This trick is great to do along with
your partner in crime and a blanket of course Start with one of you lying flat
on your back on the floor, your friend will hold the blanket out in
front of you so no one can see you anymore Then she’ll drop the blanket
flat on top of you abracadabra alakazam and whoa you’re floating in mid-air how
is she doing this ah you just flip over quickly before the blanket is dropped
very sly girl working out with a friend can be super
fun until they start showing off how flexible they are seriously how is she
doing that so unfair instead of feeling bad why not show her
you’re flexible too well in the mind that is see you can do the splits too in
your own way oh that’s a good stretch isn’t it here
she comes impressive right now take an even closer
look that right leg looks an awful lot like an arm with a shoe on it that’s
because it is an arm with a shoe on it that’ll show her hey girl that party we
had last night was epic but we have all these balloons left over to pop wanna
help take this thumbtack sounds innocent enough right
simply pop one balloon over your head like so and another one and one more oh man
you never would have guessed that third one was filled with water well you were
due for a shower anyway hey girl I think it’s time for a style upgrade take this
scarf now put it around your neck like this now take each side with opposite
arms and flip them around your neck yep like that take the ends and tie them in
a simple knot tighten it and poof whoa how did you do that without choking
yourself jeez you didn’t tell me this was a life-threatening trick want to
know how it’s done put the scarf around your neck when you cross the ends don’t
actually put them around your neck completely now a tie the ends in a knot
and pull see easy ah the bathroom a private place where
one feels most vulnerable also known as the perfect place to pull a prank snag
an old toilet paper roll and run it under some water in the sink make sure
to really soak it now crinkle it up so it looks like a well do I really have to
say it now go to the toilet and drop in some yellow toilet paper it’s time to
drop those kids off at the pool you know what I mean you now wait for an
unsuspecting friend and whoa what the heck is that
oh no don’t throw up who didn’t flush the toilet finally I’m done packing
I can’t preach here we go did someone cast a spell on these things or
something run Olivia Emily I bet you wish you
could try this box prank on your pals take a medium-sized box like this and
draw a half-circle like this now cut it out with the box cutter
be careful do the same thing on the other side
and lastly climb on in there and don’t forget to do the same thing in two more
boxes for your arms pretty slick want to spice up a trip to the market try tying
your baggies from the produce section to the back of your buddy’s backpack hey you ready to go oh
let’s grab some cookies on the way out oh hey Olivia you’re taking all the bags
with you that’s weird cheers girl a weekend at the beach is
much needed after a hectic week hey I’m gonna run to the car really quick be
right back Wow Olivia’s away Emily will play pulling pranks at the
beach is incredibly easy especially if you have a shovel in your bag before she
gets back start digging a hole underneath where her towel is better do
it quick cover it up Olivia will be back any second act natural okay I put more
money in the meter we’re good for another oh there she goes
and there goes my relaxing vacation usually the best time to pull a prank is
when no one’s around here’s a fun bathroom trick for you have any
firecrackers lying around let’s see how much damage these little babies can do
tape them on the little raised pieces underneath your toilet seat last one set
it down carefully oh I drink all that soda yeah uh did I break the toilet no matter
how much I sweep this place it gets dirtier and dirtier ah almost done and
off to the trash you go here oh hey Lily hey seriously I just cleaned
this place I’m gonna get you back you’ll need a stepladder a cup of water and a
broom climb up on the ladder and secure the cup of wire against the ceiling in
your broom hey Lily can you help me with something I have to grab the mop can you
hold this for me see yes sir wait what you’ve got to be kidding me looks like Lily’s get in the shower
ladies and gentlemen when that water looks cold if that won’t teach you to
throw away your trash what will hey guys I got you a little
present yay I wonder what it is
another books where’s the present it’s a gift card gimme that
hey I found it first this is so much better than watching TV let go it’s mine
wait I have an idea rock paper scissors rock paper scissors
seriously just give it up hey where are you going
stop moving come on let’s take the card and catch it with our foreheads 10 tries
each okay after you Lily ready and bro is it even possible to catch this thing
Lily’s gonna need some Advil after this Lana aren’t you making her miss on
purpose you’re up Lana not so easy is it now oh my gosh yes Oh nailed it
amen yeah you when I got back for my shopping spree sucker come on I’ll buy
you some socks

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  1. She doesn't even know that there's water in this balloon!๐Ÿ˜ฒ What's your favorite challenge? Vote in the comments๐Ÿ‘‡

  2. Don't know what to comment ๐Ÿ’ฌ because of no one comments at first . So no copying if same condition happendhappens with u hit โค

  3. I have a partner in crime her name is Lily not the 123Go lily tho ๐Ÿ˜œthere's a lot of Lily's my partner in crime is my best friend also I'm sick and she is sick I hope we both get better!

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