Best Travel Cases & Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

Best Travel Cases & Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

– 90% of the time I play
my Switch in docked mode. I’m not even getting the
full use out of my switch. But that other 10% of
the time, I’m traveling, or taking a dump. When I toss my Switch and
it’s accessories into my bag, I want it to take up as
little room as possible. So here are some travel
accessories that I think are essential to get the
most out of you’re remote play sessions and to keep
your switches footprint nice and tiny. (upbeat music) If you’re not gonna play
docked on your trip, then the Switch unit is
pretty feature-packed as is. It’s got two controllers
right there on the unit, that’s all you need. The most essential travel
accessory is a case. If you’re one of those
guys that wants to bring a million controllers,
a million games, a dock, then you’re gonna want a big old case. That is, if you want your
switch to be in it’s own case or just take up all of this room. I’ve got other things to worry about, I want my Switch to take up
as little room as possible. For a long time I’ve been
a big fan of this PDP premium travel case. I have the regular old gray
one because I bought it at launch but now there
are all different types of designs to choose from
and they’re very cheap. Some of the designs go for just $10. I like the soft case
because it’s malleable. If the case takes up too much room, I can just squeeze it smaller. And I’m just tossing it in my bag anyway, so I don’t need that much protection. I really like the game slots. Other cases have bulky
annoying cartridge flaps. I don’t have any physical
games so these sleeves are always wasted on me. I’m glad that the ones in the
PDP case are out of the way. I can also shove a portable
dock in there, too. More on that later. If you want eve more protection than that, a lot of people have recommended
to me this Tomtoc case. It’s got a harder outer shell,
but it’s still flexible. It has the game sleeve,
and it comes with this rupple pouch for some reason. It’s extremely form-fitting,
as you can see by the grooves. Now, the shoulder button
grooves definitely do something but there’s no
way the face button grooves do a God damn thing. Actually the face button
grooves are shaped like D pads so there’s no way they do anything. Purely aesthetic. But anyway, this is a
great option if you want something small and durable. It costs ever so slightly
more than the PDP case so you’re weighing cost
verses durability here. But then there’s this, the
Amazon Basics vault case. I didn’t even know this thing existed. It’s the biggest one,
but that’s because it’s the most durable. And all things considered,
it’s not even that big. The plastic is very hard
and the inside looks like something you’d use to carry a gun. The cartridge sleeve is
completely unobtrusive. The controller grooves actually work. The red one is currently
only $7 as an addon item on Amazon Prime right now,
making it the cheapest case on this list. I would expect that
price to go up very soon once people start to know about it. And this video isn’t gonna help. The only thing keeping
this from being my go-to Switch case is it’s size,
which isn’t even that big. I just don’t need that kind of durability. I’d rather compromise durability for size. But if you’re frequently
running your Switch over with your car or tossing it
out your second story window, then you should probably get this case. And some insurance on
your next one after you break this one. Lately my go-to Switch case has been this WaterField Designs one because
it’s classy as (snaps). It looks like a little man-purse. You can smell the real leather. It has magnetic clasps. The cartridge slots
are, again, unobtrusive. The inside is super soft
and padded very well. These sleeves on the
inside don’t really serve much of a purpose, but there
is a zipper on the back where I toss my dock. The only problem with this case, and it’s gonna be your
problem with it too, is that it’s $80. $80. Yeah, 80, I said $80. But hey, you’re getting
real leather and it’s made in San Francisco. Think about how much women
spend on their purses, to what? Carry their phones, their wallets, their, nevermind. If you’re gonna carry your
Switch around with you a lot and you own at least one cardigan, then this Switch case might be for you. Otherwise, it’s complete overkill. Of course, I’m a little
biased here because I did not spend that money, they sent it to me. I always bring a travel dock with me, but I never end up using it. After the 5.0 update after
market docks have been a use at your own risk accessory. So I do not recommend using
anything but the official Nintendo Switch dock. But I do have a theory. I think that people who
brick their Switch with an after market dock just
aren’t using the official Switch charger because a lot
of these after market docks don’t come with chargers. You should always use the
official Nintendo Switch charger. So if you’re willing to
take the risk you could try one of these after market docks. But again, that’s just a
theory and I could test it, but I could also just
