Yoo what’s popping loyalist welcome back to the
channel this is Dimez E.N.T. AKA glitch guru and this GTA 5 online video
i’m gonna be showing you guys a easy solo unlimited money glitch no
requirements if your level 1 if you just started an account you guys can do this
and that’s basically what I did here brand new account no money
no properties no cars no vehicles only have about 7000 when I walked into the
casino and I left with about 2 million dollars in chips so let me show you guys
what to do and this is only for ps4 by the way shoutout to the founders of this
glitch but what you guys want to do is come over here to the casino inside
track make sure you guys do have that membership so you guys can come in here
and get some chips but let’s get into the very first step of this glitch this
is actually the only step in this glitch but what you guys want to do is come
over here to the single event over at inside track and what you guys want to
do is hover over this right arrow and then you guys want to realign it by
using your touchpad so the touchpad acts as a mouse so you guys want to hover
over that right arrow by using the touchpad once you guys do that press
down on the d-pad to go down to place bet once you guys are hovering over
place bet all you want to do is press X and then hit the right side of the
touchpad I would say like in the middle on the right side of the touchpad that
keeps it from moving a little bit so if you hit X rice out of the touchpad press
it and hold it and you guys want to keep holding it throughout the entire race
just touchpad okay hit X one time press and hold that touchpad on the right side
in the middle and just keep holding it what you should see before you get into
the race is you should see the bed get raised from 100 to 200 chips even though
we’re only still losing 100 chips but the bet will begin and raise the entire
time that we’re holding down on the touchpad so make sure that you press it
and hold it in as if you’re opening up the interaction menu and just try to
keep it steady right there throughout the entire race and what’s happening in
the background is the entire time that we’re holding it down we’re raising a
bet so here’s a major tip for you guys I know a lot of people are getting kicked
we all are getting kicked if we went to much here so that’s the way that
Rockstar tried to patch the glitch but it really isn’t affecting me here I’m
betting on horse number 6 every single time guys every single time I’m Ben
underdog okay because if I win I’m gonna win so big you know so battle horse
number six and when you bet on horse number six if you win consistently
back-to-back you won’t get kicked immediately now you may or may not get
kicked but don’t take me at face value for that but I did do it twice I did win
twice without getting kicked I won for 300,000 and I won for like two hundred
thousand as you guys can see right here I won big three hundred and ten thousand
now this does take a little bit of time you will be losing a couple of races but
every so often horse number six does win so when horse number six win we win as
well all right so three hundred and ten thousand right there and chips that’s a
lot of money guys that is a lot of money for a person who doesn’t have a vehicle
at MOC a bunker any of that I mean you can’t do
car duplication glitches without at least having two to three million
dollars to spend on those things so this is the best money glitch ever for
anybody who doesn’t have any of those high expensive arena nightclub any of
those businesses alright so once again this is me winning
so I clipped it I showed you guys when I won the last time and I’m going to show
you guys the next time that I win which is right here alright so I did lose a
couple times after I did win the last time but right here horse number six
wins again how much do I win I went two hundred and thirty thousand as you guys
can see I have one point six million chips and my account has nothing I don’t
even own a vehicle in this account so this is what you guys want to do to make
money I this is still working I’m shocked I’m surprised but keep betting
no horse number six and even if you do get kicked guys I mean come on the chips
still save alright so even if you get kicked from the lobby just join back
into an invite-only session make sure your small locations don’t last location
from there all you need to do is force the game to save make sure you get the
Rockstar cloud save an icon to show up and disappear by switching your outfit
and it will show up at the bottom right but this glitch can make you guys so
much money please take advantage of it no requirements it’s pretty it’s the
best GTA 5 online glitches we’ve had in a very long time
maybe ever because there’s no requirements alright so take full
advantage of this glitch you guys especially if you don’t have any money
once you do get yourself a MOC and a bunker so you guys can get mighty
vehicles for me later on maybe but that’s it for this video you guys thank
you for watching as always we trying to get this channel up to 100,000
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you you guys I keep bringing you these great GTA 5 online videos until next
time this is your boy glitch guru officialy you peace stay low


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  2. Yo dimez, you know the glitch you showed that needed a Krampus mask? I have a krampus mask on my make character but I don’t have one on my female,any clue on how to get krampus mask on female character?

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