Best North Face Black Friday 2017 Deals! (Won’t last long!)

Best North Face Black Friday 2017 Deals! (Won’t last long!)

– It’s the best North Face
Black Friday deal you will see, the huge sale and the
giveaway coming right up. (cheery music) I don’t even wear North Face. I don’t know why I’m wearing
this coat or holding this vest. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granat. Generally, I favor Columbia, just being completely honest with you
all, but this is not about me. This is about the great
subscribers of this channel and you guys know that I unbox
the biggest piece of tech. I find huge deals and
Black Friday is my mission beyond Cyber Monday saving,
great, okay, awesome. By the way, I’m gonna give
away a $100 Amazon gift card at the end of this video
to anyone that wants to buy a piece of North Face
from Amazon, there ya go. But I generally find, with
North Face, you are paying a little bit more for the
brand name and while the quality is great, I do find
it comparable to Columbia. But, so many of you love
North Face, but the reductions that we see this time
of year, it’s basically Columbia pricing, so in
the video description box right under me, you’re gonna
see all sorts of deals, coats, vests, fleece, my wife wears that. Our camera guy just bought this vest. You can take your darn vest, there ya go. You enjoy that. Anyhow, I’m hot. Not like physically but
temperature wise ’cause this coat is so warm, but it is dual
layered and that’s the one thing that I do wanna show you
that I like about the deals that I am finding. Of course, they’re in
the link right under me. A lot of the North Face pieces
have removable elements. So, the coat detaches
from something I can wear when I ski into a vest or a fleece that I could wear separately. I like that. I also like the
breathability of the items. Now, as you can see on
your screen right now, this is just a little bit of
a sampling of the top deals available at North Face,
but it was very interesting to me to learn that this brand resonates very well with an entirely
different generation. – Number one, it’s a name brand. Everyone loves name brands. Number two, it has style. As you can see, that’s pretty true. Number three, it’s very
lightweight and it keeps you warm. So, right now, we’re in
winter, so it keeps you warm, that’s great but as
we’re approaching spring, it’s great to just have a
nice, lightweight jacket that doesn’t take up too much space. So, those are the reasons why I like it. – If you wanna score any of these deals and keep in mind, this is
all tied to a Black Friday flash sale, that’s a mouth
full, it runs between now and can stop at any
point, but I would say probably right around Cyber
Monday, it’ll all be over and out of stock. Now, for those of you
that are still watching and I thank you for
that, I wanna reward you with a $100
gift card and keep in mind, I’m also giving away your
choice of any doorbuster you see on any of my deal list
this holiday season for free. We’re gonna have several
draws after Cyber Monday. But first, let’s get to this draw. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber
who’s commented in the last six months,
congratulations to Allan Wong, you’ve won. We love you right back. Just email [email protected] to claim your freebie. Please email me from the
email address tied to your subscriber ID so we can make sure that it’s actually you and you’ve won. Okay! Alright. Reminder now, if you wanna
get in on any of my other Black Friday/Cyber Monday
deals, tech, all sorts of crazy items, I believe this
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deals I did, right over here.

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  1. Maestro, I'm a fan of Columbia as well, but I wouldn't snub my runny nose at any of The North Face products. They are a great company. Thanks again for highlighting some excellent winter apparel. Stay warm, my friend. πŸ™‚

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