throw $300 in the trash. So if you’re willing to take that risk, you can get one of these
after market docks. This particular one is by Fast Snail, it seems to work just fine for me. But even better, Spawn
(mumbles) just reminded me that they make these
little dock casings for the official Nintendo Switch dock. So you can make your official
dock take up much less room and you won’t risk
breaking your switch. You just might risk ruining your dock. Don’t do this if you want
your switch dock back. I had completely forgotten
that I did this to mine over a year ago and when
I put it all back together into the official dock,
it got a little wobbly. But it’s fine, everything’s fine. If I had my backpack with me, there is always a portable battery in it. They make portable battery
cases for the Nintendo Switch, but why would you have a
portable battery that can only charge one of your devices? You want a universal
portable battery that could charge everything. Anchor makes some great
ones that I used for a really long time. I also use this Ravpower
26,800 milliamp hour battery, which was complete overkill. Having two USB ports is great
in case you and a friend both have dead phones or something, and having a USBC port is even greater. I’ve used this thing to
give my Mac Book some extra juice while editing on a flight. Though I’ve never actually
used all of it’s capacity so I’ve since downgraded
to this smaller 10,000 milliamp hour battery, which is plenty. I’m also very good at conserving
my phone’s battery life so my phone rarely ever
dies in the midst of travel. But it’s good to know you have
something in case it does. They all have iSmart ports
so they detect the voltage that’s necessary for best charging. Unfortunately, neither of
these will be fast enough to charge the Switch in the
midst of intensive gameplay, but it will prolong your play time. In my experience, it’s
about slightly less than breaking even. I forgot a USB to USBC cable. Always bring an extra of
every single cable that you want to bring. Either plug one of these in
way before the battery dies, or better yet, only
charge your Switch with it when the Switch is off. That way you don’t screw up your battery. This one also has wireless charging, which is super neat,
but I’ll never use it. If you’re gonna play docked at all, a pro controller is very important. I don’t recommend just tossing
it in your bag, though, because every time something
knocks up against it, it’ll turn on, draining its battery. Which could also wake up the Switch, draining its battery. You also don’t want
things pressing up against the controller’s joysticks, which could cause long term damage. You ever turn on an N64 and
the cursor just goes whoop. This semi-hard shell form
fitting case fixes this issue perfectly. Although I have to admit,
I stopped taking the pro controller with me and
started taking the SN30 pro. It’s smaller, it slides
right into my (mumbles), and it connects much easier to my Mac Book so I can use it for more
than just my Switch. I have a whole video on
why this is my favorite Switch controller, mostly
because of it’s phenomenal D pad, but it just went
up a peg because of how easy to connects to
my Mac Book and how well it works with all my emulators. So we talked about a lot of things today, and if any of those things interested you, as always Amazon links
to those will be in the description below and
those links help support our channel. If you haven’t noticed,
I travel pretty light. My priority is to have a
quality gaming experience while leaving enough room
for all of my other devices, which are arguably a
little more important. I mean, I would say my camera
or my Mac Book is certainly more important than the
official Nintendo dock. That thing is huge. That thing is the size of my camera. My camera is smaller than that, actually. Maybe you favor durability more, maybe you favor quality
more and you need a separate pro controller for each of
the eight players in your hotel room playing Mario Kart 8. That being said, what do you guys think? What do you bring with
you when you travel, especially related to the Nintendo Switch? Leae it in the comments
below, at me on Twitter, and all of this other
social media garbage. As always we’ve got new
videos and livestreams all of the time. Our schedule is usually in a pinned tweet, but this week we’re not
doing any Twitch streams ’cause I’m away. But you’ve still got Wulff
Den Live every single Wednesday at nine PM eastern time, that will be live here
on And as always, the most
important things that you can do is subscribe and share
this video with a friend that you’re gonna travel
with so you can get some ideas of what you need
so you can play together. Thank you guys very much, you have yourselves a very good week. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Best Travel Cases & Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

  1. The switches portability is great! When I travel I have a mario pdp case aswell as a gamestop's biogenic erganomic grip to make the playing for long periods more comfortable. That's it besides the charger.

