of money. And also of course, style and design. You want a cool looking
backpack of course. So today we’re gonna be looking at a dozen different backpacks, get people’s opinions on their bags, but I wanna show you
first the one I landed on. So this is the Urban
Access 15 by Think Tank and this video isn’t sponsored
by Think Tank or anything but I do actually really like their bags. And I think part of it is because I’ve had some of their bags for a really time. For example, the first
Think Tank bag I bought. So this one here is a MindShift bag and I swear I paid a lotta
money for this years ago. I think I paid four to 500
dollars if I remember correctly. But online it says it’s under 300 bucks so maybe the prices came down or maybe I just hit my head too many times and I just don’t remember
how much I paid for it. But I remember going to this store and asking the guy gimme
the highest quality backpack you have because
I’m about to travel all over Europe with an Arri Alexa Mini and I have to keep it on me in the plane. I need something that I can use to hike around with the Arri Alexa as well as something
that’s gonna protect it and he was like “definitely get this one.” And I don’t regret paying
a ton of money for this. I mean look at this thing. It looks brand new like I
just pulled it off the shelf. But no I put this thing
through hell so I could really stand behind their build
quality in their bags. So I was really excited to
get this Urban Access 15 because it’s much more manageable in size. It’s not massive so it’s
ideal for everyday carry and it can still hold a lot of stuff. So let me walk you through this bag and explain why I’m so excited about just a simple camera bag. I mean it’s a camera bag but
I get excited about something whenever I find something I really like. So first of all, the main
compartment is accessed through the back here which is good for a couple different reasons. For one, whenever I put
my bag down on dirt or mud who knows where we’re gonna end up, right? So I rather put the front
side of the bag on the dirt so that when I put this backpack back on it doesn’t get all over me. So I like being able to
just access it like that. Another reason why I
like accessing everything through the back is if you’re wearing it it’s impossible for everything to unzip and just fall out all over the place. So if you’re in a rush
and you’re not thinking, you pick up your bag real quick, it’s less likely for everything to just dump out all over the cement. But let’s just say you’re running and get snagged on something or someone tries to grab
something off your backpack which actually happened to me. Matti Haapoja and I were eating ice cream and some dude comes and just
tries to yank my tripod off. Didn’t get very far! So as long as you’re wearing the bag your main compartment
isn’t just gonna bloof out, you have to take off
the bag to access that. But when it comes to accessibility, you can still access your
bag through both sides. So if I decided ooh I wanna vlog or get a shot of this cool thing with my EOS R I can open this side up and I have access to microphone,
camera, alternative lens and my vlog tripod. So all I gotta do is this and
I have access to everything. And on this side it’s
kind of a mirror image you could put a water bottle or whatever, I have a little gimbal in here too. But I do like this little strap here that I can hook onto the tripod and I just tighten that down, ’cause again I don’t want
people to just run up and be able to just
snatch this out of my bag. But I have this side set
up so I have everything I need to fly the drone. So I got my remote, and then I can access my Mavic right there and I also have my PolarPro ND filters all on the right side. So depending on what I’m trying to do I access different sides
of the bag so I like that. Also some of the dividers
in here are like flaps so I can actually swing that
open and grab an extra battery. So I love the idea of having this backpack if I need to vlog or shoot
something with my camera, I just swing it over to this side. And if I wanna fly a drone,
I swing it over to this side and I have access to all my
drone stuff right in here. Boom! And up top we have this
easy access compartment which I keep all my little things in. Basically anything that I
might need quick access to, I leave it up here. My little point and shoot and
also this little rain cover. A lot of bags have rain
covers built into the bag but this one it’s just a separate device which is kinda cool because
you can take it with you if you think you might need it, but at the same time you
can just leave it behind if you’re not gonna use it. But generally speaking I do
just leave this in my bag and I use it as extra padding
for maybe some of the more expensive lenses that I travel with. We also have a front compartment here which can fit something like a jacket or a lot of times I’ll keep
a color checker in there. I also keep this little
key chain hooked on here which is a bottle opener slash screwdriver so If I need to tighten
on a tripod plate I can. I actually stole this idea from Jean Paul who went to Mexico with us. Definitely a must have!
– I have like three of these in different parts of my bag
’cause I’m always losing them. – Yeah no, that’s good. – You take it off, you unscrew
the fluid head or something and then you lose it. – I’m totally copying you on that one. If you wanna carry a larger tripod there’s these hidden straps
that you can whip out. And down here you have a
little tray and more buckles. And honestly they did a pretty good job about hiding some of this stuff ’cause I didn’t even
know that that was there until way after. Obviously this is starting
to become a pretty heavy bag so comfort is very important to me. Now you have a chest
strap which is actually removable by just slipping it up. But I use this all the time
so I’m gonna keep it on and also a waist belt. I’m too short, hold on
