Best Large Pencil Cases

Best Large Pencil Cases

The best large pencil cases. A good pencil case is essential for students to store their pens, erasers, rulers, and more. We recommend high-capacity pencil cases, or cases that fit a lot of items, since students carry a variety of tools besides pens. In this video, we’ll show you our top five large pencil cases that will keep everything safe and organized. Keep watching to see our picks, starting with the lowest capacity pen case to the highest. Lihit Lab’s Smart Fit Actact Wide Open. Lihit Lab makes some of our favorite pencil cases, and the Smart Fit ActAct Wide Open pen case is no exception. This triangular case is well-balanced and sits securely on your desk, making it easy to use at home or at school. The top opens wide to show what’s inside. The inside is spacious and lined with mesh pockets of varying sizes for storing erasers and other accessories. This pen case has a 28 pen capacity, which is plenty for most students. If that’s not enough space for you, just keep watching. Nomadic Wise-Walker. The Nomadic Wise-Walker has an industrial look due to its special material. Made of carbonium, the pen case is sturdy, durable, and even water resistant. This case can hold about 40 pens. Thanks to the number of pockets and compartments, it’s easy to keep the pen case organized. The inside of the case is divided into two main sections. The divider in the middle is actually a zippered mesh pocket that’s perfect for storing small items. Additional mesh pockets are available inside to the sides of the case. There’s also an outer pocket where you can stash frequently used pens and other accessories. Nomadic PE-09. Don’t let its modest size fool you: the Nomadic PE-09 has a high capacity of about 45 pens. Like most Nomadic cases, it features many compartments and pockets to help you organize your stationery. Unzip the top zipper to open up the main compartment. Inside is a small mesh pocket handy for erasers and other small items that tend to get lost. The case’s velcro flap also has a zippered outer pocket for frequently used items, like your favorite pens or your phone. Under the flap, you’ll see five mesh pockets. This space is great for items like rulers, scissors, and accessories. Cubix Round Zip Box. This spacious Cubix Round Zip Box pen case can hold about 50 pens. It has two compartments on each side. The first side is a lay-flat pen organizer, featuring mesh pockets and elastic straps to keep pens secure. The second is a large pouch where you can store pens, rulers, scissors, and more. It’s also a great space for stashing larger items, like pen sets or calculators. Sun-Star Apiru. The Sun-Star Apiru is our roomiest pick, with enough space for 55 pencils and pens. A display window on one side of the case makes it easy to spot exactly what you need, or to show off your favorite supplies. There’s a flap inside for you to to pin badges and decorate your pencil case. The window is capacitive, so you can even use touchscreen devices through it. Small loops on each end of the case let you hook it to a backpack. Or, attach it to a strap to turn it into a crossbody pouch. This makes it handy for carrying between classes, if you don’t need to lug your backpack around. Be sure to check out all of these cases at Want to see more? Watch our other pencil case round-up videos for more recommendations. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I use the Brunnen Duo. It is geared more towards students than stationery lovers. It is nice and slim and has nice organisational features.

  2. I really really want the apiru… Its small but could fit 55 pen/pencils!!!. It had a window for my favorite pen& mechanical pencil. Its super handy for me… Because im a stationary lover!. Even though i only look at it, i think who have the apiru is soooo lucky!!. I wish i have it. I will love it so so much!!

  3. I feel sad because I wanted to buy an Sunstar Apiru pencil case but the shipping and taxes costed so much so my parents said no..
    Any other suggestions which you can buy on Amazon UK?
    As we normally ship to my Grannys house

    My preferences:
    *Large pencil case
    * Pastel Colours or Just a nice pink, blue or black
    *2 or more pockets
    * Large capacity to fit 5 Mildliners, 15 Zebra Sarasa pens, 3 pentel energel pens and 3 refills, 1 mechanical pencil and refills for them, 28 sharpies, a Retractable eraser and correction tape = 47 pens
    *Good quality

    (EDIT: I just discovered a good option. The triple version of the Lihit Lab pencil case)

  4. There are 72 slot pencil cases on amazon. They’re meant for colored pencils, but work for lots of supplies. Just search up “4 zipper pencil case”
    It fits all my school pens and pencils
    With no spaces left.

  5. Thank you for this video! I currently carry 3 pencil cases around because my pencil cases never have multiple compartments and it makes it hard for me to organize my things! <3

  6. Ok all my friends tell me I buy and change my pencil case way too many times (7times in 4 years to be exact) BUT NOW I WANNA BUY ALL OF THEEESEEE

  7. I have a weird addiction to collecting these sorts of things, so watching these videos are not a good idea.

    I've seen all the pencil, pen, and notebook ones and I want everything.

  8. my black sun star apiru case was stolen 2 weeks ago and I’m praying that they can put it back on sale or I’m gonna cry :’(

  9. I have 3:46 and i love it! I have had it for a while now and next i'm going to get Lihit Lab Smart Fit Actact Wide Open pencil case :>

  10. I was looking online the other day, and I found this version of the Cubix Round Zip Box with 3 layers instead of 2, and the seller labelled it as a 'Triple'. Just thought you should know 😜

  11. i know ya'll are trying to help but one thing,, a lot of people do actually just need the basics and therefore don't want to spend a lot of money on a case when they only need something small to hold a few items. But I do love the cases you showed for people who need more space 🙂

  12. The sunstar apiru is soooo nice, it’s such a shame they don’t have them anymore. Only one I can find is on ebay for $50

  13. pls include filed pencil cases, their new pen stasher is also super spacious and i want to know what you guys think

  14. Will you ever be restocking the Sun-Star Apiru Pen Cases? I can't find them anywhere and I really adore them and it's functionality and convenience.. 🙁

  15. I have the Sun Star Apiru and I absolutely love it I would recommend this to anyone who needs that extra space to store your pens In I love showing off my buttons and I like personalizing it 10/10

  16. I have 2… one is already pretty large and I put my pencils and black pens, highliters, things along those lines. And my other one…. is an electronics case filled with my color pencils, markers, and tombows

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