  2. I never bring a switch for travel or on the go mainly cause i sadly dont have one my parents didnt want me to waste my money on something i wanted so badly

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    – Wut!
    – 4:05 …
    – You are not helping your case, at all!
    – 4:15
    – Yeah…

  4. I really wish there was a version of the dock shells that looked like the fastsnail one you showed in video. I think the basstop/other dock shells that are "stand up" docks are a little scary with how little support they offer to the back of the switch (I see them and wonder when it's going to fall over!). I like the fastsnail's size and convenience, but i want some Nintendo guts in there.

  5. I have the brown leather zelda case, I think it costed me 35euro's (45-50 bucks?) has 2 little cartridge cases and room for it beneath the switch, its awesome.

  6. Good point on the sf bag. $80 is a lot but I’ve bought a $300 piece gaming equipment so yeah I’m going to be super protective of it.

  7. I have the ugreen switch case with a custom insert. It's originally designed for the switch, it's charger and the joycon grip with joycons, but I modded it to fit my wireless GameCube controller in it instead. Is it a tight fit? Absogodamnlutely, but I still think it's a fantastic middle ground between the massive cases and the smaller ones that just hold the switch

  8. If your looking for a cheaper (20 to 30 dollars) portable battery I recommend a solar powered battery they are mostly used for camping but i dont and works amazing

  9. i swear by that anker battery, not only is it great for my switch, but my friends can charge their phones on D&D night 😉

  10. The SN30 pro had bad reviews on amazon and now I’m very conflicted. Also he says the D pad is great but there were people complaining about that very same D pad, I don’t know man.

  11. I hope I can get some help on this. I’ve been considering getting the sn30 pro like he has but all the reviews say it’s not a very good controller and there’s a major issue with the left joystick.

  12. Watched a couple of your Switch related videos because I'll be traveling a bit for the next few months. I had to follow! Personally I like the Official Nintendo Carry case. The smaller one cause planes, trains, cabs and traveling light. Keep up the good work Bob!

  13. Just ordered a tomtoc case before you even introduced the next case, Amazon Prime 1-day is clutch

  14. The official Nintendo charger for the switch makes no difference compared to using other usb-c, I made sure to look into it and I have found only people who say third party usb-c are safe to use

  15. I am looking for a bag or case that is wide enough to fit the switch with game pad grips on.
    Please help!

  16. I can only use a Pro-controller because one of my joy cons decided to die. And the pro controller was cheaper than the joy cons

  17. Well I don’t need a phone charger cause I have my switch and I use it all day so I don’t use my phone except when I get a case and I’m excited for it and I go to watch someone showing the best cases IN THE WORLD lol

  18. Shouldiget a pro controller? My comfort grip is ok but looking at the pro controller wants me to change my mind but the comfort grip is already good, please give me advice on should i get it or no

  19. How come Nintendo doesn't put out a portable dock? They should know that if there is an after-market product there is a market for it even if it is niche. They could put out something like the one at 5:03.

  20. Does anyone know if using an affiliate link matters when I'm adding items to my Amazon Wish List? Would WULFF DEN still get the money when someone else buys it for me?

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    because he is talking about nintendo switch (for people who didnt understand)

  23. What i take with me:

    Small travel (5-200km):

    Pro controller
    Joy con grip
    Joy cons
    HDMI cable
    USB-C cable

    Long travel (300+ km):

    4 joy cons
    Sideways joy con grips

  24. aside from 80 dollars, its made in San Francisco. No Thanks, I hate china, but I'll take a chinese case over anything made in San Francisco.

  25. Just got a job, i'll save up some money and in 2 months(hopefully) i'll finally buy a switch and some games! Wish me luck, and I hope that those of you that don't have a switch will be able to get one soon as well.
    Lots of love and good karma (from yours truly a poor 20yo) !!

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