let me get a step ladder. There we go, so I got my waist belt here which is removable if you want to. But the biggest thing for me personally is this right here which I think
they’re called load lifters but when you pull on it, it
kinda takes a lot of the weight, lifts them off your shoulders and kinda puts it in the core of your body so you don’t feel like you’re
carrying nearly as much. Now anyone that’s a backpacker knows exactly what I’m talking about because this is my backpacking bag. But with this bag I can
literally put 50 pounds worth of food, water, tents, gear and hike up a massive mountain. And even when it’s 50 pounds, with this type of bag it
feels more like 20 pounds, and a lot of it has to do with these load lifters right here. I think all backpacking bags have these. – Aw, you guys got the Ofspreys. – Oh yeah! – Dude, these are great. Okay, guys this is what I’m talking about. These are like backpacking bags, right? – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. – Lifetime warranty too. Anything goes wrong you just return it. – How awesome is this strap right here? – It’s pretty freaking awesome. – Yeah, ’cause as soon as your
shoulders start getting tired you go zip and it pulls it all up. It makes such a big difference especially if you’re walking really far. – The waist straps too so
it puts it all on your hips. It’s good. – You guys probably hike
all day with this, right? – We could, yeah! It literally feels like
nothing’s on your back. – I love those bags. They’re not camera bags? – No, that’s the only downfall. – But basically what I’m getting at is I put a lot of weight on this thing, so I appreciate that
this has the waist strap and chest strap and these load lifters. Sorry, I punched the microphone. And I again, I’m not sponsored. But if you do buy this bag using
my link in the description, I do get a little kickback so thank you. Or if you decide to buy one of the other bags that
we’re about to take a look at, then I’ll probably still have
affiliate links for those So there’s no getting away,
I’m taking your money. For example, this bag. This is a K&F Concept bag that I was using for a little while. Again, the main compartment
opens up from the back which I like but this one’s much more simple and less expensive. So this one I used for a little while, I am starting to see it kinda
tear apart a little bit from all the use I’ve put it through
but overall it’s not bad. Let’s go look at what
everyone else is using. – This is a Douchebag, ’cause
everyone knows I’m a bit of a. Nah, I’m just kidding. – He is, he seems nice on
camera but as soon as I cut. – I just like it ’cause it’s
small, it’s lightweight. I can fit all of my stuff
including a drone in there. One quick zipper open, I
would have my camera here I could put drone in here. I have some action cam, 360 cameras. I could have another lens in here. Look at all this space! I got my memory cards,
batteries over here. Yeah this insert can come
out if you want like this. So now you’ve just got a normal backpack. A little extra pouch where
I keep the necessities like my film camera, some Advil, and mints and Allen keys. I can put my 15 inch in here. This is my minimalist vlogging backpack, it’s what I like most right now. – What do you think Kai about it? – [Gene] Kai which bag do you like better? This one? Or this one?
– No, not that one. – [Gene] Look at how big that is! – Which backpack is better, Kai? This, you’re right. – [Gene] Oh no way! – He knows what he’s talking about. – [Gene] No he’s basically telling you you need to eat some mints, your breath. – Dad, your breath stinks! – We’re exploring kind of
a local part of Mexico. Did everyone just leave
their bags in the car? Am I the only one that
brought a big bag with me? – What are you gonna need
in 30 minutes from your bag? – Oh, are we only here for 30 minutes? – Yeah. – I thought we were gonna
be here a little longer. – [Gene] Is that a camera bag? – Yeah. – [Gene] Toole, or Tooley
is that how you say it? – Toole. – [Gene] Toole, that’s the
Swedish company, right? – Yeah, yeah. – Enough for my small setup, I usually rack in this
Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action. And my other cameras RX 100 and A6400. I like that it’s like that nerdy hip bag, so that if I am vlogging doesn’t look like I have a bag at all. – [Gene] There you go, that’s pretty cool. – It’s out of production, it was the last one on Amazon. – [Gene] Cool, stylish fanny pack. – If such a thing
exists, this be would it. – [Gene] Hey Frank,
what kinda bag is this? – [Frank] It’s a Peak Design bag, brother. – [Gene] Yeah that’s
nice that you can access all four compartments just like that. And depending on how much stuff you have, you latch this on at different spots? – Top or where it’s at right now. This is the same pouch as
the top pouch from up here. And there’s another little bag right here. Laptop, iPad, and more gadgets. – [Gene] Nice. – These little tiny things go in here. Bam. Yeah, there’s a lotta space in here. – [Gene] So you can access all these compartments from both sides? – What’s this? – It’s a Spiderman shirt. – [Gene] So you got a strap up here also? Chest strap and a waist strap? – This is a chest strap right here. You just attach it, reattach it in here. I totally recommend it, two thumbs up man! – This is the one that Kai always uses. Kai Wong.
– [Gene] Oh, okay! – Yeah, it’s the one he always uses. – [Gene] So you used Kai’s affiliate link? – I did, actually! – [Gene] You did? That’s pretty cool. So you got a couple slots there. Nice and compact. Yeah, it holds everything in I need. – [Gene] Okay, cool. – Dude, everyone seems like
they’ve got one of these. I’m pretty sure thanks to
Matti and Peter having them they’ve sold so many
’cause I’ve seen a lot more of these bags than anything else. – [Gene] The bag that everybody has that bought it off Peter McKinnon’s link. You already know. It’s the best thing to carry
a (beep) load of stuff. – I’m sick of seeing these! Bonjour! – I did a whole night stead on the back. Make sure that mine’s different. – Yeah no, I love the fact
