Bestop HOSS Window Storage Duffle Overview Tutorial

Bestop HOSS Window Storage Duffle Overview Tutorial

Britta: Hi, I’m Britta, and this is Jeff with
Bestop’s marketing team. A great part about having a Jeep is zipping out the windows,
opening up the soft top, and enjoying the open air. Jeff: Absolutely, but you do want to keep
these windows nice and secure and safe because they can get scratched and damaged, but luckily
Bestop has the perfect product to help you with that. Britta: That’s right. It’s called the Bestop
Window Storage Duffle which I have right here. The storage duffle can really extend the life
of your windows. It’s water resistant, and it has separators so you can hold multiple
windows within one storage duffle roll. We’ll show you how to do it. Carefully layer your windows in between the
lining. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. It’s a great way to keep your windows nice
and secure and safe from damage, and it’s gonna make them last a lot longer. And the
best part is it fits right in the back of your Jeep. Jeff: The Bestop Window Storage Duffle is
designed for your rear window and both side windows. Britta: So you’ll only need one. Jeff: Absolutely. Britta: If you want to learn more, just go
to or stop by our local Bestop authorized dealer/installer near you.

One thought on “Bestop HOSS Window Storage Duffle Overview Tutorial

  1. OMG – DON'T place your weight on the windows with your knee! And don't store your windows in this product with it laying in the loose, dusty dirt! This is a pretty decent product, but this video gets a down-thumb because of these mistakes.

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