that your last name is Bonjour. – It’s hello. – This for traveling is good. – [Gene] Okay, cool. – I can fit everything I need into it. – [Gene] Will this fit? Oh yeah, that’s perfect! – [Gene] Is there anything
you would change about it? – I would change the size of the side. ‘Cause I actually want
them to be a little bigger. These are small enough so I
have a flash and a mini tripod. But if they were a little bigger
probably just get a gimbal. Like my weevil that’s going in my main compartment right now? Put it on the side,
it’d be a little easier. – [Gene] That’s good for
travel ’cause you could put your passport and stuff like that. – Yeah my passport’s on the other side. – [Gene] This is always
cool ’cause you can attach a bunch of stuff
like this onto it, right? – Yeah it came with a
whole lot of accessories. Yeah, ’cause it’s just velcro. – [Gene] Which one’s
bigger, mine or yours? – I mean I think we need to
take off pants to realize that. – [Gene] I got a towel on mine, I don’t know why I even brought a towel. Well yeah, they’re pretty much the same size ish.
– I think so. – And we got another Think Tank over here. That’s like the small version
of what I have essentially. They’re not cheap but
they’re worth it, right? – Oh yeah, definitely.
– They’re the best. – No, I love this bag. I do have my complaints though. There’s no way to open
this without taking it off and putting it down and
your stuff’s gonna fall out unless you put it on the ground. – [Gene] And another Think Tank bag I see. – Oh yeah. – What kinda bag you got? – So I have a really simple bag, it’s made by this company called Ruggard. It’s actually pretty minimal, but you can squeeze a
lot of stuff in here. I had my pretty simple run and gun setup. I was able to bring a monitor,
audio equipment, my drone. All four of my batteries. The straps could be more comfortable, it could be a little more soft
and more thick in padding. – [Gene] There’s a lot of
people that don’t wanna spend an enormous amount of
money on a camera bag, so that’s a pretty sweet
spot for a lot of people. It was a great deal
and I bought my camera, it came with this bag and
everything was brand new. And I just kinda stuck
with it, I made it work. – [Gene] Who am I gonna raid next? – Callen, what do you got here? – [Callen] I got a Case Logic camera bag. – It’s funny ’cause while
we were in that one city, there was somebody standing next to you a stranger that had the
same exact bag as you. – I like this bag because it
has these side compartments I put my phone or gum. I can fit a laptop and an iPad and probably something else in
it too if I really wanted to. It has these two velcro things here so if you wanna just open this you have access to just your
camera, you can pull it out. And then when you open it all. I don’t normally use this
function but it’s cool. In this front piece it has this pocket where you would put a lens and it would actually go
through this whole thing. – [Gene] That’s a large suspension system. – Yeah, so your lens goes through there. – Oh so your lens kinda hovers instead of smacking against the bottom. That’s interesting, I’ve
never seen that before. You brought this lens? – Yeah, and I haven’t used it once. – Oh God, you brought the 70
to 200, the heaviest lens. Have you been carrying
it around everywhere? – No. – Okay, I was gonna say. We’ve done a lot of walking the last week. – I would normally bring my 24 to 70. On this side I was holding my Ronin X, just strapping it in here some kinda way. And I wish I would’ve had
a pocket at the bottom. – [Gene] Oh, so that it catches it? – Thanks for showing us the bag, hit that like button,
subscribe, give us a comment. Leave us in the comment
did you like the bag, did you not like the bag? What did you think of the bag? Leave those comments and we’re
absolutely not gonna read it. Thank you. – Wow, I’m impressed! – I watch a lot of YouTube. A lot of YouTube! – And finally just some
honorable mentions. This one’s BENSFOTO, I really
like the style of this bag and they sent this out
to me so appreciate that. But I’m not gonna use it
because the only way to access the main compartment
is through the side right here which is cool for quick access stuff, but there’s all these pads in here to get your lenses and all that stuff and you can’t access it
through this side or the top or any other way so that’s
a little weird to me. And also a quick shout out to Brevitē who sent this bag out to me and I think it’s a pretty stylish bag. I like it, the quality seems pretty good. So I suggest checking them out, but I still have to give the grand prize over to this bag right over here that’s why I’m cutting
to this dramatic angle. Also I think I forgot to mention that this does have a
15 inch laptop sleeve and there’s also a slightly
smaller 13 inch version that’s worth checking out as well. Anyways let’s wrap this video
up by reading the few comments from my last video which was
all about this epic slider that makes everything look super cool. It’s a slider by Eldekrone, let’s see what you guys
had to say about it. Top comment was “wow
this slider’s awesome, I had no idea there was
something like that. This slider would transform
my boring German reviews into epic looking boring German reviews. Ryan’s Got Tech says “been
looking at that company and they make some insane products but they also come at at insane price.” Yeah can’t really argue with you there, this slider is not cheap, but look at it. It’s doing all this work by itself. I mean come on, it’s pretty sweet. “When you win a slider that is more expensive than your camera.” Yeah I mean that’s the
case going on right here ’cause this EOS R is
still not worth as much as the the slider that it’s on. Oh and speaking of winner, congratulations to the
winner of the SliderPLUS Pro, it’s coming your way. Pays to be a notification squad member! Alright that’s all, I’m
out of things to say. Don’t forget to eat your vegetable and try not to be a piece of (beep). (upbeat music)

18 thoughts on “Best Camera Bags for FilmMakers and Photographers?

  1. One question – can ANY of these carry the Moza Air 2 ? I bought the Moza backpack made for the Gimbal… but it’s cheap and (even though I am able to fit most of my Z6 filmmakers kit into the few remaining pouches) it’s crowded and awkward and still a bit too small… can’t fit the Ninja V

  2. Currently in a ThinkTank Shape Shifter 17 V2.0, which I love for run and gun video. Vertical neoprene pockets let you grab from the top without having to lay it down and open wide. I totally overload it though.

  3. I sport the Lowepro Tahoe Bag and I like it actually, I don't have much but what I DO carry fit's just fine. I was thinking of Actually making a Youtube video about it.

  4. Right about to pull the trigger on the ThinkTank Airport Essentials to replace my Wandrd and this new camera bag video from Potato Jet pops up! Super fun to watch as always 😆 This bag looks really interesting. Seems like a blend of PD Everyday and some good ThinkTank designs. Potato Jet – quick question 04:22 it seems like you pulled the bag from under the airplane seat. How well does the 15’ version fit in there ?

  5. Peak design 20L is my first and only camera bag and I’m surprised how actually huge and versatile it is. I just go on an adventure and the bag shapes itself into whatever I want it to be. So I pack everything in it. My filming gear, my gaming gear, a tripod in the side pocket, whenever I’m in a pickle with my bae I just kneel , spread that flap open, take out the handcuffs and rubber gloves and we’re all set. Love it.

  6. You need a chest pack….and a KELTY 90l pack so you can carry….wine. am/FM radio …I pad ….so sue me. I like to watch a movie before I go to bed. Lol. POTATO check out my weight I carry on hikes. FYI. Because of video I dumped my freefly and picked up the OSMO 3. LOVE YA MAN .

  7. Peak Design makes the worst backpack on the planet. Sure, looks fashionable and all that jazz but it's extremely uncomfortable when carrying a load of any decent weight – think body + vertical grip and a couple of fast lenses. No structural rigidity, poor excuse of shoulder straps. What do they say? They're photographers making stuff for photographers? Riiiiiiiiight.

  8. I've bought so many backpacks … far too many. Currently there are three that I use all the time: If I have really of gear and a big gimbal with me: Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic. Smaller setup, but also room for lots of stuff: Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-50. And if it's just a base setup my very old LowePro Flipside 300.

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    Credit:its spiderman shirt haha(10:15)

  10. Personally, my Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II is perfect (strange, rarely seen)… only if it was 13 bigger (in all aspects). If any of you guys know smth like this, please, give me a link.

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